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March 19, 2005

Video of Tom Delay Press Conference

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Tom Delay, along with other members of congress, just held a press conference to announce they have reached agreement on a bill that will: (1) guarantee Terri Schiavo a Federal appeal and (2) restore nutrition and hydration to Terri throughout the process.

Here's the video.....

UPDATE: Ian at The Political Teen has videos of the senators meeting to discuss the "Terri Schiavo Bill" and other interesting videos with commentary.

Hat tip - Jackson's Junction and The Political Teen

Posted by richard at March 19, 2005 4:27 PM

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Yes! Yes! Yes!
Thank you all~
Thank you.

Posted by: Lynne at March 19, 2005 4:51 PM

This is great news! Let's hope the house vote goes swiftly and the President gets it signed off on really fast. I'd hate to have Teri's feeding tube out any longer than it has to be.

Now...with this stay of execution starting to take shape, let's hope that the courts will opt to find out the truth this time instead of clinging to process. It's a shame that Terri's money has been squandered to pay the likes of Felos, but if the truth is really desired, the money to fund getting it *will* be found.

Posted by: Ceci at March 19, 2005 4:56 PM

*crying with joy* I pray the Schindlers can take Terri home and care for her the way she deserves!

Posted by: Sirena at March 19, 2005 4:57 PM

In the meantime, she still starves...where's Jeb?

Posted by: Bryan at March 19, 2005 4:59 PM

Oh, I'd give anything to view this, but I can't on my computer.

Thanks so much for the information. I am crying with joy right now.

Posted by: Mo at March 19, 2005 5:00 PM

Deo Gratia

Posted by: Colin at March 19, 2005 5:02 PM

To the Omnipotent Author and Creator of all Life ..I praise a humble and grateful 'Thank you" for your unending mercies ...and

God Bless the American Congress.

We can wipe away Terri's tears for we will see her smile again.


Posted by: JoMarley at March 19, 2005 5:02 PM

That is good news, indeed. I do hope the bill will be passed to President Bush and have it signed as quickly as possible!

Now the question is: would Judge Greer still refuse to acknowledge the bill even if it is signed by President Bush himself? :P

Posted by: Jane at March 19, 2005 5:03 PM

Can someone please tell me when they can put her feeding tube in and start to give her liquids and food again?

Also is it possible that DeLay, et al, can help remove Michael Schiavo from guardianship. I feel like it's the fox guarding the chickenhouse.

Posted by: Ruth at March 19, 2005 5:03 PM

Jeb can get that tube put back in RIGHT NOW if he really wants to. Let's see just how much he REALLY cares for Terri, or will he let her continue to go hungry and thirsty for another 24 hours. Gee, thanks, Jeb for your compassion for Terri.

He can do it. Why won't he?

Posted by: Bryan at March 19, 2005 5:10 PM

I think the Federal Court Review and (don't forget ) the Congressional Investigation on March 25-28th will give the Schindlers a chance to get it all set right....
We can not fall back and sigh relief...we must all still stay vigilant and involved....the battle still rages. Stay alert and aware...if the devil is truly at the gate, we must join will angels to guard the threshold.
What a bloggin' terrific group you all are !

Posted by: JoMarley at March 19, 2005 5:11 PM

I'm going to write to Jeb right now. (I just wrote to all 3 congressman involved in that video and thanked them from the bottom of my heart: Congressmen Tom Delay, Steve King, and David Dreier.) Maybe we all should....

Posted by: Sirena at March 19, 2005 5:13 PM


I'm on your side and I want her to be with nutrition and hydration immediately.

Hopefully it won't be too long. I say, they are meeting right now, DeLay already said there's a compromise, maybe by EST 8 pm?

Let's pray.

PS...thank you Senator DeLay who is NOTHING like his name! God bless you Senator!

Posted by: Ruth at March 19, 2005 5:13 PM


You are right. We must continue to stay vigilant.

