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March 2, 2005

Making Food and Water Life Support: Who had the law changed and why?

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The Hapless Misadventures of the Pinellas County Court System keeps getting stinkier and stinkier and scarier and scarier. Michael Schiavo's attorney George Felos took his case and then filed the petition to introduce HB 2131 in 1999. Then the law in Tallahassee gets changed. Then the Schiavo case gets heard. In that order.

In April 1999 - House Bill 2131 was introduced in the Florida legislature by the Florida Elder Affairs & Long-Term Care Committee to amend Section 765 (Civil Rights) of the Florida Statutes. The amendments to Section 765.101 were the legal definition of "life prolonging procedures" to add: "INCLUDING ARTIFICIALLY PROVIDED SUSTENENCE AND HYDRATION, WHICH SUSTAINS, RESTORES, OR SUPPLANTS A SPONTANEOUS VITAL FUNCTION". It becomes law on October 1, 1999.(update) HB 2131 actually never made it out of the House however a very similar bill, S 2228 , which included the same language, passed both houses and was signed by Governor Bush on June 10, 1999.

Who lobbied for changing the law to make food and water be defined as "artificial" life support in 1999?

HB 2131 GENERAL BILL by Elder Affairs & Long-Term Care (HFC); Argenziano; (CO-SPONSORS) Heyman; Sobel; Reddick; Fiorentino; Bilirakis; Littlefield; Kosmas; Bitner; Jacobs; Levine; Bloom.

David Allen contacted the Clerk of The Florida House and was informed that "Bilirakis" was Representative "Gus Michael Bilirakis" (terms 1998 - 2000 and 2001 - 2003).

Note that the hospice where Terri Schiavo has been held is operated by Suncoast Hospice. Rep. Gus Michael Bilirakis lists himself on the Suncoast Hospice Board of Directors - along with George Felos who filed the suit in the summer of 1998 to withdraw food and water form Terri Schiavo. Who else has also been on that Board?

Our good ole boy judge has worked side by side as county commissioner with Barbara Sheen Todd (county commissioner) for eight years. Barbara Sheen Todd is on the board of, you guessed it, the hospice where Terri Schiavo is kept prisoner by her husband, Michael Schiavo, who lives with another woman that he has two children with.

Also, Judge Greer's fellow judge, Judge John Lenderman is the brother of Martha Lenderman, also on the, you got it, the same hospice board.

Perhaps other legislators as well were seeking this change!

Was HB 2131 (in 1999) "enabling" legislation specifically sought by George Felos to allow him to withdraw food & water from Terri Schiavo with the State's blessing?

What is the connection between Suncoast Solutions and Hospice?

Talk show host David Allen intends to find out.

Bloggers, we need to swarm this a little to help David get the issue the traction it deserves.

Posted by richard at March 2, 2005 11:44 AM

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Now ex-Sheriff Rice was on the the fundraising arm of Hospice of the Florida Suncoast, Inc. at one time.

Posted by: Juan Schoch at March 2, 2005 12:06 PM

So now we know that Felos' whole approach to this has been to change the laws first to accept euthanasia then to waltz Schiavo's wishes right through the courts...uninterrupted. He was not bargaining on the tenacity of the Schindlers,though that's for sure. What are the legalistic consequences of what Felos did.....It surely demonstrates the depth of intent and extreme organization inherent in Felos' plan...but is it illegal in any way..?

Question ...has Felos ever met Terri....I mean, come on , all these legal eagles are in that court room claiming this and that about Terri and her void of capabilities and it is my understanding that they have never even met Terri...Greer, Felos, even some of their medical team ..Never have met her..yet they know so much about her, hmmmm? They have never met me either..some one could give false testimony about me ...and come knocking on my door without me in the court room....correct? Or would I be given the the right to appear...why me and not Terri.....is my ability to chew and swallow the magic determiner..I mistakenly thought that being a HUMAN WITH UNALIENABLE RIGHTS enabled allof us to the rights od due process and counsel. We are spending billions topave the way for the democratic process in Iraq, losing milatary lives to grant freedon=m of life and liberty for Iraqis ...yet Terri, an American adult ....get's treated how????? ...and why?????

Has Michael, the nurse, ever worked (for more than a few months) in a rehab facility..has he ever personally experienced working longterm on enabling a person from incapacity to capacity...? I bet not, therefore he does not know the whole reality of the situation either
They really do have a death-drive, don't they?

Can anything be done about the legislation being manipulated to enable Terris death? Clearly Felos had a hidden agenda all while he nursed the legislation...my question is...so what? What can we do about it?

Posted by: JoMarley at March 3, 2005 6:47 AM