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March 27, 2005

BlogsForTerri Heads-up On Upcoming Announcement

BlogsForTerri and the Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation are planning to join forces in a long-term mission to support life, and to defeat the emerging culture of death in America and the judicial system that supports it.

The effort, still in the planning stages, will be non-partisan, and will focus on the sanctity of human life and the defeat of euthanasia by judicial fiat. Liberals and conservatives, Democrats, Republicans, and independents, will be asked to continue to work together as we are doing for Terri, by focusing on the many views that we share in common, and working together to minimize those few views that we have differing opinions on.

We are determinined that Terri's terror will be the rallying cry of a wake-up call for America, and the begining of a coming together of liberals and conservatives in the common cause of supporting life. As has been the case in bringing Terri's plight into the media spotlight, bloggers from all sides of the political spectrum will increase our number, as the powerful force we have already become, in order that we turn back the forces that seek to euthanize the disabled, the elderly, and the unwanted.

Every single politician, regardless of political affiliation, who's vote contributed to the murder of Terri Schiavo shall be targeted for defeat in the upcoming election. Every judge that turned their heads away from Terri, will be made to bow their heads in shame and disgrace.

Furthermore, we intend to create a tsunami of an outcry for an investigation of Michael Schiavo's abuse of Terri, and the Pinellas County court system that handed him the axe on a silver platter to do it with.

Much more to come ....

Posted by richard at March 27, 2005 06:53 AM

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I know we're supposed to be non-partisan, but I have a question I can't answer. Because of the battle lines in the abortion case, we assume that Democrats are on the other side of this fight, and they're the "deathocrats" who are to blame.

But we've been failed by a Republican governor, a Republican President, a Republican State Senate, A Federal Republican House & Senate, a Republican Court of Appeals, Supreme Court, and last but not least, a Republican judge, Greer, who started this whole debacle.

Who is the enemy? Do the Republicans I elected have some agenda I can't begin to understand?

Posted by: Jeff [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 07:47 AM

I'd love to help any way possible in this. I'm so pleased to see such an announcement. God bless.

Posted by: Foug [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 07:48 AM

Jeff, the enemy is everywhere. People in both parties supported saving Terri, and people in both parties are helping to kill her. "Evil" won't be restricted to confinement in a political party. We all have to join together and work for this common cause. United we stand. Join together and make life valued again.

Posted by: Foug [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 07:52 AM

I am in the UK but was so outraged by this that I didn't know what to do except start encouraging people to avoid Florida altogether - boycott it.
If theres anything more constructive I can do from over here, please let me know.
Your country has so many good people and kind hearts, but Terri's plight has highlighted how much the judicial and administrative systems suck. Its not a matter of political parties, I agree - the loopholes that have been abused in this case cannot be traced back to say this or that party was in power.
I would have added my site to your list but felt I came to this too late - please let me do anything else you think I can help with.

Posted by: Cheryl [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 07:55 AM

I've tried to Trackback your post but it failed, not sure why. I wanted to say that I've posted about this on my blog, and will continue the fight with you. For me, this has become my calling, a realization that I do not take lightly. There have been posts on other sites where people have said such things as "duct-tape her mouth" or blamed Terri's parents or accused those fighting for Terri's life of simply not caring. Viewed from inside the front lines, I can say that there is no lack of caring on the part of anyone who has become involved in this.

Posted by: Salena [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 08:09 AM

Great idea! I'll be checking in and helping when I can. This is the most sad happening in our nation that I remember. The feeling of helplessness must be the same that Terri has felt. Our country has always had heros but none surfaced to defend Terri's life or our lives. In God We Trust.

Posted by: littlesoldier [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 08:12 AM

The first step in moving forward after Terri's unfortunately inevitable death should be Justice. The unanswered questions can be answered. How did she get in this condition in the first place? Why the cover-up? What is there to hide, if anything?

There is clearly a method in our society to determine answers to these questions. It is called an autopsy, a post-mortem examination. Coroners must investigate and medical examiners must decide whether a crime was committed or not

It appears inevitable that it is God's wish for Terri to die, perhaps to bring our nation to greater awareness of the needs of the disabled, the inherent evils of our judicial system, the culture of death some celebrate, and the institution of the new religion of hedonistic secular humanism that has taken over our country, leading to moral decay.

