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March 31, 2005

Cait's Oz Blogs on Terri's Legacy

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Katrina in Australia has this warm post on Terri Schiavo's legacy:

This is a day that holds a promise of better times to come.

In the midst of a war on the beauty and mystery of life itself a new power has emerged to oppose the darkness of a philosophy that sees only misery where there is joy and desolation where there is hope.

There was joy in the vision of Terri with her family - a glimpse of love that refused to despair and never grew weary.

It inspired me, and I know it has inspired thousands and perhaps millions of others to stand firm in the face of an onslaught against life that defies all reason.

There is a new unity of purpose amongst us. In future it won't merely be demonstrations to protest against judicial and state sponsored acts of murder. The advocates of life will be found everywhere its sanctity is threatened - in Congress, in Parliaments, in courts, in hospitals - in every institution where issues of life are debated and decided.

There will be ordinary people who had never aspired to anything more than a peaceful, quiet life, studying and joining the battle as lawyers, politicians, doctors and nurses.

For every legal representative of satan like George Felos there will be a representive of God - an opposing counsel with the power of words and wisdom to confound every transparent and disingenuous argument they present.

For every doctor like Ronald Cranford who seeks the death of those entrusted to his care, there will be a doctor who seeks to heal and relieve.

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Posted by richard at March 31, 2005 11:39 PM

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I am so heart broken. Everything under the sun seems so meaningless. I am just so heart broken for this family. Why this senseless death. Why? Terri is sitting next to the Lord Jesus today.

Posted by: LauraB at April 1, 2005 12:01 AM

Does anyone know if it is possible for all the people for Terri to file a lawsuit against Michael Schiavo, Greer and others for wrongful death. OR SOMETHING! If we all signed statements. Is their anything we can do? Discrimination against disabled? Or discrimination against a Catholic? Their has to be something.

Posted by: LauraB at April 1, 2005 12:24 AM

There is purpose in overcoming suffering

First, I learned that I must accept with joy all that the Lord allowed to happen to me and everything to which the path led me! I was never to try to evade it but to accept it and lay down my own will on the altar.

Then I learned that I must bear all that others were allowed to do against me and with no trace of bitterness, so that I may receive power to bring good out of this evil. “For, bread corn is bruised but no one threshes it forever, only until it is ready to be made bread for others.” (Isaiah 28:28-29)

The third thing I learned was that the Lord never regarded me as I actually was, filthy, lame and weak, crooked and cowardly. The Lord saw me as I would be when He had done what He promised and had brought me safely up the mountains. The Lord always treated me with the same love and graciousness as though I were a queen already and not worthless or wretched or feeble.

The fourth thing was really the first I learned. Every circumstance in life, no matter how crooked and distorted and ugly it appears to be can be transformed; and I realized that the Lord purposely allowed me to be brought into contact with the bad and evil things that He wants changed and perhaps that is the very reason why I am here in this world, where sin and sorrow and suffering and evil abound, so that I could let the Lord teach me that out of all this He could bring goodness that will live forever. I began to believe that this is the only really satisfactory way of dealing with evil, not simply binding it so that it cannot work harm, but overcoming it with good.

Finally, after learning all of this I knew that I could never again be crippled and that I would be able to go into the world to work with the Lord here, for that is where the evil and sorrowful and ugly things are which need to be overcome.

Posted by: that woman at April 1, 2005 12:25 AM

The Pope had a heart attack. This is so symbolic. First the feeding tube. Now the Lord may take the Pope home too.

Posted by: LauraB at April 1, 2005 12:40 AM

Laura-I have been asking that all night-not much of a response-hopefully tomorrow when the shock has worn off and the fighting spirit roles back in we might get some answers. I guess MS is part of the Sherrifs department so that kind of knocks out the district attorney doing anything. Someone said something about a lawsuit claming undue suffering or something like that-I am withyou-we need to find out-Oh that is what it was too-There would have to be a private investigator because of MS involvment with the Sherriff

Posted by: alwayschooselife at April 1, 2005 1:10 AM

There is one other thing I found tonight this is very interesting

Is this from the same Dave that posts on this site?

The Federal Crimes Law

This came from

The light is shining brighter on the real fact that pursuant to the Life
Felony Crimes Laws, FS825.102, which are intended to protect all of us from
the acts or omissions of others to cause us great harm or even cause our
death, when we become unable to speak and do for ourselves, no matter the
cause -- No person, elderly or disabled can be denied food and water,
delivered by any means we are able to receive, or medicine, speech therapy,
physical therapy, necessary services and rehabilitation -- to do so carries
up to Life Felony imprisonment.

Michael is just a used name. He is a puppet. The real people behind all of
these criminal acts that have been perpetrated upon vulnerable and fleecable
people, just as with Terri, are the Debra Bushnell's, the George Felos', the
Clan of Judges and the law enforcement officials they puppeteer. This
bunch -- there are other groups just like them around the state -- are only
using the powers of a guardian to *hide* Terri [ cage/kidnap ] to make sure
she gets no stimulation, no visitors, no therapies of any kind, and possibly
try to intentionally depress her by telling her that her blood family has
abandoned her, so she will give up on living; so that she will give up
fighting them from causing her to die; Causing death = Killing. All doctors
have testified that she can hear. Videotaped examinations prove it.

