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March 19, 2005

Message To Michael From Reader In Italy

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We received the following email from Dr. Luigi Schiavo in Italy.

I was born in southern Italy and our family name is pronounced like "skiavo" not "shiavo"; the "h" is there to make the "c" hard. I pray for this women and her husband Michael; but cringe every time I hear the press mispronounce my family's wonderful and proud name. Obviously Michael does not know how to speak Italian.

Consider this a public service message. Not only does Michael say his own name wrong - it seems that there are a lot of other things that he gets very wrong also, or maybe he just doesn't get it, period.

Another reader(Rosemarie) writes: Actually, the proper Italian pronunciation of "Schiavo" would be something like "ski-AH-voh". Three syllables, not two.

So it's Michael Ski-AH-voh. I wonder if Michael knows?

Posted by richard at March 19, 2005 8:55 AM

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Are you insane? The pronunciation is the Americanized version of an Italian word (much like the way I say my own Italian last name). It's like the way Americans say spaghetti or mozzarella. Why did I even respond to your insane ranting about Michael not being able to speak Italian? HE'S AMERICAN, duh, and like most (myself NOT included) probably speaks ONLY ENGLIGH! It’s a very big country. Give us a break!

Posted by: scott at March 19, 2005 9:13 AM

Maybe I'm wrong, but wasnt her case retried when evidence was presented to an appeals court judge that updated medical technology could be used to diagnose this woman? Didn't that case end in the same result? Why is it that so many judges have come to the same conclusion on how this case should be decided? Why is it that we as a nation cry like children when the legal remedy suddenly doesn't fit perfectly with our morals and values? The more this case is presented in the media, the more it divides us as a nation and becomes a podium from which right to lifers and pro-choice supporters can continue their age-old debate? Yours was just a blog that I read that, like so many others, grabs the facts that supports your own position yet ignores the facts that contradict it. This case has been decided again, and again, and again. Why must the suffering continue. These families must all put this to rest and celebrate her life instead of lamenting their legal losses. Look at the fils of the Boston woman who fought a similar battle a decade ago. There is little difference between the two. Every claim that was being made by the family as the days came to an end (abuse, greed, miracle cures were available,etc) were made to no avail. The result here will also be the same, but hopefully her family will find a way to continue.

Posted by: Brian at March 19, 2005 9:35 AM


We as a nation cry like children when the legal outcome doesn't fit with morals and values beacuse that means JUSTICE HAS BEEN DENIED. The law must be based on justice (which is the application of Scriptural morality to the law) otherwise the law is merely tyranny at that point. You know, "endowed by our Creator with certain inalienble rights...".

You know, "Equal JUSTICE under the law".

The Founders rightly understood that Blackstone, Montesquieu, Locke, et al were right in that the Scriptures are the foundation of justice and the law, and to divorce the law from the scriptures would result in tyranny, the very tyranny they were fighting to end (you know, "no king but King Jesus").

All we want is justice for Terri. The laws protecting her have been violated. Her 14th amendment rights have been trampled. And if it can happen to her, it can happen to any one of us, including YOU. This is not justice; it is tyranny.

Terri is precious, Terri is alive, Terri is alert and responsive, Terri is not a vegetable.

Posted by: Bryan at March 19, 2005 9:43 AM

Hey, If an Italian born Schiavo says we should pronounce it Skiavo, I say we should to it and annoy the &#@**# out of Michael. Terri needs a divorce anyway, and she needs to take back her German name Schindler.

Believe me, it feels good. I just shed my ex-husband's Czech name and retook my English last name this week. Life is brighter :-)

Posted by: Suzanne. at March 19, 2005 10:02 AM

PS --- Since Michael Schiavo/Skiavo can't even speak Italian, can we have him ruled PVS?

Posted by: Suzanne. at March 19, 2005 10:04 AM


OMG, applying scriptural morality to the law!!!! Therein lies the essence of the entire problem. Whose scriptures? The Christian's? This is just plain ole scary. If that was the case, all adulters should be jailed, all who worship graven images should be jailed. I, for one, don't ever want that to happen, even though I may not personally agree with either. (Both are just stupid!).

Posted by: scott at March 19, 2005 10:19 AM


I do not wish to be unkind, bu you are simply ignorant of the history of the founding of this country and the roots of the Constitution. There is a "RIGHT TO LIFE" because the Founders relied on the Holy Scriptures! This is established FACT and not merely my opinion. You know, "In God We Trust".
Oh, and by the way, the 1st amendment doesn't even include "separation of church and state".
The problem here is a runaway judiciary and the ACLU folks who seem to think that the US was founded as a secular nation. (It wasn't.) This is why Terri is about to be starved to death.

Posted by: Bryan at March 19, 2005 10:27 AM

Which one of you would starve your pet to death if it takes two weeks to die???????

A society is judged by the way they treat their weakest.

Which one of you would want your life/death decision made by a spouse that is living in adultery when he/she is making that decision for you?