However, once Terri dies, the reported plan is for her to be cremated immediately, covering up the evidence of the crime that led to her condition.

We need to send emails to Governor Bush and to the Medical Examiner in Pinellas, Dr. Jon Thogmartin demanding an autopsy looking for the evidence of her original injuries so that justice can be served.

Modify this text to be specific to the addressee when you email them demanding the ultimate justice. Do not wait until Terri passes into God's hands, because the issuance of authorization for cremation will make autopsy impossible.

emails - - >

Governor Bush

Coroner's Investigator

Medical Examiner

Sample follows -->

Dear ____________:
When Terri Schiavo dies, the potential exists that a crime will be covered up by her planned cremation without autopsy. That potential crime is NOT the issue at the center of the present controversy, but the yet unsubstantiated allegation that an assault led to her condition in the first place.

It has been reported in the press that Michael Schiavo intends to cremate Terri Schiavo immediately upon her death.

According to the Medical Examiner's department policy posted at: , the medical examiner must approve or deny all such requests.

The attending physician in Terri Schiavo's case has a history of 5 NPDB reported malpractice cases. There is an open quesiton of what led to her original "event".

Please disallow the cremation until the medical examiner's office can perform an appropriate investigation and/or postmortem examination to determine both the immediate cause of death AND the proximate cause of death, including the search for any injuries from the past consistent with a potential crime.

Despite the currently accepted rationale for her initial “event”, evidence on postmortem examination may reveal that Terri Schiavo was the victim of a crime many years ago.

Judge Greer has not allowed an MRI or PET Scan. PET scans are of no value post mortem, but MRI may have some limited benefit, in addition to the physical autopsy, particularly for small, old injuries to ligaments and muscles that would be consistent with a trauma that occurred due to a crime (e.g. strangulation or abuse) if one had occurred.

If there are perpetrators of a crime covering something up, they will not want such an examination done. They will be afraid of justice.

Please act now to assure no authorization is given for cremation without a proper investigation and autopsy to address these issues.



Posted by: Robert W. Smith MD [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 08:21 AM

I'm in.

Also, forgive Governor Bush: he's not the enemy. He's on the side of the righteous and ought to be enlisted to help us.

Apparently, he changed plans to avoid violence--a violence that would have done more harm to our cause than good. Get this in perspective. He truly cares and he made a heroic effort. Sometimes our best efforts fail.

Doctor Smith is absolutely correct: we must press for an autopsy.

Posted by: ahem [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 08:50 AM

Great news!

I'm in!

Frank DiSalle

Family Ties That Bind; http://MFTFamily/
Poor Frank's Almanack;
He That Shall Live This Day;

Posted by: fd10801 [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 08:52 AM

You can guarantee 110% that Michael Schaivo and Judge Greer will not allow an autopsy, or else the pathologist will be paid off, or the findings sealed by Greer, and it's for two reasons - Judge Greer doesn't want the guilt of Terri's murder on his conscience, and MS doesn't want the truth to come out about his complicity in Terri's passing. Guess what MS and Judge Greer? You already are guilty, and those that matter know it, and I hope the remainder of your worthless lives are filled with the suffering and anguish and despair that you caused, and what awaits you when you die is an eternity in the pits of hell. You are cursed.

Posted by: demonsurfer [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 09:45 AM

I'm in.
The Bible says that because they loved not the truth, God sent a spirit of deceit upon them. satan is an equal opportunity deceiver--he cares not about your affiliation. So this is a one on one situation with everyone to be known by their fruits, not their party/ religion.

As for greer, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. However, we MUST forgive him, MS, Felos, the works, because our greatest weapon will be prayer, and hate and anger aren't pleasing to heaven.

Losing Terri is our loss, and just desserts, for all the years we failed to fight the abortion/euthanasia movement. And the runaway judiciary. We should have addressed the judiciary 40-50 years ago. God forgive us as we forgive the actively pro-death people in this case. From this I have learned that this is an acceptable practice in this country--many others have lain in Terri's bed of pain. If it were not for Terri I still wouldn't know that. And others are rethinking their pro-choice stance. Terr's treatment was horrible, but her legacy is delightful.

Cheryl, this is your fight, too, because what goes on here will eventually go on there. Pray and educate your neighbors so your country can keep the wolf from its door. Also we are all going to need each other for support, encouragement, ideas, prayers. We need you, all of you.

