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March 19, 2005

Senate/House Leadership Urged to Pass 'Terri Schiavo's Law' on Monday

Topics: Legislative Action Items
Christian Coalition of America on March 18 urged the House and Senate leadership to pass the "Terri Schiavo Law" on Monday, whether it be the House bill passed unanimously or the Senate bill also passed unanimously. Christian Coalition commends the actions by the Senate and House leadership to hold hearings and to issue subpoenas for Terri Schiavo's husband, Michael Schiavo, and her caregivers to appear before congressional committees in a few days.

Majority Leader Tom DeLay in a 1 p.m. Friday press conference said that Senators Boxer, Wyden, and Levin "have put Terri Schiavo's life in danger because of petty squabbles." Senator Mike Enzi, (R-WY), has requested that Terri Schiavo herself testify before his Health, Education, Labor, and Pension (HELP) Committee.

President Bush said he would sign a bill approved by both the House and the Senate. Unfortunately, the Senate Democrat Minority Leader, Harry Reid, (NV) and Democrat Senators Ron Wyden, (OR), Barbara Boxer (CA) and Carl Levin (MI) still representing the views of many in the "party of death" have refused to allow a vote on the Sensenbrenner/Weldon bill passed unanimously in the U.S. House on Wednesday night.

Time is of the essence. Terri Schiavo's husband, Michael Schiavo removed Terri's feeding tube today. This act will cause Terri Schiavo to suffer an extremely painful death over a 2-week period. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's office said congressional lawyers will appeal to the Florida Circuit Court of Appeals to reinstate the feeding tubes of Terri Schiavo.

Here are the Action Items that need to be accomplished immediately:

  1. Call Speaker Dennis Hastert (202-225-0600) and Senator Majority Leader Bill Frist (202-224-3135) to urge them to schedule a vote on Monday and pass the "Terri Schiavo Law" by unanimous consent on Monday in order to save Terri Schiavo's life.

  2. Call your Member of the House and both Senators to urge them to ask their congressional leaders to schedule a vote on the "Terri Schiavo Law" on Monday (202-225-3121).

Please keep the above issue in your prayers. Through prayer great and mighty things can be accomplished.

Posted by tim at March 19, 2005 1:33 AM

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By having these interest groups like the Christian Coalition join, they are turning possible supporters away by making it seem like a religious issue. No wonder the polls have 65-85% (depending on if you're reading Fox News, CNN, BBC, etc..) people supporting the feeding tube decision! You're scaring supporters away!

Posted by: TerriLove at March 19, 2005 1:44 AM

TerriLove, I think it's sad that people of good conscience and of any faith, or none, would be scared away from doing something they know to be right just because those "icky Christians" are involved. Don't you?

IMHO, the polls reflect the misinformation that is out there about Terri -- that she's "brain-dead", that "her brain has turned to fluid", that she's "comatose" or "dying" or all those other things that have been said about her that are not true.

Posted by: Mary in LA at March 19, 2005 2:13 AM

Those icky Christians are the only people who would lift a finger to help Terri, anyway.

Posted by: JWL at March 19, 2005 2:26 AM

I am sad to say I believe TerriLove is absolutely correct...I once felt that way... I am ashamed I did but I did...I am not a Christian and never really thought they are "icky" but there was something about the zealousness of the Christian groups portrayed in the MSM...What swayed me about Terri and convinced me I needed to speak up even if it meant I might be lumped in with "that crowd"...???The facts and the documents and BLOGS.....Keep the faith and keep the FACTS of the case out in front...This is not a right to die case...it is not about euthanasia...In my opinion it is about Terri's life and her right to safety and getting appropriate legal and medical care. I believe wholeheartedly people of all backgrounds want truth, justice, and accountability.

Posted by: Crystal Clear at March 19, 2005 2:26 AM

The Schiavo case seems to hinge on the moral issue of whether disconnecting her life support (or keeping her connected) is moral. Consider the Euthyphro Dilemma. Our western civilization began working on the Schiavo case 3500 years ago, well before Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and all the other religions of Western society.