In addition, all the Florida (and other) Senators, state and federal that voted against Terri need to be voted out.

I'm from California. That means Barbara Boxer. I hope we can recall her.

Posted by: Ruth at March 19, 2005 5:15 PM

With the current records of the courts...I'm not going to be optimistic until I hear the tube is back in place.

The barbarians in black Robes (all the way to the highest court of the land) have done so much damage in their arrogance, in their attempts at social restructuring, in their blatant disregard for both letter & spirit of the Law over their own fantasies of the law. Bad judges have raped and pillaged our society - especially where human dignity and life is concerned - just as much as any wild horde, and Terri is still in grave danger from the whole lot of them.

No, I'm not going to stop to celebrate until I hear a Federal judge has ordered that tube in, and its in.

Until then....pray, fast & do penance... its likely to continue to be a long, bumpy night.

Posted by: shana at March 19, 2005 5:25 PM

Why don't we all send our gaurdian angels to be with Terri...She needs all the protection she can get right now....

This is hopeful news...but keep praying

Posted by: annmarie at March 19, 2005 5:30 PM

I am fasting. I will eat agin when Terri does.

Posted by: JoMarley at March 19, 2005 5:31 PM

Good news, like this is always welcome. I agree with others that have stated that we must remain alert.
I have written messages of heartfelt gratitude to these congressmen as well.

At some point in the future, when Terri is once again receiving nourishment and proper care, a list of all the non-supportive members of congress should be identified on a list for future action.

May God continue to embrace and protect Terri, her loving family and all who stand in support of this most precious gift - 'life' .

Posted by: anonymous at March 19, 2005 5:34 PM

I also would like to know when Governor Bush plans to reinsert Terri's feeding tube. I don't want her to suffer any longer than she already has...

Posted by: Sirena at March 19, 2005 5:35 PM

Since both the house and senate have agreed on the bill, it's a forgone conclusion that it will pass. It's also a forgone conclusion that Bush will sign it. So they might as well go ahead and put the feeding tube back in. To not do would just be being mean spirited and/or spiteful.

Let's just hope that the federal courts aren't in a tug of war with the legislative branch as it appears to be in Florida. Let's also hope they want the truth and are not just hung up on the fact that the Florida courts dotted the Is and crossed Ts. We all know that process was followed. We also know that the truth got buried under a round robin came of only look at past rulings and decisions, not at new informaiton.

I figure that early Terri's case, the only doctor really involved was Dr. Cranford brought in by Felos for Michael. The Schindlers believed him because they didn't know his history or bias. When they found out, they were probably horrified. They found other docs that challenged Cranford's "diagnosis", but Greer ignored all new data. So the first doc to offer a diagnosis (no matter his agenda) is all the court wanted to hear. Hopefully the federal court will be more open minded.

Posted by: Ceci at March 19, 2005 5:42 PM

That is great news to hear. I just found that via Yahoo News. This is great. Keep praying too!

Yes, the men in black have not defended our country like they should have. I am going to rejoice on the day when Bush starts to replace some of them who have left common sense out the window and traded it for a worldview full of death and apathy.

After Terri is brought before Congress (which is like only less than nine days away!) it will be interesting to see how Michael reacts...can you say "Blog Swarm?"

Posted by: Hidden Nook at March 19, 2005 5:45 PM

Nice, Robert... name-calling- very grown-up of you...

Anyway- back to Terri- she needs to have water right away. Hydration is the most important thing now. Keep stormimg heaven!

Posted by: Regina Clare Jane at March 19, 2005 5:57 PM

Hidden Nook, this is the whole point, dont you get it. What gives you the right to support the murder of Terri, when you cannot prove that she wants to die. Why is it not ok for a dog owner in Florida to starve the dog to death? According to your argument, shouldnt that be between the dog and its owner?

