March 22, 2005

Michael Schiavo of Tom Delay: "He's a slithering snake"

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I was surprised to read in WorldNetDaily that Tom Delay is not Michael Schiavo's favorite person. Can't imagine why.

- WorldNetDaily

Schiavo described U.S. House Majority Leader Tom Delay, who led the effort to extend Terri's life, as a "little slithering snake" pandering for votes.

Read the entire eye-opening article.

Posted by richard at March 22, 2005 9:30 PM

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Terri would have died if man did not selfishly intervene and put the feeding tube in. She will die of a electrolyte imbalance before she starves to death. People make these decisions on a daily basis in hospitals across the country, are you going to make all of them go to congress and be forced to do what complete strangers think????????? don;t take my rights away because you don't agree. Stop judging a situation based on media, internet and hearsay. Until your in someone elses shoes, don't pass judgement.

Posted by: susan at March 22, 2005 9:49 PM

Delay is, actually, pretty scummy.

MS v Delay is like Skeletor v Darth Vader. The only interesting part is trying to figure out which is which.

Posted by: jpe at March 22, 2005 9:50 PM

Dr. Ronald Cranford was just on Hannity & Colmes, and his appearance was amazing.


Cranford is one of the chief witnesses against Terri's life, claiming that she's PVS and that she can never get any better.

The good doctor blinked. He blinked and he blinked. His eyelids were moving a mile a minute as he told us his side of the story. Then Hannity grilled him - the blinking continued. Hannity got him to admit that Terri had never had an MRI and that she could have been given one, but wasn't. More blinking. Hannity asked him if he advocated starving PVS and Alzheimer's patients to death. More blinking as he said that yes, he wrote an article like that. At the end, the doctor was flustered, tripping over his words as he tried to tell us exactly why Terri should die.

I have never, ever seen a guest so nervous on Hannity & Colmes before. This guy is LYING, I tell you! If he was telling the truth about Terri, why would he have been so nervous? And why was Dr. Hammesfahr, who was on the show last night, so calm and cool?


Posted by: JWL at March 22, 2005 9:50 PM


You say that it's "selfish" for us to try to heal sick patients or keep disabled people alive? I guess we should no longer "selfishly" treat anyone with AIDS, since they are just going to die anyway, huh? We should just starve them and decrease the surplus population.

And cancer, hey, sometimes people don't survive cancer. Low chance of survival if the cancer is caught late. Starve them, too, right?

BTW, since when are Terri's father, mother, brother and sister "complete strangers" to Terri?

Posted by: JWL at March 22, 2005 9:54 PM

If anyone's interested I added a video clip of Carla Sauer Iyer's interview on Hannity and Colmes. She was terminated from her job after filing a complaint with the police department regarding alleged wrong doings on the part of Michael Schiavo regarding his wife, Terri.

Posted by: Donna at March 22, 2005 10:00 PM


Posted by: JoMarley at March 22, 2005 10:00 PM

Sheesh. Michael barred visitors from seeing Terri for years, then complain nobody know the color of his wife's eyes? Give me a break. :P

Posted by: Jane at March 22, 2005 10:02 PM

These decision are made in Hospitals everyday about critically ill people...Terri is not sick! Big difference.
Her family is not able to feed her with a spoon. The judge has forbidden it.

No tube, no spoon, even if she asks for it.

Posted by: JoMarley at March 22, 2005 10:03 PM


THis is just my point. THere is no cure for Terri!

Sure we can cure certain cancers, treat HIV (not cure it) but you can;t make someone who is brain damaged return to normal function. Her husband put her in intense PT and even tried to have electrodes stimulate brain activity, but oh, wait, he is evil, an abuser and a terrorist as some of you say. Most of the limited information you are being exposed to is biased and inaccurate.

DOnt you realize everyday people decide this very same decision with their loved ones. IT is hard but the parents are the ones who aren't ready to let go, Yes, they are selfish. Let her go in peace!

Posted by: Susan at March 22, 2005 10:12 PM

Susan, you are right, man did selfishly put in that feeding tube in, and his name is Michael Schiavo. Nurses were able to feed her until her (gag) husband told them to stop and had the tube put in. Funny now he wants it out. See their stories on http://www.blogsforterri.com/archives/2005/03/nurse_terri_can.php

They signed affidavits attesting to this information.

The legislation is only guaranteeing Terri gets a voice (her own lawyer and advocate). Please read up on the bill. It will not affect others in the same way as Terri, unless you, too, have a guardian who is depriving you of normal rehabilitation, unlimited family contact as well as nutrition and hydration(by 'artificial' AND oral means) AND your court case is heard by a either a completely clueless or totally corrupt and morally bankrupt judge. Otherwise, you should be fine.

