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March 30, 2005

OOPS! Michael Schiavo and Attorney George Felos Caught In Lie: Autopsy Decision Not Made By Michael Schiavo, Official Says (Updated)

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Goodness gracious, Houston we do have a problem here.

According to Bill Pellan, director of investigations for the Pinellas-Pasco Medical Examiner's Office, it is not up to Michael Schiavo to decide whether his wife, Terri, should undergo an autopsy after death, "He doesn't have any choice in the matter."

That's odd, but didn't good ole George Felos say that it was Michael that "wanted an autopsy?"

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Update: Comment from Pam

Question: if Mike Schiavo wants to put to rest any doubts about Terri's condition after she dies, couldn't he do the same thing right now by agreeing to a new MRI or a PET scan? Why do we have to wait until she is dead to find out for sure?

Posted by richard at March 30, 2005 9:23 AM

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Hmm, makes a little more sense.

Posted by: Foug at March 30, 2005 10:51 AM

I hope that there won't even need to be an autopsy, if Terri doesn't die!
I think the FL Senate is our best hope.

Posted by: Mary in LA at March 30, 2005 11:04 AM

Gee, how did that happen? Must just be a one time thing? Goog grief! What does this crew have to do before people figure out what manipulative snakes they are?

Posted by: imdll at March 30, 2005 11:25 AM

Interesting information. Felos finds out that an autopsy will be done whether he likes it or not, so he spins the story that Michael wanted it to happen. Sleazy, but probably effective with the MSM.

Posted by: The Old Coot at March 30, 2005 11:25 AM

Felos shows his horns again, huh? Well, it's not too surprising, (but I'm glad to hear it), when Felos has been "spinning" Terri's plight into a right-to-die case ever since he started working for Michael.

Keep praying people!

Posted by: Sirena at March 30, 2005 11:30 AM

I am becoming increasing annoyed, no angry with the inaction from this panel of judges! How weak do you have to be to deliberate this long on whether to look at a case while a woman dies! I think they want the problem to go away so they don't have to deal with it! This case just isn't as complicated as everyone wants to make it look. The contradictions start the day before the collapse and the behavior of those involved is evident over the past 15 years.

Posted by: imdll at March 30, 2005 11:32 AM

Ok, I've vented!

Posted by: imdll at March 30, 2005 11:38 AM

It so figures that Felos would totally spin this story. He's spun everything else, why not this too?

And I agree...it would make oh so much more sense to test Terri NOW, while she's ALIVE. But we all know that Michael Schiavo doesn't have any sense, does he?

Posted by: Tammy at March 30, 2005 12:30 PM

G-d forbid she does pass on, this will give her the justice she deserves. I mean ME's find abuse just from the skeleton from a person who died 20+ years ago.

Expect disbarment, removal from the bench, first degree murder charges, etc.

Posted by: Julie at March 30, 2005 12:45 PM

OT and urgent update: The FL Senate has recessed until tomorrow morning at 9:00 without re-voting on Sen. Webster's bill. This is according to staff members for Sen. Alexander, Sen. Lynn, and a few others I talked to in person.

1. Hit the phones, politely. I literally begged for the bill to be re-voted. I think at least some of the staffers are sympathetic to Terri's situation.
2. Pray hard for Terri to survive yet another night without food or water.
3. Pray hard that the courts will grant an emergency stay.
4. Don't let Jeb off the hook. (850) 488-4441.

Posted by: Mary in LA at March 30, 2005 1:01 PM

They won't allow a PET/PEP scan because they'd have to start an IV, which would give her hydration. And Greer Felos & Co. has already decided she's not to be hydrated in any fashion. The law says she has to die.

Isn't this a great country, where the court can say that an innocent person *HAS* to die? (that's sarcasm, in case anyone's missing it)

To say I'm appalled at the judgements that have been rendered in this case is an understatement.

Posted by: T Fisher at March 30, 2005 1:13 PM

Just heard (Fox) Rev.Jackson is in
Tallahassee trying to get someone
from the Black Caucus who voted "No"
to vote to consider the new
"Nutrition & Hydration" Bill.
If only one will do that,Gov.Bush
has said he WILL immediately go in
and take her.So far,none have done
that.( Not just agree,actually DO)
Terri is Alive

Posted by: lynaqua at March 30, 2005 1:28 PM

I am trying to fax the Gov a pretty long letter-his fax line is very very busy

Posted by: alwayschooselife at March 30, 2005 1:30 PM

Come on Jesse Jackson! So all they need to do is re-vote and hopefully it is in favor of Terri and they can go in a get Terri?

