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March 15, 2005

Crystal Clear Look at the Loving & Murderous Michael Schiavo

Topics: Press misrepresentations

Here's a great post about Michael Schiavo that we were made aware of through an email from a reader.

- From TheWideAwakes by Crystal
I have written before about my belief Michael Schiavo’s history and pattern of behaviors and actions fit those of the type of an abusive man. Commentators on this blog and other blog(s) who read and view the press renditions and legal decisions by Greer regard Terri’s family and friends as disgruntled and motivated to basically say and do anything to stop her murder via starvation and dehydration. I believe some project their own need and belief their own loving spouse knows their wishes best, would act according to their wishes, and would therefore greatly resent any family intervention in a situation like this.

I truly can appreciate the need to avoid unnecessarily villifying Michael Schiavo. I didn’t easily come to my decision and choice to indeed villify his actions, behaviors, and especially now… his choice in murdering her. In fact, I found as I went through the early court documents and history of the case, I could see where people would consider it a stretch to even see him possibly guilty of hurting or harming Terri in anyway. His behaviors most certainly were those of a loving and caring husband for quite a while even after she was incapacitated. So how did I bring these loving and kind behaviors into an alignment with those of an abusive and controlling husband?

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Posted by richard at March 15, 2005 8:30 PM

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I read the article in which Michael Schiavo slammed Florida Lawmakers for trying to pass legislation to keep Terri alive. I feel like telling him, get real - Terri is indeed a human being with FEELINGS and AWARENESS ... so who is he kidding? :P

Here's the link: http://www.reuters.com/newsArticle.jhtml?type=domesticNews&storyID=7913503

Posted by: Tami at March 16, 2005 12:26 AM

Michael Schiavo was on Nightline tonight.He whined his rationalizations. He protested that govenment is interferring in Terri's privacy. Her death is a "family matter" he says. He was so angry I thought he would explode! He actually was puffed up ! He seemed very afraid. He has much to fear. With these new laws, he will not be able to carry out his death promise to Terri. I can hear him say "I'll kill you if it's the last thing I do." Oh well...BUSTED- one more time !
I am a Special Education teacher with a lifetime of experience working with people like Terri. My training has prepared me to embrace, enable and empower people with disabilities. That has been the easy part. Educating and enlightening society to include and accept the disabled has been the hard part. The common response to disabled people is condescending appeasement and gushy pity. Disabled people will never rise up to assume their Constitutional entitlements as long as "others' speak for them. This is a case of Terri having been condemed to death by a judge she never met in a court room she never entered based upon the "hearsay" of an estranged husband. Why not let your estranged spouse represent you as he testifies for your death ! So says Michael Schiavo that Terri wanted to die. While working it out in the courts for 12 years, Michael IGNORED the advice of Rehab experts, withdrew Terri from rehab and warehoused her like a thing. I'm sure she did not want to be denied any rehab or medical treatment either..I am sure she did not want to sit in a hospice for 5 years...I am sure she did not want to have her friends and family 's testimony of her statements to them dismissed in court. Terri's rights have been completely ignored here. Thus the US Congressional legislation to guarantee disabled persons the opportunity for habeus corpus before thay can be ordered to death by a court. Terri deserves her own attorney...to protect her rights from the neglect and abuse of her estranged Guardian. I have been sickened by the dehumanizing non personhood imposed upon Terri by Mr Felos and Mr Schiavo with terms like "houseplant", "vegetable" and "skull full of fluid". It speaks reams about their true appraisal of Terri and their inability to treat her with dignity and respect.

Terri deserves a Guardian who abides by Fla Guardianship regulations for her maximum betterment and recovery. AND she can recover! She can have the spinal fluid drained that has accumulated in her brain due to the implantation of an electrode 12 years ago but which Michael has ignored and refused to have treated. The fluid compresses her brain and diminishes her capacities; looking like a big black hole on her brain scans. Michael's treatment of Terri serves no other purpose than to maintain her limitations and present her in the worst possible light. I have folowed this case for years; I have ached for Terri's deliverance. As for Michael Schiavo, he lost me with "houseplant".

Posted by: JoMarley at March 16, 2005 1:42 AM

Great, great post, and absolutely stellar comment JoMarley. I'm convinced that this is attempted murder disguised (in the courts and the media) as a right-to-die case.

I also believe this is a case for CSI Tampa, not euthanasia court. And I realized the following:

If the courts allow Michael to kill Terri (and dispose of the evidence), the Scott Petersons of the world may soon realize that killing Laci was not the prudent thing to do. Had Scott been smart and suffocated his wife only to the point of brain damage (and then put her in the hospital and asserted her right to die), he might have gotten away with the crime scot-free. It's not a sure thing but it does present an enticing new opportunity for would-be perpetrators.

If sociopathic spouses are in doubt about this new "option", they ought to be reassured that the courts will support their euthanasia decision even if their victims are not vegetables, do not need life support, could improve with treatment, had never made their "wishes" known, and even have parents who want to care for them.

Besides, if a man is going to take his chances with the police, isn't it better to be on the hook for attempted murder than actual murder? If he's caught he never has to reveal the second part of his premeditated plan.

If Scott Peterson had wanted to get away with his crime, and move in with his mistress, and father his mistress's children for that matter, he needn't have messed with a boat or the Berkeley marina. All he'd needed to do was put his faith in the U.S. court system.

What a dumba-- Scott was. The next guy won't be so stupid.

Posted by: RD at March 16, 2005 7:09 AM

>> If Scott Peterson had wanted to get away with his crime ... he needn't have messed with a boat or the Berkeley marina. All he'd needed to do was put his faith in the U.S. court system.

Make that the U.S. court system, George Felos, and the mainstream media.

Posted by: RD at March 16, 2005 7:23 AM

Starving for a fair diagnosis-National Review

Anybody who doubts the effort to kill Terri Schiavo is a deliberate attempt at court-ordered homicide needs to read this article. It details how Terri Schiavo has been misdiagnosed and denied treatment in the court of George Greer. It clarifies a great deal on the Schiavo case. Greer's mishandling of Terri Schiavo is based on his willful determination to believe only one "expert"-euthanasia fanatic Dr. Ronald Cranford. Cranford travels the country as an "expert" witness to find everybody PVS and argue for their being killed. He has testified on Busalacchi, Cruzan, and Wendland cases, always finding them PVS, despite the fact that these patients were clearly responding. Fr. Johansen details the comments from real doctors about how incorrectly she was "diagnosed."

Posted by: Mary at March 16, 2005 10:04 AM