First, some background. Socrates is in jail "for corrupting the youth" and his cellmate is a young man named Euthyphro. Euthyphro's father took justice into his own hands and murdered a family slave who had murdered a fellow slave. Euthyphro brought charges of murder against his father for the killing, and bringing charges against one's father was considered an offense punishable by death. Therefore, Euthyphro was set to be punished for doing what he thought was justice.

In the Euthyphro, Socrates asks the young man questions about justice:

(1.) Is a thing is moral because it is pleasing to the gods, or...

(2.) is it pleasing to the gods because it is moral?

The dilemma posits that, if a thing is moral because it is pleasing to your God, then whatever you believe your God urges you to do is (or could be) arbitrary, and not necessarily the essence of morality, but merely the whim of God. On the other hand,
if a thing is pleases your God because that thing is inherently moral, then it seems that morality is something that has an essence, or root, somehow outside of your God. If you believe your God is omnipotent, then how could morality exist independent of a God who created everything? Did your God not create morality along with everything else?

In the case of Terri Schiavo we're presented with a somewhat similar dilemma: Is it moral to keep her alive because God commands that killing is immoral, or is allowing her to die moral because it is inherently immoral to prolong a life against the forces of nature?

In the Euthyphro, neither Socrates nor Euthyphro seem to come up with an answer, and in the case of Schiavo, we are unlikely to reach a satisfactory answer either.

Nature wants Schiavo to die. Without our machines, she will not live. So we must ask the question, is the will of nature the will of God, or is it the will of God that we challenge nature by use of our intellect, which of course created the technology to prolong what appears to be a living thing?

If nature is the will of God, we must not intervene in Schiavo's life or death, but if God commands that we not kill, then we cannot disconnect her life support.

Therefore, the true path we must take in our thinking is not about the morality of prolonging Schiavo's life or terminating it, but rather we must take the path of an inquiry about the nature of God. We must first determine whether nature reflects the will of God, or whether our conception of what we believe God's moral commandments to be, is the will of God.

Nature appears to want Schiavo to pass away. Humankind's interpretation of what we believe God's will to be appears to want Schiavo to live. Is nature God's will or is God's will what we interpret God's commandments to be?

Until we can answer this question, we cannot know which is the moral thing to do. This will likely lead us down the path of moral relativism, but that is fodder for an entirely different post.

Charlie Morriss
B.A. Philosophy, 2004
University of Arizona

Posted by: Charlie Morriss at March 19, 2005 2:31 AM

Whoa. Nowhere did I say "icky" but the I agree with you on what the polls represent, but the polls also reflect the general publics disgust of religious zealots. Ironic how those who want to help her the most are doing the most damage by turning it into a religious issue. Times are changing, quoting scripture used to be a way to get people to reflect but now is a way to make people ignore you. That's the last thing we need right now.

Posted by: TerriLove at March 19, 2005 2:37 AM

On a side note, I think the dislike of zealots has come as people have become more educated and noticed that wars are constantly waged due to religious beliefs and people get turned off by the "strong religious beliefs= stubborn/strong chance for conflict" correlation but that's just what I'm noticing. I think the Terri case should be focused on in a non-religious context.

Posted by: Fredrick at March 19, 2005 2:39 AM

Hey, thanks for that pointless, pseudo-intellectual grandstanding, Charlie. I'm sure you'll get several pats on the back for sounding so smart, since I'm guessing that's the only thing you really give a damn about.

In your endless bloviating, you said that without our "machines", Terri will not live. So, a plastic tube is a "machine", now? Perhaps you meant to say "technology"? Or maybe you just typed up a bunch of nonsense when you know absolutely nothing about this case, expecting people to be impressed with your great wealth of useless knowledge?

If nature were the will of God, then it would morally wrong to treat anyone for cancer, AIDS, pneumonia... any illness, really. So, yeah, thanks for trying to obfuscate this issue with immaterial nonsense.

Posted by: JWL at March 19, 2005 2:43 AM

The substance of this post is the call to action, which in the particular case, was thoughfully prepared by a Christian group. However, I would be interested in receiving the data which supports the assertion that people's support of the "tube decision" is related to their adversion of Christians.