Posted by: sujata at March 19, 2005 5:59 PM


My post above is to Robert

Posted by: sujata at March 19, 2005 6:00 PM

When Terri is offered food and she refuses it, then I will believe it is HER desire not to live. Until that time, I maintain that her husband is trying to cover up his own murderous activity. When all evidence is considered and not merely the convenient crap that supports the man with a girlfriend, another life, and plenty of motive who wants her dead, then I will be satisfied that justice has been served. (Oh, and when Greer, Felos, and M. Schiavo have been fully investigated and found guilty of at least Medicare and Medicaid fraud: http://www.theempirejournal.com/03080534_medicaid_medicare_fraud.htm)

I, too, will eat again when Terri is fed.

Posted by: Virginia at March 19, 2005 6:01 PM

Mr Smith
The plotting of one person to eliminate the life of another human being in society is NEVER a private matter.
The very intention makes it a public matter. When Michael involved the courts of America in his decision to end his estranged wife's life , it became a matter of public record...I do have a right to influence what and how my government officials decide and decree...THE KING HAS BEEN LONG GONE...Long live democracy ! What gives you the right to judge that Terri's life is not worth saving...? Do you care that hundreds of disabled persons die by court ordered deaths ....in hidden away backrooms with not a voice to cry out...Do You care...or is it again a private matter...perhaps sir , when it is your turn to be ordered to death by an estranged relative ,,,no one will care about it so you indeed will have your way. Until then ...Our right to Life is protected by the Constitution...and our right to die must observed if it is in writing ONLY.
For me , it says ..."keep me alive until G-d himself comes down and pulls the plug"...I want to see my loved ones for as long as I can..and the Constitution says RIGHT ON !....eternity can take care of itself.

Posted by: JoMarley at March 19, 2005 6:04 PM

Take off the end parenthesis for the link to work.

Posted by: Virginia at March 19, 2005 6:05 PM

My Life, as long as there is evidence that you want to go and be with "your God" whoever that might be (My God did not give me the right to take away another human being's life) no one would fight to keep you alive. Just remember when you put this to pen and paper as your wish, that starvation for 2 or more weeks till you die is painful.

Posted by: sujata at March 19, 2005 6:14 PM

Hey My life:

No one wants to deny you your right to go be with the Lord if you choose to do so. In Terri's case, however, there is no convincing evidence that she wanted to die; in fact, the evidence points in the opposite direction.

Oh, and would you want to be tortured to death by starvation?

Posted by: Bryan at March 19, 2005 6:15 PM

We need to get Terri federal habeas corpus protection ASAP!! No telling what those goons down at the hospice are doing to her or will do to her to keep her from appearing at the House hearing next week.

Call Congress and tell them to protect Terri NOW!

Posted by: Bryan at March 19, 2005 6:17 PM

To JoMarley

It is ashame that you would want your family burden with the high costs, and mental pain of maintaining hope when there is no hope as in the case with Mrs. Terry. You make no sense when you say, "G_d has to come down and pull the plug himself." G_d is not in the business of pulling plugs.

Posted by: Ashame at March 19, 2005 6:24 PM

People are dumb when it comes to Terr's situation. Really, Really dumb!

She is a non-dying patient who could be cared for at home if Michael the Adulterer allows it. He won't even let her have simply care.

Is this the same character who cried on the stand during the malpractice case in which he fought for money that would be used to help Terri's medical care and rehab? Did he not say from the stand that he was going to be a nurse so he can care for his wife for the rest of his life. Hmmm, what happened Mike? What are you up to you wife beater!

Posted by: Marie N. at March 19, 2005 6:26 PM


You are ignorant of Terri's condition when you state she has no hope.

Educate yourself:



You are entitled to have an opinion, but at least know what you are talking about before you make reckless comments about Terri (NOT "Mrs. Terry").

Posted by: Bryan at March 19, 2005 6:36 PM

Steve King is a great guy. He spoke at a pro-life rally back in October before the life chain.