Posted by: delphinius at March 30, 2005 1:37 PM

Folks call the phone line of the Governor, it is free.

Posted by: sujata at March 30, 2005 1:42 PM

Well, actually it's a long-distance call to the 850 area code (Tallahassee), but it's money well spent. I don't regret any of the $14.99 telegrams I've sent Jeb, and I'll probably send another one today.

Posted by: Mary in LA at March 30, 2005 1:46 PM

I got through on the fax- it is open now

Posted by: alwayschooselife at March 30, 2005 1:49 PM

If 11th district court agrees to reveiw
the evidence,or if one of the Senator's
who voted "No" last time,will ask to
reconsider the vote,then Gov.Bush can
go in and take her.Hmm,we'll see...
Terri is Alive

Posted by: lynaqua at March 30, 2005 1:51 PM

So right now there are 2 separate things we are waiting to hear on then?

Posted by: delphinius at March 30, 2005 1:55 PM

Mary in LA,

I actually meant, free as in not busy. Sorry for the wrong wording.

Posted by: sujata at March 30, 2005 2:19 PM

What there needs to be done is some kind of "middle ground".
Perhaps a saline IV and Glucose drip. That would replenish the missing fluids from Terri's body, restore some of the energy lost, and (hopefully) leave her healthy enough to go through MRI and PET testing.
The other judges would put both Bushs in jail before they would permit themselves to be seen backing down first. Actually Congress needs to impeach Whitmore as a first step, but that is not going to happen.

Posted by: Jhn'1 at March 30, 2005 2:29 PM

Oh. Yes, of course. D'oh! (Smiting my own forehead)

Posted by: Mary in LA at March 30, 2005 2:34 PM

Speaking of impeachment, maybe a lot of that should happen down there! Check out this information that someone sent to me regarding the people concerned in Terri's life, and the relationships between them. Could we say 'corruption'? Unfortunately, the links won't work on this comment posting area, but the information is pretty much all here:

Myopic Zeal's compilation

I'm taking Myopic Zeal at their word that what's pasted below may be used freely. Please understand that the compilation was made by Myopic Zeal , and all credit is hereby given to them. If anyone can add anything to this list, please either go to Myopic Zeal's blog or e-mail me and I'll get it to them. Everything below is from their blog. I have edited the post below by shortening spaces and by turning longish URLs into simple Click Here links. The actual content is untouched.
(Note: This is a work in progress. Items will be added as more information is gathered. To assist with the case of Terri Schiavo and to help the Schindlers with their continuing efforts, information provided here may be freely used with the condition that Myopic Zeal is credited with the compilation. This is a compilation taken from public records, news accounts, and information provided from a variety of other sources. If you have additional, credible information regarding a cast of characters please communicate with us.)

Disclaimer: This compilation is not intended to imply anything. It is an effort to compile a cast of characters as might be related to the Terri Schiavo case and their relationships as well as events possibly related to the cast. While deemed to be reliable to the best of our knowledge, as with any legal proceeding all information below should be double checked and verified.

Michael Schiavo, husband of Terri Schiavo and a Florida registeredrespiratory therapist and registerd nurse (RN license RN9164785) He was issued his nursing license January 18th, 2000 and its expiration is April 30, 2005 (link via Daily Inklings).

---Living with another woman (Jodi Centonze) who is not his wife and has two children by this woman.

---Hired by Sheriff Everett Rice to work in the Inmates Medical CareDivision of the Pinellas County Jail around October 11th, 2004

---Listed as a director, Jerger & Centonze Insurance Agency, Inc., 2002; an inactive corp.

Jodi Centonze, girlfriend (sometimes called fiancee) of Michael Schiavo and mother of his two children.

---2807 Marrie Ct., Clearwater, Fl 33761 (Note: this is the sameaddress as Jerger & Centonze Insurance Agency, Inc.), legal owner

---Mother is Eleanor Centonze.

Eleanor Centonze, mother of Michael Schiavo’s girlfriend.

---Employed under Rice in the civil division of the Pinellas County Sheriff’sDept. from 1979 until 1999.

---Died in 2004

John Centonze, brother of Michael Schiavo’s girlfriend.

---He has done some media announcements about Terri’s condition for Michael Schiavo.

George J. Felos, lawyer, hired by Michael Schiavo to be his attorney in mid-1997.