Posted by: Tim at March 19, 2005 2:47 AM

I am a supporter of Terri. I am Jewish. I am not afraid of the Religious Right.

I do think that the power of the RR will be unleashed if Terri dies. The RR is getting stronger and stronger with this issue and there will be repercussions by people that have let her die. I predict blue states becoming red, and many people that let her die will be out of office.

Terri, I keep you in my prayers. Sending love and white light your way.

Posted by: Ruth at March 19, 2005 2:50 AM

JWL, do you actually think that there's no machine involved in tube feeding? LOL I suppose the nutrients just burrow their way up the tube on their own, right?

Posted by: HouseFlair at March 19, 2005 2:55 AM

Just a brief note - TerriLove has recently posted using at least seven different aliases on this site. Needless to say his/her IP address is now banned.

Posted by: Tim at March 19, 2005 3:03 AM

A machine is not required with a feeding tube. It can be used, but it does not have to be.

Posted by: JWL at March 19, 2005 3:10 AM

JWL, watch with the generalizations about "Christians being the only one that would lift a finger for Terry". I'm surprised you didn't bring politics into this issue either.

Terri's right to live has nothing to do with politics or religion, and shouldn't have to either.

I'm on Terri's side, and I'm agnostic. Even if I'm the only agnostic here, I still don't condone murder and see nothing here that has to do with religion.

Posted by: Ticklebug at March 19, 2005 3:28 AM

Ticklebug, at least you're now aware of his existing biases.

Posted by: HouseFlair at March 19, 2005 3:39 AM

Can anything be done tomorrow? Terri needs water and food now!

Posted by: Ruth at March 19, 2005 3:49 AM

Well, the believers here DO see very clearly the religious and moral context of this sad happening...and we are entitled to it. Sorry if you don't like it, but I don't see why would we have to surrender our beliefs just to accomodate you. For a lot of us this is a religious and moral issue. Period. Too bad we want Terri and many others alive. But I won't apologize for my faith.

Posted by: Miguel at March 19, 2005 4:01 AM

Terri is obviously responsive & not PVS.

What is wrong with the Doctors who have diagnosed her as in a PVS?

Something must be done to save Terri!

Something must be changed to prevent this happening again!

Judge Greer should be investigated!

Posted by: Elizabeth Parkin at March 19, 2005 4:16 AM

I for one am thankful that Terri's support comes from all kinds of people--Christian, Jewish, agnostic, atheist, conservative, liberal, moderate, you name it. It's true the Religious Right has been at the forefront of the fight for years, but look how people have come together from all walks of life to support our most basic human right of all through Terri's struggle.

The more people know, the more they believe in this cause. I know that many people are put off by the religious overtones, but someone has to keep the fires burning. For those people who aren't narrow-minded and who have their OWN moral and philosophical compass, there's a lot to be learned about all of this from the work the RR has done. And no apologies are necessary for those that do this because of religious reasons, or any other reasons either.

I've regained a lot of respect for SOME people that I had recently come to disdain (to put it mildly) because of their willingness to buck the party line for what's RIGHT instead of what's popular (specifically, Terri's supporters on the left). At least I am reminded that there are reasonable minds everywhere, even if I can't stand their politics.

Posted by: Beth at March 19, 2005 4:31 AM

Charlie Morriss,
Are you a Christian Scientist? Just asking, since I'm interpreting your remarks as conflict with any medical treatment...correct me if I'm wrong--I think of things in a more practical, real-life way.

Posted by: Beth at March 19, 2005 4:36 AM

Elizabeth, you ask "Terri is obviously responsive & not PVS. What is wrong with the Doctors who have diagnosed her as in a PVS?"

One thing to consider is that most of us have only seen those few video snippets taken by the Schindlers to advance their cause. There are many hours of video where Terri is unresponsive to everyone and everything.

There are also very fundamental physiological processes at play here. Eye tracking and fixation, response to sudden noise, etc...all of that can be attributed to the autonomic nervous system, which doesn't require consciousness to be active. It makes for very compelling video though.

