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March 19, 2005

Some Concise Facts for Congress

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It's looking like congressional action is the most likely hope for Terri right now. Soon, the US house and senate are going to vote on a compromised bill that will insure Terri gets an appeal in federal courts.

I think it's important to emphasize these facts in contacting our congressmen:

1. Terri has not been given an MRI or PET scan, two tests that are required to properly diagnose PVS. In addition, there is a lot of evidence that she is more responsive than someone in PVS would be. She is reported to have pleaded for her life as best she can the day her feeding tube was removed.
2. Michael Schiavo has been lax on numerous guardianship laws, and therefore, needs to be removed as Terri's guardian.
3. Judge Greer has allowed Michael to be lax on numerous guardianship laws, and therefore, needs to be removed as the judge on her case.
4. There are witnesses who have written court affidavits that indicate Michael has been abusive and neglectful of his wife since her collapse, and possibly even before.
5. Terri has never had a chance to receive appropriate medical care and therapy, per Michael's orders. Therefore, we have no way of knowing what her recovery possibilities are. She ought to at least be given a chance at therapy under her parents' care.

Terri deserves to have all of this and more properly investigated before she is killed. Let's keep contacting our congressmen. They need to hear us.

Terri Schiavo is starving.

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Posted by powersthatblog at March 19, 2005 4:36 PM

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Don't forget that law enforcement needs to remain involved...


Posted by: Teri J at March 19, 2005 6:39 PM

ABSOLUTELY!! We need to bombard Congress to have Terri placed in protective custody ASAP!!! Or she may just "succumb" while still under the "care" of the death chamber,er, "hospice".

These idiots up on Capitol Hill should have sent in the US Marshals yesterday to take Terri into protective custoday. I was there beginning at 9AM and we kept waiting for those guys to show up in their Crown Vics with tinted windows, riding into town to save the day. Instead,
Terri got her tube removed. I won't be surprised if she turns up truly incompacitated while the GOP sits around fiddling as Rome burns. BTW, Where's Jeb?

Posted by: Bryan at March 19, 2005 6:50 PM

who is in Terri's room now with her ... while they work this out - michaels camp must be worried about this decission coming up -

i pray that someone is in there and he is far , far away

Posted by: keeka at March 19, 2005 7:06 PM

Tell me how it went out side the hospice. I so envy your access to be there. I am in PA and really would like to be there to provode support....dang, can't!
I was deciding this AM if I would drive down to Florida during Easter break. Perhaps now, it will not be needed. Tell me what it was like ...what did you see, hear , etc. How long were you there?
Fill us in .

Posted by: JoMarley at March 19, 2005 8:05 PM