---Felos & Felos, 595 Main St., Dunedin, FL 34698. Fax (727) 736-1402

---Felos is a euthanasia advocate and prominent right-to-die attorney.

---Past Chairman of Board of Directors for The Hospice of the FloridaSuncoast.

---Held board position from at least Feb. 13, 1997 to early 2002.

---Founding member of the National Legal Advisors Committee on Choicein Dying.

---Author, “Litigation as Spiritual Practice” (Blue DolphinPublishing, 2002) Excerpts seem to indicate this is a bizarre book.

The Hospice of the Florida Suncoast, Inc, 300 E. Bay Drive, Largo, FL 33770.

---Assets approximately $25.5 million, revenues approx. $8 million, expenses approx. $6 million.

---Files as a 501(c)(03) tax exempt organization.

---Website: www.thehospice.org (based on the treatment Terri Schiavo has received under the care of this hospice organization, caution and reasonable skepticism are advised when reading this site.)

---Operates Woodside Hospice where Terri Schiavo was moved by Michael Schiavo and George Felos without authorization nor proper certification as to terminal illness.

---According to the Hospice:“Woodside, a community-supported hospice house, provides around-the-clock care in a home-like setting for patients who are unable to remain in other living arrangements. Hospice Villas Woodside permit patients and families independent living with professional help close at hand.”

---Re: nursing homes “The Hospice works in partnership with local nursing homes to meet the needs of residents nearing the end of life.”

---Subject of two lawsuits regarding breach of confidentiality with medical records by its for-profit subsidiary, Suncoast Solutions in 2002-03.

Mary Labyak, Executive Director and President, The Hospice of theFlorida Suncoast which oversees Woodside Hospice.

---Current board member of the Hospice of the Florida Suncoast.

---Board member of Partnership for Caring (a direct offspring of the Euthanasia Society of America).
---Board member and treasurer of National Hospice and PalliativeCare Organization (NHPCO)

Dr. Ronald Cranford, M.D. is the neurologist hired by Michael Schiavo.

---Cranford is a renowned euthanasia advocate referring to himself as “Dr. Humane Death.”

---Authored a section in “Intended Death: The Ethics of Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia”. His section addresses the issue of “the physician’s role in killing and the intentional withdrawal of treatment.” (WND article)

Gus Michael Bilirakis, Florida State Representative, 1998-2000 and 2001-2003.

---Board member of The Hospice of the Florida Suncoast.

---Co-sponsor of Florida Bill HB 2131 with addition to Section765.101 ( beginning on line 28 of page 14 of the linked pdf file)

---Member of Elder Care and Long Term Care committee in House, the committee that introduced HB 2131.

---Was a campaign contributor to Judge George Greer.

Barbara Sheen Todd, Pinellas County commissioner during time Judge George Greer was a commissioner in Pinellas County.

---Board member of The Hospice of the Florida Suncoast.

Judge John C. Lenderman, Florida Circuit Court Judge. Pinellas County Judicial Bldg., 545 1st Ave. N., Room 300, St. Petersburg, Fl33701

---Brother of Martha Lenderman

---Appointed judge by Governor in 1992, reelected unopposed to present.

---Hospice of the Florida Suncoast Advisory Board member, 2000

---One of four family certified judges in Florida.


Martha Lenderman, Board member of the Hospice of the Florida Suncoast since 1996.

---Past chairman of the board of the Hospice.

---Board of directors of the U. of South Florida Collaborative for Children, Families, and Communities.

---Principal, Lenderman & Associates.

---Lost in a bid for State Representative (Dem.) in 1998.

---Former state child welfare administrator.

---Board member, 2005, Area Agency on Aging, Pasco & Pinellas counties, Pres. 2003.

---Consultant to the Dept. of Children and Family Services (DCFS) at least during 2001.

---Dept. of Health & Rehabilitative Services (HRS) program supervisor, at least during 1989.

---Was called to testify as a health and human services consultant by the attorney general’s office in 2005 in Holli Bodner hearing on suspension of Bodner’s psychiatrist license. Lenderman testified on behalf of Bodner.

---Lenderman & Associates provided services to Pinellas County commissioners regarding Mental Health and Substance Abuse funding in1999 and 2000

---Email address: lendmar@gte.net

Jonathan Alpert, federal attorney

---Suing the Hospice of Florida Suncoast for patient brokering.