Posted by: HouseFlair at March 19, 2005 4:43 AM

Sorry, but it sounds like you've only read the same documents from Michael's side to advance HIS cause. I keep seeing the SAME comments over and over again from the "right-to-die" side of Terri's case and it's becoming obvious that everyone is repeating the same information. I don't mean to sound snarky about it, but really, have you read the things that directly and soundly contradict (debunk) that medical "evidence" you're referring to?

Read this, please--I posted it earlier tonight because I'm exasperated from hearing the same Kevorkianesque documents quoted repeatedly:


PLEASE, do read it. I've read the court-sanctioned documents that support Michael, and while they can seem convincing at face value, there's a LOT more to that medical "evidence" than meets the eye. Since most of us are NOT neurologists (I suspect you aren't either), it's imperative to get more than just the "evidence" that corroborates Michael Schiavo's position. That evidence isn't as benign or objective as it seems on the surface.

Maybe you won't have a complete reversal of your opinion, but I hope you can open your mind to the possibility that it isn't necessarily unbiased and honest "evidence".


Posted by: Beth at March 19, 2005 5:38 AM

Beth, I have visited zimp.org, but I plan on going and revisiting it over the weekend.

Until then, two things keep hitting me though. The first is: this case has encompassed 19 judges in at least 6 different courts -- so it isn't just about the conservative Baptist Judge Greer.

The second is: Here is what the 2nd District Court of Appeal said in its ruling of Jan. 24, 2001: "Over the span of this last decade, Theresa's brain has deteriorated because of the lack of oxygen it suffered at the time of the heart attack. By mid-1996, the CAT scans of her brain showed a severely abnormal structure. At this point, much of her cerebral cortex is simply gone and has been replaced by cerebral spinal fluid. "Medicine cannot cure this condition. Unless an act of God, a true miracle, were to recreate her brain, Theresa will always remain in an unconscious, reflexive state, totally dependent upon others to feed her and care for her most private needs."

Posted by: HouseFlair at March 19, 2005 6:51 AM

I beg to differ with you.
Having conducted very many Functional Behavioral Assessments of non verbal profoundly impaired adults residing in long term treatment facilities (custodial care)...I know abit about assessing levels of functional behavior.

