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March 24, 2005

Scarborough Country's Passionate Plea For Terri

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- From Jackson's Junction
Scarborough Country's Joe Scarborough laid out one of the most passionate pleas for Terri Schiavo tonight that I think I have seen from any network news show. You just have to watch.

Scarborough: "We see a beautiful young woman made in the image of God. A God who will not bless this or any country that kills it's weakest or most vulnerable citizens. May God forgive us all."

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Hat tip - Jackson's Junction

Posted by richard at March 24, 2005 1:53 AM

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Posted by: blogsforterri at March 24, 2005 3:06 AM

Please pray for Judge Greer. Lets pray that Jesus will reveal his errors to him and the need for him to let Terri live.

Posted by: sujata at March 24, 2005 6:38 AM

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DATE: 03/24/2005 06:45:09 AM

Posted by: Chris at March 24, 2005 6:45 AM

My daughter just asked me if we could email God regarding Terri. Maybe we can burn the lines to heaven for Greer:)

Posted by: CeCe at March 24, 2005 6:50 AM

Yes we can CeCe and we should. Is there an email for Judge Greer that we could use?

Posted by: sujata at March 24, 2005 6:53 AM

Praying fervently and believing for a miracle of Easter proportions!

Posted by: Virginia at March 24, 2005 7:07 AM

Why are we praying for Greer? Judges don't "take back" decisions. It's Justice Kennedy that can save Terri now.

Posted by: Rosalind at March 24, 2005 7:17 AM

Rosalind, pray for Justice Kennedy too and for Judge Greer (Jeb's request to take custody of Terri is in front of him and he has to make a decision today by noon on that)

Posted by: sujata at March 24, 2005 7:19 AM

Why does Jeb have a deadline? (besides Terri's death time, if it comes)

Posted by: Rosalind at March 24, 2005 7:27 AM

That video about made me cry. I'll be posting the link at my site also. Thanks for posting it.

Posted by: Tammy at March 24, 2005 7:35 AM

Great video!

Posted by: MikeKS at March 24, 2005 7:57 AM