Most of us out here in blogland know how she will die, if this continues. The DEHYDRATION causes the electrolyte imbalance which starts multi-system organ failure. Try going a day or two without eating. Not painless.

I don't know what hospitals you have in your area, but most of 'these decisions made on a daily basis' involve TERMINAL patients (as opposed to ONLY being disabled) at the end of their life. Some have living wills, some don't. I have never seen one (and I work in a hospital) where ONLY the husband made the choice. It has always been a FAMILY situation, to include as many immediate family members as can be present. Gee, maybe that's why the doctors refer to it as a 'family meeting.'

The hearsay is the evidence regarding her alleged 'right to die' wish. The media, well, they mostly are presenting the brain-dead-she-needs-to-die argument that you apparently have swallowed.

And your last point, as for not passing judgment until you are in someone else's shoes, I guess we will have to get rid of jury trials. How can we possibly expect someone to be able to judge if someone is a murderer unless they committed murder themselves?

Posted by: I hope at March 22, 2005 10:19 PM

Thank goodness for House Majority Leader Tom DeLay! I ♥ him! Good for him! He is the good guy in this situation for sure!

God bless Tom DeLay!

Posted by: Ruth at March 22, 2005 10:31 PM

You are SO WRONG !
Brain Injured people can make remarkable recoveries...the brain can rewire it self in ways we do not yet understand. Stroke victims are brain injured and they make recoveries.

Terri's opportunity for Rehab therapies was forbidden by Michael from 1993 to present.
in 1991, Terri was learning to walk again by holding herself up on parallel bars for support....I will tell you from an insider, that is rather advanced therapy. Michael ended it !

If it is evil that causes disease and injury....then we must decide if we will abandon our afflicked fellow man once he has become a victim or we can love them back with knowledge and patience and hope. It takes courage to Love that boldly...Michael just did not have it. The Schindlers did....Hundred of thousands of recovered brain injured people have been love d that boldly. Visit NotDeadYet.com

Michael IS obeying his marraige vows..'til death do we part" He said he made Terri a promise..thus he is making sure she dies before he remarries.

Another point, If he broke every other promise he evermade to her...why the obsession with fulfilling this one?

Sure Terri wouldn't want to live like she is..WHo would? Her life stykle was barren and void of any liberties. The remedy is not to KILL her, but rather to CHANGE her situation! That was something only Michael could do.. just remember that, It was Michael's wish that she live in her deprived consitions...NO Rehab would have dehumanized her in isolation klike she is.

Terri's G-d does not desireth death....just know that . It is not her Lord who is moving this death machine....he would have her live and be reborn anew to experience recovery in His name.

I am vengence saith the Lord.

Posted by: JoMarley at March 22, 2005 10:55 PM

I have given you both life and death. You should always choose life....Deuteronomy

Posted by: JOMarley at March 22, 2005 10:59 PM

Dietmar: - What machine? Terri has not been 'hooked up' to any 'machine.' She had a feeding tube in place (which has been removed), and no other artificial assists of any kind. There is testimony that she is capable of receiving food orally (i.e. the 'normal' way), but Judge Greer has also forbidden any attempt to give this ordinary and, under 'normal' circumstances, compulsory level of care.

As for her being a 'human vegetable' (horrible expression!), there is plenty of testimony (which I invite you to examine) accessible from this blog that she is awake, aware, responsive and even capable of limited vocalisation.

It's not about 'letting' Terri die. Judge Greer, Michael Schiavo and George Felos are CAUSING her to die.

Posted by: Edward at March 22, 2005 11:00 PM

I cant imagine what it must be like for Terri's parents, they can go in to see their daughter but they cant give her anything even if she begs them for it.

Posted by: adrienne at March 22, 2005 11:01 PM

Did anyone think Nancy Reagan was selfish or wanted publicity because she took care of her husband til the end of his natural life? He had alzheimers which still has no cure. I guess we should have offed him early on in his diagnosis.
But no, his wife was selfish, loving him and caring for him daily at home.

And as we are all made in the image and likeness of God, trying to get rid of one of what some people are considering 'the least of these', is like hurting God himself. The Common Room blog quoted Proverbs 24:11-12 which states:
11Rescue those who are being dragged to death, and from those tottering to execution withdraw not. 12 If you say, "I know not this man!" does not he who tests hearts perceive it? He who guards your life knows it, and he will
repay each one according to his deeds.