---US Dept. of HHS is currently trying to collect $14.8 million from Suncoast Hospice owed to HHS since 1997.

Carla Sauer Iyer, R.N. employed at Palm Gardens of Largo Convalescent Center from April of 1995 to July 1996 while Terri Schiavo was a patient there.

---Duties included floor nurse supervisor.

---Carla’s affidavit is found here: CLICK HERE

Carolyn Adams, known as “Andy” Adams, LPN at Palm Garden Convalescent Center.

---Had disproportionate number of patients die on her shift according to affidavit of Carla Iyer.

---Was very friendly with Michael Schiavo when working at Palm Garden.

Heidi Law, Certified Nurse Assistant

---Worked at Palm Garden of Largo Convalescent Center from March, 1997 to mid-summer 1997.

---Took care of Terri Schiavo.

---Testified orders for rehabilitation were given for Terri Schiavo but that Michael stopped them.

---Her affidavit is here: CLICK HERE

Palm Garden of Largo Convalescent Center, 10500 Starkey Rd., Largo, Florida 33777. (727) 397-8166

---Terri Schiavo was a resident there until March 2000.

---Part of a chain owned by Florida Convalescent Centers, Inc., 2033 Main St., Suite 300, Sarasota, FL 34237

Everett Rice, former Pinellas County Sheriff, 1988-2004

---Became Florida State Representative, District 54 in Nov. 2004

---Endorsed Judge George Greer for reelection in campaign ads.

---Former board member The Hospice of the Florida Suncoast

---Hired Michael Schiavo while Schiavo’s guardianship proceedings were in the courtroom of his long time friend Judge George Greer.

Judge George W. Greer, Sixth Circuit Court Judge for Pinellas County, elected unopposed in 1992.

---Circuit Court, Pinellas County, Probate Division, 315 Court St., Room 484, Clearwater, FL 33756 Fax (727) 464-5471

---Legally blind.

---Friend of Everett Rice, former sheriff of Pinellas County, FL

---Former Commissioner of Pinellas County, 1984-1992

---Became Terri Schiavo’s caretaker and fact finder under Florida law (meaning advocate and judge). This would appear to be a conflict.

---Judge Greer’s bio is curiously missing from those listed on the sixth circuit website, HERE.

Patricia Anderson, attorney for the Schindlers.

---Filed affidavit saying that [Everett] Rice had told her that he and [Judge George] Greer had discussed the Schiavo case at a ball game the night previous .

---Filed motion requesting Greer recuse himself.

Dr. Victor Gambone, MD, CMD, Terri Schiavo’s attending physician from 1998-2003.

---His name appeared on a paper stating Terri was PVS (permanent vegetative state) but it was never signed by him. This was apparently a fraudulent document.

---During a 2002 medical evidentiary hearing, Dr. Victor Gambone testified that he certified Terri as terminally ill so that she could be placed in Woodside Hospice. When questioned under oath why, he said it was because Michael told him to do so.


---However, it states on the certificate that it is a verbal certification, no signature. This would explain comment above. Must be signed to be valid.

---Testified before Judge Greer that Terri Schiavo was not PVS and was aware of her surroundings.

---Greer had asked Gambone to do an evaluation, but rejected his findings.

---Gambone reportedly worked for George Felos at Woodside Hospice.

---Current president, Florida Medical Directors Association.

Bernie McCabe, elected State Attorney for the Sixth Judicial District in 1992. Office in Clearwater, FL. Covers Pinellas County.

---This is the same district as Judge Greer.

---Responsibilities include investigating abuse charges.

---Refused to investigate various potential felony charges against Michael Schiavo in 2003 under statute 825.103.

---Has repeatedly refused to intervene in the allegations of the abuse of Terri Schiavo.

---McCabe has allegedly been involved in numerous ‘refuse to investigate’ cases. See Mel Sembler.

Dr. Michael Baden, New York forensic pathologist.

---Former chief medical examiner for the City of New York

---Co-director of the Medicolegal Investigation Unit of the New York State Police

---Reversed his view of Terri Schiavo’s condition after examining her bone scans. Those injuries could have happened, Baden continued, from “some kind of trauma. The trauma could be from an auto accident, the trauma could be from a fall, or the trauma could be from some kind of beating that she obtained from somebody somewhere. It’s something that should have been investigated in 1991 . . . and maybe [it was] by police at that time.” (Emphasis added). Source, The Village Voice, Nov. 14, 2003 CLICK HERE

Dr. William Campbell Walker, Doctor who did the original bone scan and the evaluation completed on Mar.5, 1991.

