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March 4, 2005

Schiavo DCF Document Released, Alleges Abuse and Neglect

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Circuit Court Judge George Greer released the Department of Children Families document seeking intervention in the Terri Schiavo case.

The DCF document names Michael Schiavo as responsible for the mistreatment of his wife and quotes a different 34 page document containing allegations of abuse and neglect.

The complaint accuses Michael Schiavo of abuse, neglect and/or exploitation in pertinent part, including but not limited to:

  1. Failure to file proper guardianship plan or report and the impact upon the health of the ward

  2. Current confinement issues at the ward’ residence

  3. Failure to educate using certain therapies in violation of guardianship

  4. Investigation of rehabilitation entitlements in light of technologies available

  5. Denial of access to legal counsel on different occasions is a supervision issue never previously investigated and goes directly to health decisions.

  6. Lack of communication/visitation is a maintenance of mental health and supervision issues.

  7. Denial of legal notice to ward or ward’s own counsel

  8. Experimental procedures performed without proper medical and legal procedures observed

  9. Lack of manipulation of the ward’s arms causing sever contractures.
More here from the Tampa Tribune.


Crystal Clear notes the "door" that has been opened to past allegations on page 7 section 16 of the document:

Additionally, there are allegations that DCF has investigated that have been closed as unfounded. While DCF stands by its past decisions, it nevertheless reserves its rights to review any updated or relevant information in the full fair and final determination of this matter given the totality of the circumstances.
The Empire Journal has more.

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This refers specifically to a 700+ complaint lodged in 2001. I believe the wording of this DCF petition left out a DCF complaint by myself in regards to Terri's arm. I will be following up on this with those responsible on Monday. I found where a caregiver actually abused Terri in front of a detective and I reported it to DCF. They don't give our complaint numbers when you lodge the complaint. I want to make sure this is part of DCF's investigation. I also want to make sure that they study all the materials I lodged with AHCA and other government entities which is referenced and lodged under Case number CIG#200406030002 of the Chief Inspector General of the Executive Office of Governor from last year. People need to make sure this is done. I am trying but additional voices pointing to this are needed.

Posted by: Juan Schoch at March 4, 2005 3:04 PM