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March 16, 2005

On the matter of Terri Schiavo's last days

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According to Jared at Exultate Justi, his feelings toward the issues in Terri's case progressed through several stages as her case worked its way through the courts and across the stage of the mainstream press. It's a good post - read where he landed.

- Exultate Justi

I suppose that, as this case has worked its way through the courts, and across the stage of the mainstream press, I've progressed through several stages in my feelings toward the issues involved.

When I first heard of the matter, I was slightly sympathetic toward Terri's husband, Michael. After all, I'm very much in favor of the concept of a living will, and find the prospect of being kept alive by machines to be rather repulsive. If it's my time to go, then let me go.

Upon reading a bit more about Terri's case, however, my mind began to change. First, I learned of the insurance settlement that Michael Schiavo stands to collect upon his wife's death. Then, I read of his long-standing relationship with another woman, by whom he'd fathered a child. Schiavo's refusal to simply divorce Terri, and leave her in the care of her willing parents becomes all the more suspicious when one considers the fact that, should he divorce Terri before she died, he'd not see a penny of the money he now stands to collect.

My mind was also changed in reading about Terri's parents' suspicions that she had been abused by Michael, and in learning that, since she first collapsed more than a decade ago, she has never once been offered the kinds of therapy that dozens of neurologists believe would allow her to feed herself.

I have switched sides on the issue because this woman hasn't been given a chance.

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Posted by richard at March 16, 2005 5:58 PM

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According to Jared at Exultate Justi, his feelings toward the issues in Terri's case progressed through several stages as her case worked its way through the courts and across the stage of the mainstream press. It's a good post - read where he landed. [Read More]

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I just don't get it. Here is a woman who breathes on her own. She has not had therapy, she has not had an MRI, so nobody knows if she can get better. I personally think she can. My granddaughter is brain damaged. Has been since before birth. She is on a feeding tube, always has been. Not one doctor has ever suggested that we let her starve, or that she is as good as she can get. She is non-verbal, like Terri. But....she is "in there" like Terri. Just because someone cannot communicate their thoughts and feelings doesn't mean they don't exist. What hypocrites we are if we let this happen. We would be under the jail as committing the most terrible crime if we pulled the feeding tube on this child, but we can do this to a 41 year old woman without reservation. THIS is our justice? Michael should be removed as her guardian and let those who love her care for her. Her parents should have the right to speak for. In fact if she were a child, they would be expected to. A feeding tube is a minor thing. It's something that provides nourishment until that person can be taught to eat again. What's next, quadraplegics? Are we going to murder anyone who becomes inconvenient? Don't we owe Terri the same chance we owed Christopher Reeve ....who incidentally was kept alive on a ventilator. What has our society become that we allow people to murder those who are less than perfect. Have people become so disposable to us? Incidentally, starving to death is something we wouldn't do to a convicted criminal because it is painful and agonizing.......why not just give her a lethal injection if we are bent on killing this victim of an illness. We owe Terri her life and a chance to be what she can be...at least the therapy and treatment to try. God will take her when HE says it's time, not when Michael or a judge say so.

Posted by: mkb at March 21, 2005 5:12 PM

How long can you hold on, she's been like this for how long?

Posted by: lg at March 21, 2005 5:51 PM

There is a patient in Windsor who is a US
citizen that is going through the same situation with her Canadian husband and family. He refused her the care she needed after her stroke even though she had insurance coverage that would have covered the costs. He had fund raisers and did not give any of the money toward her medical care. He is awaiting a large malpractice suit. Guess what is going to happen to her after the settlemen?

He sold her home to so she could not return to the home she loved. No one has been able to help her so it is comforting to know that there is so much support for Terri.

Please let the public know more about what happened to Terri and her husbands settlement. Didn't he promise the jury that he would take care of her the rest of her life and spend all the money on her rehabilitation.

What facts and issues can help support removing her husband from being her guardian?

Please give the public all the facts
and information regarding her husbands i.e. settlement, his role in her care, his girlfriend and the child he has with his girlfriend, and everything that could also be a wake up call to others to understand how important it is that people put their medical and financial needs in the hands of someone that they can trust!

There is so much technology and equipment out there that might give Terri a better quality of life. Hopefully, she will be afforded this opportunity.

Terri has has been blessed with all of you being her guardian angels.!

Posted by: OWC at March 21, 2005 6:57 PM