Repay each one according to his deeds. Hmm. Gives one something to think about.

And for all the anti-life people posting, DO YOU NOT SEE THE NAME OF THIS BLOG? It is called BlogsforTerri for a reason. Go spew your hatred elsewhere.

Posted by: I hope at March 22, 2005 11:16 PM

Yeah, and when I was a baby I almost could have died but that selfish mother of mine actually put her BREAST in my mouth! Ew! Can you believe it? Yeah Mom was one sick pup and would have been much better off just letting nature take its course. Actually, my Dad's been talking about starving ~her~ for a couple of years now, but we can't agree on what she would have wanted when she had her full faculties, back before retirement rotted her brain and left her unable to do anything but pointless reflexive activities like mah jongg and shuffleboard. I could have sworn she told me she prefers to go on living, but her cell phone was breaking up, besides which Dr. Gonzo down at their new Medicare HMO said it was probably just a vegetative reflex. So maybe my Dad's right after all. Ah well. When it's time to go, it's time to go.

Posted by: Pauline at March 23, 2005 12:07 AM

Continued prayers for Terri

Posted by: Ruth at March 23, 2005 1:00 AM

A hospice is a facility for end of life patients, typically with 6 months or less to live. Exactly how many YEARS has Terri been there?

This blog is for Terri (remember her?), not for those against the war, or the republican party, or Bush, or poverty or whatever. You have NO idea what other issues we may be involved in or care about.

What we are 'whining' about is the FORCED starvation (no feeding tube, nothing by mouth) of a healthy disabled woman by a MAN with dubious motives. Not the daily caretakers or volunteers, but her so-called guardian who has spent more effort trying to KILL her than trying to improve her. She had been progressing well down the track, until he decided she was better off being thrown in front of the train.

Perhaps we should require hospice care for terminal stupidity. I think there may be a room available for you.

Posted by: I hope at March 23, 2005 1:03 AM

ignu what are you talking about? I voted for Nader. There's more to life than politics.

My mother, a nurse, was involved with the early development of the AIDS hospice movement on the West Coast in the 1980s. A hospice is a place for people who are dying. Providing a place for people who are honestly dying is not the same as taking living people into the places, killing them, and then excusing murder by saying "but it's a place for the dying!"

The perversion of the hospice movement is one of the biggest and most frightening consequences of this case.

Posted by: Elizabeth at March 23, 2005 1:04 AM

Oh, is that so, ignu? A hospice is a place where people go to be STARVED to death? That's very interesting. I thought it was a place for terminal patients to be cared for until they die - not a place where terminal patients are murdered. And since Terri isn't terminal, she doesn't belong there. She should be at home with her parents.

And I love your point about the war on terror. Are you saying that Terri should be killed as "revenge" for the Iraq War and Abu Ghraib? I won't bother to explain how the 100,000 number is bogus or get into the wonders of socialist ultra-crappy health 'care' in Canada. But are you ACTUALLY attempting to make the point that we should allow Terri to die because you don't like Republican policies?!

Posted by: JWL at March 23, 2005 1:07 AM

Well said JWL; except on the last part about health care, I don't know anything about Canada but the U.S. health system is part of this deplorable crime, and there does need to be some examination of how our system of rationing based on ability to pay and health care as a business in general. I think we've got this big taboo on admitting that money is a factor in the care people get. Look at Michael Schiavo and his settlement monies. A lot of our opponents have pointed out the fact that he has poured the money back into legal issues with Terri, so maybe he's not so bad. Bad logic, sympathy for the devil - absolutely. But it's considered uncivilized to say anything about money, to admit that money is sometimes an object in people's lives. 'Cause this is America and there's plenty of money to go around right?

A lot of people are becoming concerned that forced euthanasia will dovetail with ability to pay issues. How's that for terrifying and unjust. A book I've read recently that exposes a lot of these issues is Forced Exit by Wesley J. Smith.

But don't get me wrong I don't just think this is a side effect of evil capitalism or whatever. I think the Dutch have socialized medicine and that carries its own dangers too.

Posted by: Elizabeth at March 23, 2005 1:25 AM

Sorry for multiple postings of this in different threads...I'm still waiting for an answer:

Since when was eating and drinking (food and water) considered artificial means to stay alive?

Posted by: Rebecca at March 23, 2005 9:11 AM

How sweet, Ignu the troll is back.

Keep politics out of this. We're not talking about the war in Iraq, this is about Terri,... sheesh...

Posted by: Sirena at March 23, 2005 11:03 AM