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March 24, 2005

Gov. Bush Frustrated by Schiavo Roadblocks

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I know I (Beth) don't speak for all of Terri's supporters, but I think it's important to remember Governor Bush does have limits on what he can legally do, and a governor under arrest can't do anything at all. I know we're all angry about what's happening, but let's please channel that anger into positive action, such as working to change the laws, as well as getting advance directives ("living wills") so this doesn't happen to us. If nothing else, maybe this can give us some hope that he will act. Don't give up hope!

Call Governor Bush to encourage him to use every option he has:
phone: 850-488-4441
email: jeb.bush@myflorida.com

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - It's not often Gov. Jeb Bush is frustrated pursuing his goals. He was the first governor to start a statewide school voucher program. He got rid of civil service protections for tens of thousands of state workers. He pushed through billions of dollars in tax cuts. His goal of prolonging the life of Terri Schiavo is proving much harder.

"It is frustrating for people to think that I have power that I don't, and not be able to act," Bush told The Associated Press on Thursday. "I don't have embedded special powers. I wish I did in this particular case."

Bush canceled travel plans Thursday to monitor the case of Schiavo, a brain-damaged woman who has gone without food and water since a judge ordered her feeding tube removed March 18.

He was in constant contact with his legal office, ordered staffers to e-mail and call him with developments and demanded state laws be scoured for a way to reconnect Schiavo's feeding tube.

At his office, Bush waved an affidavit from neurologist William Cheshire that questions whether Schiavo is in a persistent vegetative state. The emotion in his voice rose as he detailed how the affidavit stated Schiavo made a crying sound, grimaced and pressed her eyebrows together when a doctor said he was going to turn her over.

She "signals her anticipation of pain. Just like you would, or just like I would. Now is it perfect? Is she responding with the same eloquence that you would respond to? ... No. She's severely, profoundly disabled," Bush said.

Thanks to reader MikeKS!

Another note: Threats of violence (as I've heard here and there, and immediately deleted from comments--although I suspect they were from trolls posing as Terri supporters) do NO GOOD WHATSOEVER. Real supporters of life of any kind do not resort to violence to further the agenda.

Posted by beth at March 24, 2005 10:03 PM

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