--Walker wrote, “This patient has a history of trauma. The presumption is that the other areas of trauma also relate to previous trauma.”

---Walker’s deposition is here… CLICK HERE

---Walker indicates in his deposition that trauma injuries had occurred.

Dr. Joel S. Prawer, the doctor Michael Schiavo sued.

---The doctor was exonerated of wrong doing but settled at the insistence of his insurance company.

Mitchell Turner, a Florida Dept. of Children and Families investigator.

---Reported alleged felony abuse, neglect, and exploitation of Terri Schiavo. This report was the conclusion of a 60 Day investigation in Nov. and Dec. 2001.

---The report was suppressed by the Department’s legal division.

Dr. Stanton Tripodis, enlisted by Michael Schiavo to provide services for Terri.

---Has five previous malpractice suits against him.
Case no. 97007946C1 filed 11-25-97
Case no. 94003739C1 filed 6-27-94
Case no. 95000873C1 filed 2-14-95
Case no. 96001434C1 filed 3-6-96
Case no. 98002289C1 filed 4-7-98

Jerger & Centonze Insurance Agency, Inc., 2807 Marrie Ct.,Clearwater, FL

---Agency possibly purchased as part of The Jerger Co., Inc., Pinellas Park, FL by Philadelphia Consolidated Holding Corp. for $40 million, 1999.

---Michael R. Schiavo listed as a director in 2002, with same address as above.
---Corp. listed as inactive.

---This address is listed as owned by Jodi A. Centonze in Pinellas County appraisers records.

Senator Jim King, originally upheld the passage of “Terri’s Law.” (S 12 E and H35-E)

---Board member of Woodside Hospice

---Received campaign contributions from Richard M. Jerger, Jr., of Jerger & Centonze Insurance. (Mr. Jerger lived in a different district).

---Called his support of Terri’s Law “The Terri Schiavo vote that I made was probably one of the worst votes that I’ve ever done”

Bishop Robert N. Lynch, Terri’s Catholic bishop.

---According to the Catholic Advocate and others, the legal counsel for both the St. Petersburg and Venice Diocese is DiVito and Higham. Allegedly, Joseph DiVito is a personal friend of Bishop Lynch. The law firm contributed $500 to the re-election campaign of Judge Greer.

---Issued a statement criticized by other Catholic organizations.

Posted by: juleni at March 30, 2005 2:46 PM

Everyone, just letting you know that my sister Maureen has been taken to hospital and is intensive care. Her weight has dropped to about 38 k.g. and it could be cancer. I will have to wait until I hear from family in Melbourne about her condition.

Posted by: Maggie4life at March 30, 2005 3:22 PM

They just denied the appeal

Posted by: alwayschooselife at March 30, 2005 3:23 PM

It is amazing that Felos continues with the bare faced lies. It is not surprising that this latest sham has been exposed so readily.

This case is bringing so much infamy to the USA that people who are sticking up for a possible wife abuser should be ashamed of themselves.

I was hoping that I could go to Mass this morning in the knowledge that there has been a more positive outcome. At this moment I am feeling the bitter disappointment that comes from the knowledge that people are so hard hearted that they think only of themselves and not what is really happening. This comment is directed at both the legislature and the judiciary of your country.

There is something very sinister about this case. I would love to discover exactly why Michael Schiavo's mother and father died. He was the one who pulled the plug on them. I would like to know more about what was wrong with them when they ended up on life support, if it was really life support or if it was also the denial of allowing them to be fed.

Everyone who is investigating this case, all I can say is keep up the good work. You are all doing a great job to ensure justice.

BTW, I saw a rumour that there is a possibility of an action to impeach George Greer over his handling of this case. I would hope that all issues regarding his handling of guardianships is investigated.

I have a post called "something is rotten in the State of Florida" that is an attempt to address the guardianship issues of Pinellas County.

Posted by: Maggie4life at March 30, 2005 3:30 PM

Please make sure that Terri's family demands that a consultant expert forensic pathologist, like Dr. Michael Baden, participates in the autopsy, when and if it occurs!

Posted by: Robert W. Smith MD at March 30, 2005 9:27 PM

Please make sure that Terri's family demands that a consultant expert forensic pathologist, like Dr. Michael Baden, participates in the autopsy, when and if it occurs!