Michael Schiavo has been a borrowed name on all of these court filings for
the purpose of making this woman dead. It was in May of 1998 when Michael
came up with the announcement to the public, through his Petition to Kill hi
s wife with a civil court order obtained for the purpose of starving and
dehydrating his wife to death. If that is true, his bringing to the
attention of the 6th Circuit Court, and never before in the 140 other court
hearing and trial opportunities going back to the day Terri was injured, the
hearsay and unwritten assertion that his wife told him several years prior
to 1990 that she would not want to live on a feeding tube. So teach her how
to eat by mouth again. Judge Greer was asked by her kin, and showed the
laws that mandate, but going against the laws he took oath to uphold, he
instead said "I don't want anybody feeding that woman", during open court in

Given that between Feb 1990 and May 1998 Michael never brought up any
statements of Terri's saying no feeding tube and not saying that she wanted
to be starved to death, the light now shines directly on December 14, 1995,
nearly 2 and one half years prior to Michael's *new* assertion that Terri
did not want a feeding tube.

That is the day, according to a careless mistake of two of the perpetrators
using Michael to make Terri dead, that George Felos and Debra Bushnell had a
meeting to discuss the discontinuance of the feeding tube. It was a full 16
months prior to Michael having his first conference with George Felos on
March 14, 1997. Felos is the self-proclaimed right-to-be-made-dead
attorney that was immediately hired by Michael and approved by the court two
months, to be paid with Terri's Jury awarded 1.4 million dollars
specifically for 51 years of life expectancy and for her care AND
rehabilitation. Not for an attorney hired to kill her.

So, Michael's guardianship attorney Bushnell,
meets with the expert death attorney Felos,
16 months later Michael hires Felos using Terri's money and not his own
$660,000 jury award to shack up and make babies with Jodi Centonze while
prohibiting any forms of rehabilitation,
so that he can use his wife's money to make her dead, and then yet another
14 months later,
makes the announcement that Terri said in 1986 "no feeding tube" by filing
May 11, 1998 *his* Petition to starve and dehydrate Terri --- an act,
granted by a judge, that would kill his wife, would finish her off, by
denying and withholding all forms of food, water, medicine, speech therapy,
necessary services and rehabilitation.

The light is on the calculator. The sum of the facts could appear to total
up to a Premeditated Plot and Plan to intentionally kill their clients wife.
A plan that was developed over several years. Once the permission was
sought from Judge Greer, this murder plan was enacted, and set into play.
This changed everything into a bonafide crime. Attempted Murder, 1st Degree
Felony Falsification of Advance Directives (30 years), 1st Degree Felony
Neglect with intent to cause death and Attempted Aggravated Manslaughter on
a Disabled Person -- all pursuant to the Crime Laws and Statutes of Florida.

Judge Greer in his February 11, 2000 Order, committed malpractice by
misdiagnosing Terri as being an unconscious and unaware person [lawsuit 1]
and then Ordered the Guardian of the Ward to commit a 1st Degree Felony
Crime by removing Terri's feeding tube and denying her constitutional and
legal right to be protected and not feloniously victimized by being caused
to die.

Is the light on for anyone else?


Posted by: alwayschooselife at April 1, 2005 1:14 AM

The judges claim "the law" as a defense for their actions. But in this too they failed.

Estoppel by judgment is the doctrine that means when a fact has been agreed on, or decided in a court of record, neither of the parties shall be allowed to call it in question, and have it tried over again at any time thereafter, so long as the judgment stands unreversed.

In the malpractice lawsuit MS testified that he needed a monetary award so he could provide care for Terri "for the rest of HIS life."

But later, after the malpractice case concluded, in MS's favor, and AFTER MS received a monetary award based on his testimony in those proceedings, he was allowed to "call into question" and contradict his prior testimony regarding Terri's care in the guardianship/termination of life proceedings in Greer's courtroom by testifying that Terri "did not want to live like that". Well, what did he need the money for then?

Estoppel in pais or equitable estoppel is the legal doctrine by which a person is precluded by his act or conduct, or SILENCE when it is his duty to speak.

In the malpractice proceedings MS never mentioned Terri's alleged desire "not to live like that". Instead MS was SILENT in these proceedings about Terri's alleged wishes "not to live like that" and testified instead that he needed a monetary award to provide care for Terri "for the rest of HIS life."

The principle of estoppel is one that forbids an inconsistent position, attitude or course of conduct from being adopted all to the loss or injury of another. It bars denial of a certain fact or state of facts entered as evidence and made part of a final judgment in a court of law.

MS change of position and contradicting statements never should have been allowed BY LAW.

And this is why it was important for Congress and the President to enact legislation that was intended to allow Terri's parents to have the entire case reviewed by the federal courts. For a re-examination of the evidence and a re-examination of the conclusions drawn from the evidence. It was intended to make certain that NO ERRORS occured in any of Greer's proceedings. Without the legislation Terri's parents did not have standing to seek federal review and had been rebuffed by the federal courts on those grounds previously.

The elementary reasoning involved the fact that this type of appeal is automatically provided to death row criminals and that surely an innocent disabled woman should be afforded, at least, an equal right to review or "certiorari" which in latin means the reviewing court may inspect the proceedings in the court below and determine whether there have been any irregularities.

Failure to observe the doctrine of estoppel was an irregularity in Greer's court proceedings, and only one of many.


Posted by: that woman at April 1, 2005 1:58 AM

I think they should have enough to go to the cival courts and sue MS for whatever they can get from him, I think they should also go after judge greer, this was a senseless death by the most unhumane ways. Convicted murders get treated better. I do hope after the family has rested and grieved they will think about the wrongfull death suit. The ultimate jab i heard is that MS is planning on putting Terri's remains in his families plot, how much more evil can you get?!!

Posted by: delphinius at April 1, 2005 10:46 AM

Does anyone have the fax number for the DCF?

Posted by: delphinius at April 1, 2005 11:09 AM