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March 10, 2005

DCF Won't Rule Out Protective Custody

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For DCF to take custody of Terri Schiavo would be a real blow for justice, and a defeat for judge death and the Pinellas county death cult comprised of the Woodside Hospice, George Felos, George "kill the disabled" Greer, Representative "Gus Michael Bilirakis" (terms 1998 - 2000 and 2001 - 2003), former sheriff Everette Rice, and the St Petersburg Times. And now, with a little luck, the hand of Lady Justice could be on the way to smacking down the death club.

According to the Empire Journal, Michael Schiavo and his attorney, George Felos are getting nervous that their attempt to "commit judicial homicide" with the assistance and collusion of Pinellas County Judge George W. Greer and the Florida courts may be thwarted.

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Posted by richard at March 10, 2005 1:31 PM

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