Posted by: sujata at March 19, 2005 11:16 AM

Jim: Your statement is not accurate. Slaves (not "blacks") were to be "COUNTED" as 3/5's of a person. Remember, there were many black freemen in the North. (Slaves were deemed property). At any rate, the terrible injustice of slavery was corrected, wasn't it? Why? Because JUSTICE prevailed. The concept of "all men are created equal" is from the Bible.
Nobody said the Constitution is perfect, but the right to life is simple. Just because YOU are unable/unwilling to understand a simple concept doesn't make it complex.
Terri is not a slave. She is deserving of the Constitutional protections of the 14th amendment. She has NOT been given the due process of or equal PROTECTION under the law--she hasn't even had her own attorney!
This is about Terri's rights, given by "nature's God", inalienable. The function of government is to protect people and their rights, NOT take them away.

Posted by: Bryan at March 19, 2005 11:26 AM

What I hate is that Terri owned by a person who calls himself "husband". As in the Scott Peterson case, the husband is to be the protector of the wife, not the killer.

Michael Schiavo= Scott Peterson, but worse. Much worse.

Dead women don't talk about physical abuse.

Michael Schiavo, how come you were not in bed with your wife at 4:30 am when she "fell"?

I don't know of any husbands that are not in bed with their wives at 4:30 am. Do you? You weren't working at that time. She was.

And bulimics don't spontaneously vomit in the middle of the night, as you Michael Schiavo, have claimed.

Posted by: Ruth at March 19, 2005 12:09 PM

I should have listened to my mom. She said if School is pronounced Skool then Schiavo must be Skiavo, right?
That being said, I wouldn't want to be a Schiavo, Greer, or Felos.

Posted by: tab at March 19, 2005 12:18 PM


I came to the USA when I was 13 and I am now 62. Served in the USAF in Vietnam from 1964 to 1966 in C-130s. I was an Indonesian-Malay linguist and still speak the language.

I speak perfect English as well about 5 other languages. I guess I am just a stickler for perfection where written and spoken language is concerned.

In case those of you who don't know Italian; "Schiavo" means "slave".

Thanks to all of those you agreed with me. This man doesn't deserve respect or has he demonstarted love for his wife since has other children with another woman.

OBTW spaghetti is said properly by every American I ever met.

I am not insane just intelligent and erudite.

Posted by: Dr. Luigi Schiavo, Ph.D., D.Sc. at March 19, 2005 12:22 PM


Your so-called "reasoning" is torturous.

It was JUSTICE that caused the 13th amendment to become law!

Terri has NOT had due process because she has never had her own attorney.

Educate yourself. Read "Schaivogate:The Big Cover-Up" here:


THEN tell me Terri had "due process".

Posted by: Bryan at March 19, 2005 12:24 PM

If the US Marshals will not enforce Congressional Subpoenas, then perhaps it is time for the Florida National Guard to do so.

According to the FNG History on its website: "Eighteen times between 1965 and 1985 the Guard was called for service in such situations. A few of those calls were precautionary; Guardsmen were employed to help plan for the contingency of violence, as during major rock music festivals, but most were calls to help quell major riots. The Liberty City riots of May 1980 required the deployment of thousands of Florida Guardsmen. Some rioters and looters died, and fires destroyed much private property. It is occasions such as these that a well trained and led Guard performs its most dangerous and necessary state function. And busy is hardly an adequate word to describe the Florida Guard’s state active service during the first half of the year 1980. Never, in any state at any time, has a state National Guard performed so much active state duty, computed as man-days of service, as the Florida National Guard between January and July of 1980, during the Cuban refugee boatlift and the Liberty City riots."

Riots? Boat Lifts? Rock Music Festivals? Then why not have THEM enforce the Congressional Subpoenas if the US Marshal Office will not?

Robert W. Smith MD

Posted by: Robert W. Smith MD at March 19, 2005 12:54 PM


Actually, the proper Italian pronunciation of "Schiavo" would be something like "ski-AH-voh". Three syllables, not two.

In Jesu et Maria,

Posted by: Rosemarie at March 19, 2005 2:46 PM

Brian (not Bryan) is right. Terri's case has been seen by 17 judges in 6 courts. It is the number one most litigated case of its kind, ever, in American history.

Those who try to limit this to "one rogue judge" are merely being argumentative, and they don't realize their entire position is undermined when the facts come out.

Posted by: HouseFlair at March 19, 2005 3:21 PM


Be that as it may, you misunderstood my comment, that applying the scriptures to the law is scary, not that it had not been done. However, last time I read the 10 commandments there was something in there about graven images, yet I seem to recollect the freedom of religion (idol or otherwise) being in the Bill of Rights. How does that compute? The laws are based on the scriptures, not taken from the scriptures, lets make that clear.

So while perhaps it is true that the original constitution did not contain specific language regarding the separation of church and state it was amended, much like that of slavery or women’s right to vote. Stating that it was not in the original Bill of Right is just plain ridiculous. A drink of beer was one legal, then illegal and then legal again. Does the scripture ban booze? Maybe they took that one from the Koran.

It’s only a matter of time, before this United States removes “In God We Trust” from monetary system, much the way that it removed prayer from our schools.

Posted by: Scott at March 19, 2005 5:27 PM

I think it would help our credibility if we would focus our criticisms on Schiavo's behavior towards Ms. Schiavo, not trivial matters like how he pronounces his own name.

Posted by: JohnMcG at March 20, 2005 11:01 AM