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March 29, 2005

Governor Bush Holds 'Supreme Executive Power' -- Florida Constitution Holds The Key to Saving Terri Schiavo's Life


Governor Jeb Bush and the Florida state legislature have lamented that there is nothing more they can do to stop the taking of Terri Schiavo's life. However, the Florida constitution states that the governor holds supreme executive power. Furthermore, the Florida House of Representatives has the constitutional authority to impeach Judge George Greer who has been accused by many of judicial misconduct in the Terry Schiavo case.

"Governor Bush needs to read the Florida Constitution," Thomas Jones, spokesman for the Constitution Party of Georgia explained. "It outlines the extent of his powers. Article IV, Section 1 states that 'the supreme executive power shall be vested in a governor... The governor shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed...' If Bush needed permission from the courts to intervene, then his power could not be considered supreme. But will he use his authority to intervene and save Terri's life? He must, for he is bound by oath of office and the constitution demands he execute the laws of the state - including protecting Terri from Judge Greer's travesty of justice."

Constitution Party of Georgia State Chairman Ricardo Davis observed, "Likewise in Article III Section 17 state judges 'shall be liable to impeachment for misdemeanor in office... The Speaker of the House of Representatives shall have power at any time to appoint a committee to investigate charges against any officer subject to impeachment.' Given the allegations against Judge Greer, it is astounding that the House of Representatives hasn't challenged Greer by starting an impeachment investigation."

Davis continued, "Section 17 further reads that a judge 'impeached by the House of Representatives shall be disqualified from performing any official duties until acquitted by the Senate, and, unless impeached, the governor may by appointment fill the office until completion of the trial.' So if the Florida House of Representatives impeached Greer then Governor Bush could immediately replace Greer on the court. With such powerful constitutional mechanisms, why is Terri's sentence of death still being executed?

There is still time to act. "We urge every citizen to contact Governor Bush, Speaker Bense, and state Senator Tom Lee," Jones noted. "We must demand that immediate action be taken to have Terri's feeding tube restored. Rather than cower under Greer's gruesome judgments they must act now to challenge him and remove him from the bench if necessary!"

Press Release: Constitution Pary of Georgia

Posted by tim at March 29, 2005 12:09 PM

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I sent a telegram yesterday to Jeb Bush to at least start oral feeding.

Is there any contact info for Speaker Bense and Senator Tom Lee. Thanks for the help.

Posted by: sujata at March 29, 2005 12:24 PM

It won't happen. This is a democracy, not a kingdom.

Posted by: Leo Wong at March 29, 2005 12:32 PM

US Senators etc: see

Posted by: I hope at March 29, 2005 12:38 PM

Senator DeLay contact info:

Posted by: I hope at March 29, 2005 12:44 PM

I've been saying all along that I believed the governor to be the chief law enforcement officer in his state, with the single exception of the sheriff, who is above anyone in the world within the perameters of his county. That's why I've been asking if the sheriff was in on chasing Bush's people off, or was it just the police. Does anyone know????

Posted by: mary et. al. at March 29, 2005 12:49 PM

The sheriff's department was in on keeping Bush's people out.

Posted by: imtoast at March 29, 2005 12:58 PM

REp. Bense: (850) 488-1450
Sen. Lee: (850) 487-5072

The staffer at Rep. Bense's office asked me what state I was calling from, which suggests to me that Floridians may have an edge here.

Sen. Tom Lee's voicemail is still accepting messages. It has a message to everyone who has been calling his office about the Terri Schiavo case, to the effect that he supported the legislation that went before the Florida Senate.
(So be nice, now! :-) )

Posted by: Mary in LA at March 29, 2005 12:59 PM

This was reported in the San Jose Mercury News (3/26/05):
"For a brief period, local police, who have officers around the hospice to keep protesters out, prepared for what sources called a showdown.
"In the end, the state agents and the Department of Children and Families backed down, apparently concerned about confronting local police outside the hospice."

At Woodside Hospice in Florida, local law enforcement is present under the pretense of preserving law and order by command of the Florida judiciary. America has not prepared herself to send her state or federal agents or military in a show of force to confront competing armed law enforcement departments, and no executive leader, as of this writing, has shown the courage of his convictions to make it so.