Vocalizing in response to another's vocalizing is not relexive, it is purposeful and deliberate cognitive function. It most certainly involves consciousness;or else she would vocalize in an empty room, which she does not (Affidavits of nurses) Eye tracking does alsorequire higher cgnitive function. Eye tracking is a prerequisite to reading and problem solving. It allows for searching behavior and for following motion in the environment...it alerts us of of whats going on and stimulates curiosity. But only when acuity is good and one has sight. Terri's father says that she has a stabismic eye (lazy eye) and Dr Hammesfahr says she probably is near blind as she does not not demonstrate convergence or accurate fixation unles the target is near ( with in 12 inches of the nose) . Since we know that the occipital lobe (which controls visual functioning) is at the back of the head , it is very likely that Terri's closed head trauma the night of her collapse (as revealed in the Bonescan) occured when the back of her head hit a surface "hard"...resulting in greatly diminshed vision and sight capacites.her sight could be tested and fitted with refractive prescription, but that is not allowed.Her vision skills could be retrained with Vision Therapy ( I am a trained vison therapist, too) When the eyes simultaneously "lock on to " a visual target and a vocal response occurs at the same time..it is a good indication that the person is pleased with the achieved recognition of the target..this recognition requires coordination of higher cognitive functions..as does her long term memory demonstrated when she laughs at her father's recollections of incidents in her childhood.
Terri demonstrates extreme discomfort of bowel movements in her diaper by attempting to slide across the bed to the bed pan (Nurse affidavits) again this is not reflexive but purposeful. She could with therapy regain bowel control and her behavior shaped to higer levels of functioning control. Her wearing of diapers can not be conclusive that she lacks all control..it may be a convenience to staff who would otherwise have to physically assit her to a potty chair or bedpan repeatedly. Hospice staffs and Nursing Home staffs are not assisted living assistants...diapers are used and can be used as short term solutions until retraining occurs. How many adults over 50 have incontinence problems...and get medication and weaar depends diapers? And they cannot be retrained.Terri would require behavioral assessments to discover where on the continuum of functional performance she is. It happens all the time in rehab. No physicians can be definitive about Terris intelligence...our evaluation devices for brain injury are not yet that sophisticated, and indeed Terri may very well be unable to communicate because the brain damage has interferred with neuron pathways previously established. Speech is considered a higher level cognitive skill, but the lack of speech can not be considered a lack of cognitive intelligence. I have worked with profoundly deaf people who sound like moaning bull horns and could not articulate with their tongues to save their lives yet have IQ's of 120, 130. I have known cerebral palsey adults who can not speak any better than a moan and can not use their bodies for anything bu to thrash but have high IQ's . Again a tremendous amount of the information about brain injutred adults is gained as they actively participate in long tern treatment and therapies because the information is gained by consitent observations of their response patterns and abilities as they happen. Terri was never in a rehab long enogh for the observations to be consistent. The Last rehab physicians who worked with her reported that she was making progress and should be transferred to Gaines ville rehab Facility , which she was not . She was admitted to a nursing home with the elderly.
The first year after a closed head trauma occurs is considered the healing time when the brain slowly comes out of deep survival withdrawl. Major Therapuetic recovery is generally not expected during this time. That comes laterwith therapies. By the time Terri was ready for therapies to be effective , she was moved out of rehab and into a nursing home...to be warehoused with NO Therapy written on her chart just 3 months after the Mal practice award. Oh yes and do not forget the accumulating spinal fluid in her cerebral cortex. It is compress her brain and resulting in diminished capabilities as well as a large black area on her brain scan. The fluid should be drained so the brain could decompress and Terri regain diminished abilities...But Michael refuses to do that even though it was explained to him that the electrode he had implanted in her brain as part of an experimental treatment would increse her risk to infection and fluid build up. Even though he was advised to have the elctrode medically monitored, he do not. So yes there is excessive fluid on her brain.ASnd it would be treated if the rehab physicans had their way. It is treatable. Michael says No.
So you see, the Terri you see today is the Terri who was created by Michael. He allowed her nothing so she progressed minimally. He permitted no advanced methods in the last 13 years. How would you like to be held to your medical test results of 13 years ago???? Again , it is acceptable because she is disabled and easily taken advantage of and exploited by those who would speak words for her...again dehumanizing her personhood. Whereas her family tells of how she is communicating to them...having done the same thing with my brain injured students..I know that their treatment of Terri is a nuturing and accepting on. MIchael and Felos are filled with negativity, limitations and demeaning characterizations. The terms used by Michael and Felos to characterize Terri are "houseplant", "vegetable" and a "skull full of fluid." They used these terms on national TV...again a dehumanizing event everytime it occurs...it is meant to be ..in order to desentsitize public acceptance of Terri as a real person. When working with the disabled , it is important to conduct task analysis of all targetted behaviors to be acquired. That means that the skill is broken up into many (some times hundreds) of mini steps. It is these that are taught...Rehab specialists observe for small positive improvements and changes and build on them. Michael and Felos look at the large deficits and with a laymen's naivite..see nothing of promise; how could there be ..they see only what is lacking. That is called "stinkin' thinking"..."scarcity mentality" and it has not place in the world of rehab. It serves the purpose of shock and sensationalism of the gullible public.
I am a very successful well seasoned Special Ed teacher. I have been called dynamic and a miracle worker...and my success is completely because I see what is there; the person and the skills , I donot fixate on what is missing. I build on strengths. And amazingly...the missing pieces show up.Terri has never had this.
The courts have judged her most severly and unfairly..that is called a lack of justice.
But it is a common occurance for the disabled population of our country.
And it is happening with increasing frequency.
It is the monster guardian that needs court ordered sentencing, not his victim.