Posted by: Robert W. Smith MD at March 30, 2005 9:28 PM

Wow, Thanks Juleni, obviously you did your homework. Thanks for the Information. I know there are more to it, but sad to know that most are suppressed and sealed. We may will know of them more will be released after Terri's death.

The Autospy that Micheal wanted in the first place is beyond supscion. Why the need to have it done AFTER she is dead? Why not Before and have the test to determine that very fact? He is strange Man, asking for alot of things and possible Fraud and among curious other things that we may never know once Terri has died. But Micheal neglected to know that the paper work of Terri's case will be made Public and Eye Witnesses who heard Micheal say things, will come forward and the Autospy will show hopefully Abuses by Micheal. There will be Fraud Charges against Micheal for misusing Terri's Medical Trust, for sure! I don't know about Attempted Murder on Terri, that is a bit of a stretch and we need to prove Micheal and put him in the same room on that day with Terri specifially in 1990. The Trauma you indicated is very suspicious. I wonder if there is more to it and to the fact why the Courts ignored that. Why? The Trauma has to be investigated by the Police to check out to find out what really happened. Why did they let it go? Or was it Micheal that covered up the Crime really fast so no one would know? But Micheal failed to know that Her Body holds alot of answers and would show abuses...I really hope that Micheal will meet his Maker and will have to face those charges in the near Future. He is Cursed for sure and for the rest of his Family will be cursed. Keep Praying!! It is not over until Terri has passed on. Never know a Miracle that Micheal will give up Terri back to her Parents!!! That will be a Miracle! Keep Pray and TRY SAVE TERRI at all cost...She is fighting as hard as she can. It show great determiniation for her will to LIVE, not to Die by Starvation!!

Micheal will pay for his Crimes sooner or later by God and the Courts, should if they find out that he was lying all along. He better not put a Life Insurance on Terri. What about the Medical Trust of $1.2 Million Dollars that was supposed to be for Terri's Care? What happened to what left over of Balance of $700,000? I heard Micheal misused the money and paid George Felos $400,000. Why use the Medical Trust and pay the Lawyers when it was supposed to be for Terri's Medical Care? That is why it was awarded for Terri in 1992. I am sure Micheal will be faced with Fraud and Misusing the Trust...He has to pay back the Money and use it on Terri. I am sure there are more Lawsuits pending against Micheal by her Parents. I heard that Micheal is looking for Book deals, Movie Deals, what's up with that? Is he sick or what? And his Insurance Company with his Girlfriend Jodi should raise a Red Flag. We should keep a close eye on their Insurance Company to make sure they are not putting a Policy on Terri in any way or form. Once a Crook, will always be a Crook. And that is Micheal Schivao. Jodi probably the same. Who knows? She supported Micheal's decision. If that was me, I would say pack your suitcase, how can you treat a Lady like that? That is not respect. Because it could happen the same way to Jodi. Melt down your Wedding Band and make it for yourself, Micheal? That is selfish thought. Probably had it made for Jodi, eh? Micheal claims he loves Terri, but also told CNN's Larry King Live that he said he can love more than one Person. He is a Bigamist. Never mind all those statements, Micheal will meet God and pay for his sins. May God bless on dear Terri's soul for fighting this HARD to LIVE....

Posted by: momforGod at March 30, 2005 10:50 PM

Yes, we should demand a Netural party to over see the Autospy. We have too many Bias with each other, supporting Micheal's Mob Friends and hush and hush everything up. That is what I fear the most is that the Medical Examiner would favour with Micheal's saying she was in PVS all along.

Everything once Terri has passed on, will be known to the World, and will shed a Light once a Neutral Party will say other wise. Imagine the Test say that she was not in PVS? Such a shocker for Micheal. eh? But seems to be implausible because Micheal "controls" everything, I mean everything from A to Z's. Even after her Death, he is burying her in his Family Spot in Pennsylavia. I guess he will still control her remains no matter what. That is what a Classic Abuser does, is to have possessive Control over his Wife including her Body. I have lived with my Ex Husband for almost 5 years and he is very Controlling, even to the way I eat and drive or whatever. I am GLAD I left the Relationship and divorce him!! I am more happy and SAFE from my Ex Husband. He said he would Kill me some day. Does that sound familiar? Micheal is killing Terri, that is what a Classic Abuser would do. It shows that Terri's Body is Mine, but no Body's BUT MINE!! That is why Micheal is refusing her Parents to even visit her Burial Spot!

Posted by: momforGod at March 30, 2005 11:04 PM