Posted by: democrat at March 29, 2005 1:00 PM

``We told them that unless they had the judge with them when they came, they were not going to get in,'' said a source with the local police."

Posted by: democrat at March 29, 2005 1:09 PM

Isn't michael's mistress' mother working at the sheriff's office?

Posted by: sujata at March 29, 2005 1:21 PM

Any "executive leader" who attemped to force his way past the local law enforcement officials would be acting outside the law and would be properly subject to arrest and impeachment. We are a nation of laws, and sometimes the price of freedom is very high.

Governor Bush is not a feudal Duke, and President Bush is not King. Congress makes the laws, the executive enforces the laws, and like it or not the judiciary interprets the laws.

Posted by: corrie at March 29, 2005 1:30 PM

Yeah, well... the entire content of this informational post (from the Constitution Party of Georgia) is CORRECT.

I personally sent the exact same information, PLUS additional Constitutional Law and appropriate FL. Statutes to not only Gov. Bush, but also to dozens of others in the Legislature and AG/DOJ.
I did this back before Gov. Bush signed "Terri's Law", and again last month.... and numerous times over the last 2 weeks.
I don't think anyone is reading messages/email in our Government offices (at least no one of Authority).

Posted by: Raquel at March 29, 2005 1:30 PM

Our Govt's three branches are Eerily reminding me of the "Three Monkeys"...

(hear no, see no, speak no - EVIL)

Posted by: Raquel at March 29, 2005 1:35 PM

As they drove toward the school that morning, the students knew what awaited them--an angry group of white protesters. Just a few weeks before, the nine had walked past just such a crowd to the high school's entrance.

That morning, Arkansas State Troopers had turned the nine away, and, along with local police, stood by while the mob pelted the black students cars with stones, assaulted them, and threatened their lives. But even though they were scared, the nine didn't give up. Like many of the figures in what came to be known as the Civil Rights movement, they would keep trying.

Days later the students tried again, but when protesters outside realized the students had entered the school, they exploded into violence. Once again, the Little Rock Nine were forced to leave the school. But again, they would not give up.

The next day, the Little Rock Nine returned to Central High, this time protected by UNITED STATES ARMY TROOPS SENT BY PRESIDENT Dwight D. EISENHOWER.

They challenged the laws that discriminated against them as well as the attitudes of many Americans. One by one segregation laws were overturned and slowly many white Americans began to change how they felt about African Americans. Other groups, notably Latinos and Native Americans also became increasingly active in their drive for full participation in American society.

It is the duty of our government to see to it that equal protection under the laws of our country are not denied to any person regardless of their health or status, most especially to those who cannot protect themselves, as well it is the responsibility of every American to see to it that our public officials faithfully and promptly perform this duty.

Posted by: democrat at March 29, 2005 1:40 PM

Judges who believe they are the social engineers of our time seek to do through imposing their personal policy objectives what the Constitution plainly left to the people.

The law is not the exclusive property of the bench. It rightly belongs to the people.

In order to achieve independence and prevent chaos from ruling in our courts the judicial branch as a whole must be accountable. Judicial accountability requires that the public must be able to see that justice is being done.

Justice demands that the public is allowed to review the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the justice system and openly criticize judicial action.

Posted by: democrat at March 29, 2005 1:44 PM


Independent Medical Examiner Must Attend Schiavo Autopsy;
Web of Deception Extends Into FDLE Commission
© The Empire Journal

After years of refusing an autopsy upon the death of Terri Schindler-Schiavo, suddenly the attorney for Michael Schiavo has announced that Dr. Jon Thogmartin, medical examiner for Pinellas/Pasco Counties, District 6, will conduct an autopsy to attempt to dispel rumors of criminal wrongdoing in the case.


Posted by: Raquel at March 29, 2005 1:45 PM

Raquel, much as I hate to say it, I don't think that anyone but low-level staffers reads e-mail sent to legislators. Phoning and faxing are better bets, I think.

I suppose using priority mail or FedEx for correspondence might work, too, though I think all physical mail is delayed by screening for bombs, anthrax, etc.

Finally, I've sent several telegrams in the last few days.