Posted by: JoMarley at March 19, 2005 6:52 AM

JoMarley, first thanks for your response. Second...you are just the type of professional I've been looking to ask: how much credit do you give reports by theempirejournal.com that say something like this:

According to attorney Barbara Weller, one of the attorneys representing Terri’s parents, Mary and Bob Schindler Sr., when her parents and attorneys visited Terri at the Woodside Hospice where she resides to tell her they were going to remove her feeding tube, Terri began to cry and tried to say “I want to live”

Given that Terri hasn't had speech therapy in years, how likely do you think it is that Terri actually said something like that. Theempirejournal.com has various specifics on how exactly she "tried to say" that (even though the stationed officer outside the door did not hear it).

Posted by: HouseFlair at March 19, 2005 7:06 AM

HouseFlair, you've missed the point about what Barbara Weller witnessed. Terri is NOT in a PVS state!

Posted by: Caryn at March 19, 2005 8:09 AM


God bless you and the work you do. Each of us is blessed with talents to share with others. Each of your students and patients, however limited their abilities, gives others, such as yourself, the opportunity to show the greatness of mankind's ability to care for each other, as well as the advanced skills and technologies we discover and create.

This only emphasizes the "value" of each person's life.

Terri is loved and responds to love. She has not been given appropriate medical and therapuetic care. The person making this decision demonstrates, at the very least, that Terri's welfare is not actually the basis of his decision-making.

Finally, even if Terri indeed said that she didn't want to end up like Karen Ann Quinlan, she isn't like her--she is not on a respirator, and in Ms. Quinlan's case, I believe that every evaluation was thorougly explored. Ironically, Ms. Quninlan continued to live after the respirator was disconnected, and I assume she was fed by an IV or a tube, which continued to provide nourishment until she died.

Posted by: goddessoftheclassroom at March 19, 2005 8:24 AM

The staff at all the rep an senate offices I called said the legislature had adjourned for spring break. Is this true? If so, how can any bill be passed on Monday?

Posted by: Kris at March 19, 2005 8:46 AM

You know, for me this is personally a religious and moral issue, but I told my husband last night that it's not really about "Terri" it's about our Fundamental Rights as US Citizens. These same rights that judge greer has ignored for years.

The US Constitution sets Federal Law above State Law; greer sets himself above Federal Law.

The US Constitution guarantees everyone the right to life,liberty, etc. greer sets himself above the constitution and subverts the individual's right to life.

In the US, everyone is guaranteed the right to a fair trial (see that the terrorist animals have this right as do murderers, thieves, rapists, child molesters, etc). judge greer has taken this right away from the disabled.

In a fair trial, the defense has a right to representation. For Terri, judge greer has allowed her only representation by the prosecution. he accepted as "clear and convincing evidence" michael shitavo's assertion that Terri wouldn't want to live; but he threw out Terri's friends assertion that Terri didn't believe in Euthanasia--when she was discussing Karen Ann Quinlin. Oh, but only michael and george feel-less contributed money to greer's reelection--Terri's family and friends didn't....

In a civilized society, we take care of those who are dependent on us; we comfort them and help them. judge greer has allowed michael shiavo to trample over Terri's rights to have care. She's been locked up for years; unable to see the light of day; restricted visitation of those who love her. Trampled her Constitutional Religious Freedoms by banning Her priest's visits. In addition, george greer has refused to allow Terri to be fed by mouth; he's refused advanced testing; he's never met her; but he is the best judge to rule for her?

My issue is that I believe in this country. I spent time in the military defending Our Constitution "against all enemies, foreign and DEMONestic" and now I feel that my efforts don't mean a thing.

This case is not about religion/morals/etc; although they are the fundamental values of the Constitution. This case is about ridding society of the unfit. It's about a judge determining (after being paid by the prosecution) whether someone who has not committed a crime has the right to live. It's about a judge determining what constitutes "quality" of life. It's about a judge playing God, without the compassion, love and understanding the role requires. No, this case is the first where the courts will begin to remove the unfit from society. Who is next?