We still need to remain vigilante. And keep praying!

Posted by: ElizabethV at March 19, 2005 6:37 PM


If Senator Tom DeLay has upset you personally than I know he's doing a good job!

Have a nice day and pray for Terri and Terri's family to have the strength to get through this!

Posted by: Ruth at March 19, 2005 6:40 PM

Hi Sujata, now I have to have evidence or put everything in writing with a judges signature on it, I just can't put trust in my wife hands I see. In my case the two weeks of pain is nothing compared to the 15 years that, that family has been undergoing. They have not been able too move on.
Oh, by the way "My Lord is worth 2 weeks of pain, what about yours?"

Posted by: My Life at March 19, 2005 6:43 PM

When did I say that I wanted to burden my family...as a self supporting woman with no husband and children ...I want to see the adorable faces of my nieces and nephews..sisters and brother for as long as I can ! I want to feel the breath in my chest and hear the wind ! I want to hear the Lord's word and experience the mystery of life for as long as i can I am gereedy for each moment of God's blessings.... ..for I know not when my Lord will call..and I do not attempt to schedule his appointments with a right to die agenda. He has told us to always choose life....I have. Your asssumption is that my demise will be costly....do you have an inside line with heaven that you have been hiding?.Psychic, are you ?..I have Long Term Care insurance, a pension and Social Security and an incredible faith in God's mercies..he alone knows my limitations..he will not over burden me nor my lved ones...You are not suggesting that we , as a nation , should contemplate taking lives because they cost too much , are you ???...I have prepared for my life and my constitution has allowed me to do that ! God will take me when it is his decison. God will take Terri when it is his decison, not Michael Schiavo's. Thankyou
Get off your judgemental soapbox and celebrate Terris life.....That's why BlogsForTerri exists...
and we are happy!

Posted by: JoMarley at March 19, 2005 6:50 PM

Hi Bryan God loves you too. Name calling is for children. What grade are you in?

Posted by: Ashame at March 19, 2005 6:50 PM

Hi Ashame:

When did I call names?

And I know God loves me--John 3:16. He loves you too!

Posted by: Bryan at March 19, 2005 6:54 PM

My Life,
My God is worth everything I am, however, you didnt say you wish to die of starvation for the sole purpose of going and being with the Lord, you were looking for an outlet out of the life He gave you. Let's leave the Lord out of this, let's not indulge in strife in the name of the Lord. Father God, forgive me.

Anyhow..now would you trust your wife to make a decision on your life/death if she was living and adulterous life when she is making that decision for you? Remember, this feeding tube removal request came a month after the guy got engaged.

Posted by: sujata at March 19, 2005 6:56 PM

JoMarley, the word family is a broad word and I am trying too tell you too stop being so judgemental. I glad you have your business in order, but if what going on with terri was going on with me I do not want you, Jeb, Delay, or anyone else telling my wife that see could not end things. I would not want my family to experience me in that condition for several years.
I love life like you do, and want too explore it to the max.

Oh Greg, whats your problem?

Posted by: Ashane at March 19, 2005 7:04 PM

Dear Greg,
You would be the first person to scream FOUL to the government if there was poison in your cornflakes. So do you really think that your existence is do solely to your own efforts...heh, heh..those red lights and green lights are regulated by government you know......

We the people of these United States,
inorder to form a more perfect union,
1)establish justice,
2)insure domestice tranquility,
3)provide for the common defense,
4)promote the general welfare
5)and insure the blessings of liberty
to ourselves and our posterity
Do ordain and establish
This Constitution of the United Stats of America.

The preamble of our Constitution explains the responsibilities of the Fedral Government very clearly..so decided because by themselves the states, after the Revolutionary War, met with chaos...Thus James Madison suggested that they scrap the Articles of Confederation and write a NEW Constitution...and it was done.