Now I am going to contact the ME, but if this is a Duke County coverup, we may be foiled again.

God bless.

Posted by: mary et. al. [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 10:01 AM

Does President Bush have another legitimate reason to get involved and save Terri?

Perhaps he does

Moral Sovereignty and America's Foreign Policy

Posted by: LHM [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 10:13 AM

Amen. Anything I cna do so that the country can learn something from Terri, I'll do it.

Posted by: Nettie [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 10:20 AM

Thank you BlogsforTerri and all bloggers for your tireles efforts to keep all truthfully inform. I too was hoping to have an ongoing coalition so that Terri's life and the Shindler's love won't be forgotten. That the silent epidemic of killing the incompaciated doesn't become the accepted norm.

My thoughts were for the disabled, caregivers and those who thought there was an injustice towards Terri, could come together and have a web site where there would be and ongoing list of all who supported or contributed to Terri's demise. That we would pledge NOT to support them in whatever way we could. This would include polititions, judges, newspapers, TV anchors, talk radio hosts, attorneys, and doctors. We could vote to add to the list or hopfully remove some from the list. I also would include any doctor who tells a family that there is no hope for any recovery and found out to be wrong. We need to stop pulling feeding tubes because someone may not go back into the workforce.

We can stand as a group to help push legislation to help the incompaciated and the disabled to be a force, and to help all caregivers who sacrafice much to care for their loved ones.

I was thrilled this morning to see BlogsforTerri thinking and acting for a coalition. I very much would want to be involved!

On this blessed day of Easter, my thoughts and prayers are with Terri and her family.

Posted by: Caryn [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 10:30 AM

I have a picture of what Terri schiavo might look like now.
please pass it on.

Posted by: mollimi [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 10:54 AM

I am an attorney who practices in the area of health care. I intend to get highly involved in attempts to change these laws allowing this sort of thing.

I agree that this should be a movement at national level. Also, each of you needs to review your state's laws and to start advocating that tube administered hydration and nutrition be treated differently than true "extraordinary measures". Guardianship laws should be reviewed to ensure proper protections for Wards.

Each of you needs to get involved on a county-wide basis. Check out your local probate judges. They wield tremendous power. If they are showing a disregard for Wards, and are not requiring that Guardians follow procedures designed to protect Wards--call them on it. If they demonstrate a lack of regard for human life (especially if it is disabled human life) VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE. Remember, it is mainly attorneys who fund campaigns for judges. Non-lawyers rarely even pay attention to local judicial races.

This is only a start.

Posted by: Sue Bob [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 10:56 AM

Look at this posted on CNN:
""Frankly, when I saw her...she looked beautiful. In all the years I've seen Mrs. Schiavo, I've never seen such a look of peace and beauty upon her."

He refuted charges made by Schiavo's parents that her lips were bleeding, her skin was peeling and that she appeared in discomfort.

Felos said that "it felt right and appropriate that Mrs. Schiavo not be fed and sustained through an artificial device" and that "she has a right to die with dignity" and "in peace" without the release of video and photographs of her at this time."
She has a right to LIVE as well you self-centred bastard. And this crap about 'she looks better than ever', that's just rhetoric with no basis in truth, unless of course that sick fark Felos likes the look of a corpse, which wouldn't surprise me.

'It felt right and appropriate that Mrs. Schiavo not be fed and sustained through an artificial device' WTF? She didn't need to be, and it is Felos and MS that have spent the last 15 years making sure Terri was not allowed to take sustenance any other way! If she looks so beautiful, why are there no photos allowed huh? Felos you are full of sh*t.

Just to add insult to injury, CNN are once again playing the devils accomplice.. the main CNN page links to the article with the title "Schiavo's family tells supporters to go home", but when you click on the link, the title is "Schindlers' lawyer: Legal fight near end".. once again an attempt to convince to public that this is a lost cause, just like ABC when they announced, "Terri has been on life support for 15 years,” and that “doctors say she has no consciousness and her condition is irreversible.” and then presented a poll asking: “Do you support or oppose the decision to remove Schiavo’s feeding tube?”.

This country is so farking morally corrupt it makes me sick. And I'm not even religious!

Posted by: demonsurfer [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 11:01 AM

Please count me in! I will do waht I can and am glad to hear of this announcement.

Posted by: LErin [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 11:05 AM

God bless you Sue Bob. We need your expertise.