What's amazing is that Scott Peterson is on Death Row for the murder of Lacy and Conner...What a shame he didn't have judge greer as his judge and jury; he would have lived and been praised. Poor Scott; he should have beaten his wife to within an inch of her life; found a hospital to mis-diagnose and treat her; sued for millions to "save and rehabilitate her"; hired george feel-less to push for her execution; and been fortunate enough to land in greer's courtroom. If he had been smarter, he'd be a millionaire, living with his mistress, and allowed to murder his wife with the court's and MSM's blessing. Poor Scott--he found himself a victim of the LAW.

Poor Terri--she found herself a victim of greer.

Posted by: Tress at March 19, 2005 8:47 AM

Looks like the supreme court Has ruled against Terri again--They are the people who will always protect the rights guaranteed by the Constitution? I pray for the next victim in this country.

It's curious--that this case is about LIFE, and LIFE spelled backwards is EVIL.

Posted by: Tress at March 19, 2005 9:03 AM

LIFE spelled backwards is EFIL.

Posted by: Jim at March 19, 2005 9:21 AM

Many of us are neither on the right nor the left. I, for one, appreciate the widely ecumenical views of all people of faith in support of Terri's life. Her support does not come from one religious group or another. It comes from a wide breadth of Amercian society.

I am thankful for those of all faiths who have spoken out for what is right. Democrats, Republicans, Catholics, Christians, Jews, Moslems, Hindu...

It is, indeed, unfortunate that certain political parties have been hijacked by people with extreme beliefs.

If one believes the Republican party has been hijacked by the radical Christian right, then remember that the Democratic party has as well, with the atheist, pro-death, religion of secular humanism having a fairly strong voice. Libertarians appear to have developed a cult like religion of their own, co-opted by the Marijuana smoking, nudist coalitions.

The point is, there is no political party that is not somehow representative of the views, morals and values of its ACTIVE consitutents. If people silently sit on their rear ends, those who make noise will control the party.

Just because a few Democrats are pushing their pro-death agenda does not mean that many hard working union member type democrats agree with them. Many of those Democrats work hard and go to church every week.

Thank you to everyone, of every religious and political stripe, who are standing up for Terri!


Robert W. Smith MD
Middle of the Road
"Icky" Christian (and proud of it!)

Posted by: Robert W. Smith, MD at March 19, 2005 9:26 AM


My mistake.

"LIVE" spelled backwards is "EVIL"

Posted by: Tress at March 19, 2005 10:20 AM

Michael Schiavo recieved 1.7 milliom dollars in a malpractice case for Terri. He now claims "there is no money."
That money should have been invested for Terri's care. He has abused his power of guardianship. He willingly accepted those funds, and took guardianship of Terri. Now he suddenly is reminded of how she didn't want to live like this? HUMM!
is there something wrong with this picture?

WILLisms.com has been hit very close to home with this subject...

Posted by: Linda at March 19, 2005 11:20 AM

Hey, I didn't say that non-Christians wouldn't care about Terri. Of course they are interested in self-preservation; they don't want someone killing them as Terri is being killed. In fact I would say that any religious people would fight hard for Terri, while I can't see apathetic atheists and agnostics doing much other than saying "Oh that's so sad" and then moving on.

I'm getting pretty sick of being called a Christian zealot fascist just because I'm against killing people. Does that mean non-Christians are FOR killing people? Prove me wrong you atheists and agnostics by actually doing something good for a change. The only public voice you have comes from people who hate everything this is good and work actively to destroy all good things.

Posted by: JWL at March 19, 2005 12:17 PM


That's because a clear majority of the people are ignorant idiots when it comes to this case. Well, to be more accurate, half of the country is against human life, and then another fourth or so has listened to what the MSM has said about Terri and thus they are ill-informed.

Posted by: JWL at March 19, 2005 12:20 PM


I believe the fact that this personal tragedy has become so politicized actually insulates Congress from threats like yours ("I will vote for your opposition if she dies").

In other words, this is now (unfortunately) squarely a right-vs-left (R-vs-D) thing. The republicans know you're not really going to vote for democrats the next time around. And vice versa.

Posted by: HouseFlair at March 19, 2005 3:27 PM