Posted by: Mary in LA at March 29, 2005 1:51 PM

Martin Luther King Jr.'s powerful words spoken long ago still are relevant today:
"I submit that an individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for the law."

Posted by: democrat at March 29, 2005 2:09 PM

I just heard on Fox news that Jesse Jackson has been on the phone with florida senators pleading with them to change their vote-they have indicated if a vote were taken they would.This would save Terris life. We need to call and ask for a vote

Posted by: alwayschooselife at March 29, 2005 2:17 PM

Just heard on CNN :
Terri as recently as last
night,has her bodily functions.
"Randall" along with Mrs.Shindler
stating there is another vote,
tomorrow ( last one lost 21-18 )
this one with " Guardianship" taken
out of it.They state since she is
still fighting,there is still time.
Urge them to pass this to save Terri.
Terri is Alive

Posted by: lynaqua at March 29, 2005 2:21 PM

Lets get to it then, call, fax, e-mail whatever it takes we still have a chance to save Terri Schiavo!

Posted by: delphinius at March 29, 2005 2:45 PM

Sen. J.D. Alexander, Majority Whip: 850-487-5044
Sen. Nancy Argenziano: 850-487-5017
Sen. Dave Aronberg: 850-487-5356
Sen. Mike Bennett: 850-487-5078
Sen. Larcenia Bullard: 850-487-5127
Sen. Walter "Skip" Campbell: 850-487-5094
Sen. Lisa Carlton: 850-487-5081
Sen. Paula Dockery: 850-487-5040
Sen. Dennis Jones: 850-487-5065
Sen. Jim King: 850-487-5030
Sen. Evelyn J. Lynn: 850-487-5033
Sen. Burt L. Saunders: 850-487-5124

Posted by: democrat at March 29, 2005 3:04 PM

I keep hearing how Jeb has exhausted all his "legal options," and how the only way he'd be intervening would be to break laws to do it. JUST WHAT LAWS WOULD HE BE BREAKING? Anyone know? The only one I know of is the one that Judge Greer created when he issued the court order forbidding anyone from intervening. Does Jeb really think that that sort of thing would stand up in court if challenged?

Or is there some other law that is preventing Jeb from acting?

I just don't get it.

Posted by: Kirstin Reeder at March 29, 2005 3:22 PM

On being politically correct, as told by Justice Sandra Day O’Connor:

Women got the passage of the 19th amendment giving them the right to vote in 1920. And it had taken 50 or more years to reach the point where Congress would propose an amendment to the Constitution. It had suffered from a tremendous amount of opposition until that time. But of course, the amendment then had to be ratified by the requisite number of states, and that also was a battle. And in Tennessee, the sentiment was very, very close, and it came down in the Tennessee legislature to one vote. It came down to young Harry Burns, who was from a rural area of Tennessee that basically opposed the amendment. But Mr. Burns, Representative Burns had received a strong letter from his mother saying, "Son, I hope you will support this women's suffrage amendment." And he must have listened to his mother, because he resolved that if it came down to one vote, and it was his vote, he would support it. And he did. And the amendment was approved, became part of our Constitution, and Mr. Burns was never reelected for public office. But we owe him a hearty thanks, I have to say.

Posted by: democrat at March 29, 2005 4:45 PM

why doesn't the mainstream news take some responsibility for clarifying fact and for educating the public? For instance, they report that most of the public feels that the gov't. should stay out of the private affairs of the Shindler/ Schaivo's. This in reference to the Congress or Gov.Bush or Pres.Bush's involvement. Well, correct me if I'm wrong , but isn't Judge Greer a GOVERNMENT official? There are plenty of FACTS that could be reported on that would enlighten and educate and empower. Why don't we have a citizens committee with representatives from every political ilk working to assure objective reporting. It would be a damn sight better use of tax dollars than lots of other projects that we've got going.

Posted by: Jackie at March 29, 2005 10:12 PM


Posted by: delphinius at April 1, 2005 1:10 PM

Sorry about that! Where can i watch his brother talking? i missed it, but my husband told me that there was alot of crap being said by them.

Posted by: delphinius at April 1, 2005 1:13 PM