It is the responsiblitity of the Federal Government to insure Terri's (and all disabled people in America) blessings of liberty and to promote her general welfare....no matter what Florida or Mr Schiavo says. It's Constitutionally guatranteed.

Posted by: JoMarley at March 19, 2005 7:05 PM


You're not polite. I'm just wondering why you're here trolling our site?

Posted by: Ruth at March 19, 2005 7:08 PM


I see now where I called names. I used the term "goons' to describe the caregivers at the hospice.

You are right, and I apologize.

I should have said "MURDERERS."


Posted by: Bryan at March 19, 2005 7:10 PM

Ashane...sir, that is murder and punishable by law.
And if that wife had assaulted you and injured you...you would still want it assumed by the courts that she had your best interests at heart?
Once you put it in writing , its a done deal..you can die. Without it..the Constitutiopn protects your right to live. If your life is taken , it is murder. That's what the American Constitution says.

Posted by: JoMarley at March 19, 2005 7:11 PM


You still did not answer the question, "What grade you're in?"

Posted by: Ashame at March 19, 2005 7:15 PM

I did not just pick my wife out of a crackerjax box or from wife-order.com. The Lord sent my wife to me and I trust her. On the other hand, If she was untrue she would have to answer to the Lord. Sometimes, you have to leave things in the Lords hands. He's a all seeing God. "Lets give it a try."

Posted by: Ashame at March 19, 2005 7:24 PM


The reason I asks what's your problem, is that I agree with the fact that I would not want to live in the state Mrs. Terri lives in. I agree with you!
I do not believe sending troops to fight for an unjust war was right, but again the topic was about Mrs. Terri.

Posted by: Ashame at March 19, 2005 7:31 PM

Ironic ain't it?
John Couey, the registered sex offender who senselessly killed the precious nine year old, Jessice Lunsford, and discarded her body like a bag of trash, is now on "suicide watch"*...

But an innocent woman, Terri Schiavo, suffers an injury that prevents her from feeding herself, and a court orders her to be starved to death.

Does it make any damn sense?

http://www.local6.com/news/4300803/detail.html *

Posted by: Virginia at March 19, 2005 7:47 PM

Well....that's the point. If you died without a will, the govt. gets to decide who gets what. In the same way, if you became unable to express yourself and haven't got a written document on whether you should be allowed to die for that, then a civilized society has a responsibility to choose life for you especially if you need to be starved to death over 14 or more days.

I guess if you had the choice, you would make the choice to starve your mother to death over 2 weeks if that was the only way.

Posted by: sujata at March 19, 2005 7:49 PM


Merely, being married to me isn't enough? My wife would be able to make decisions on me being buried, and probably forced to pay my estated bills, but you are tring to tell me she can't decided when to let me die. No you are incorrect.

Posted by: Ashame at March 19, 2005 7:59 PM

For Greg:

I see that your post was removed, I suspect because of the profanity contained therein.

But let me say that first, I'm sorry that you lost your dad. Both my parents are still alive (thankfully) and in good health. I am sure that you did not like to see your dad suffer.

The difference that I see between your case and Terri's is that you stated your entire family was in on the decision. In Terri's case, there is reason to suspect Michael Schiavo's motives, and his testimony directly conflicts with that of the parents and friend. The whole family was not in on the decision.

The judge refused to allow the parents' and friend's testimony and only went with Michael's.

The other thing is that Terri was making definite improvement for many years with therapy. It was only after Michael received the million dollar settlement for Terri's therapy that he withdrew her therapy and claimed she did not want to be kept alive.

Things in this case are very suspicious, and doctors have testifies that Terri could significantly improve with therapy. She is precious and NOT terminal. She deserves compassion and therapy, not to be tortured to death by starvation.

Posted by: Bryan at March 19, 2005 8:19 PM


No one but Michael is to blame for wasting that money. It was awarded for him to provide therapy for Terri. He chose not to provide that therapy, and now here we are.

Posted by: Bryan at March 20, 2005 6:20 AM