Sure you're religeous, demonsurfer. God writes His laws on hearts and the ones who listen to their hearts are the religeous ones, not the ones who go to church for show. However, it is good to go to church as a public acknowledgement of God and your servantship to Him.

When Jesus died certain people thought they had won--but then they started to worry. Soon certain people will begin to worry, for that is the way of it. satan urges you on until the deed is done, then hands you over to the judge.

Is it good that we should air our plans on the net, or should we not tip our hand?????

Posted by: mary et. al. [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 11:26 AM

Demonsurfer... I also was livid at the news, and especially at Felos. Does he this America is that stupid? Well probably, I mean most people have swallowed the "she can't feel anything" line... but does he really think he can make it sound like she's not showing any signs of dehydration? That after 8 (9 now) days without food and water she's not going to show physical signs of it? Give me a break. And what's sad is probably most people are going to think that she's peacefully sleeping and looks raidant in her deathsleep. It's going to reinforce this mindset that killing her is the right and moral thing to do. I'm just sickened. Pray for Terri and her family :(

Posted by: Foug [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 11:31 AM

We all know this is just the beginning of the Felos euthanasia camp. One guaranteed way to look "beautiful" ehh?

Posted by: LErin [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 11:36 AM

Unfortunately I'll have to say yes, it seems the majority of Americans will believe what they're told, no matter how ludicrous it is. I will now indirectly prove it.

When Pres Bush stepped in and passed that late night bill, the GOPUSA website started a poll which asked;
"Did the US Congress exercise proper constitutional authority by intervening in the case of Terri Schiavo?"
The options were yes, no, and unsure.

At the time I first visited, there was a total of about 800 votes, around 65% saying 'No' (not in favor of congressional intervention), 34% saying 'yes' (basically supporting Terri) and 1% undecided. I watched for a day or so and the polls against Terri were slowly increasing.. so I stepped in.

Whoever made the poll script did not set it to record IPs so that people only voted once, so I set out to prove what I suspected - that many Americans are just sheep following popular opinion and not being capable of forming an opinion of their own or at least bothering to make an informed decision. I spent quite some time repeatedly voting 'Yes' (supporting Terri in other words) until the poll results had crept up to 55% in favor of Terri, 44% against, and 1% undecided. The new total votes was somewhere around 1300 as I recall.

Today I go back to the site and there's a total of over 4,500 votes... 60% in favor of Terri, 37& against, the balance undecided.


Posted by: demonsurfer [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 11:48 AM

Dear Dr. Smith,

I wrote the ME but got notified that that is an invalid address. Help, help!


Great idea! Sheep, indeed, but the awful part is that they are determined to be sheep, to the point of attacking anyone who tries to wake them up. So far no one has addressed my concern that we may be tipping our hand by putting our plans on web. Of course, the great powers that be can read our e-mails if they want to.

I have a lot of ideas, but apropos to your comment, demonsurfer, we absolutely must expose the media for the lying bunch they are. By simply gathering the facts and placing it next to their lies, we can do that.

Actually St Maximillion Kolbe did look wonderful after he was starved to death in a concentration camp. But his companions didn't. Also Corrie ten Boom's sister looked as if she'd been to a beauty parlor after she died in a concentration camp. Sometimes God does this as a sign of how pleased he is with this person. In Terri's case I am hoping that her body will speak for her, the words she was denied to speak. I hope God let's her testify in spite of schiavo, greer, felos and company. So, in this case, a picture of Terri's body next to their peaceful death statements will say more than anything else could.

I still say we must forgive them, but we must never, never exonerate them.

Posted by: mary et. al. [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 12:05 PM

I want to do anything I can to help Terri and to support life. I am in with all of you.
I have been watching this battle with Terri since it became public.
I had a situation with the courts in 1993 here in Washington that went on for 6 years or so. I was trying to protect my two children. I know what it is like when the judges make a mistake and try to cover it up. It is a nightmare. Cops, doctors, CPS, attorneys, judges and Governors get involved here in Washington. I had to leave to another county and never got justice.

My situation was nothing compared to Terris family. But I know that we the people are NOT making the decisions.
Do you all remember the movie, "A Bugs Life" There were a lot more ants then there were grasshoppers.

I have noticed the bias in the news and Hollywood for years. I no longer pay cable or go to movie theaters. I refuse to let my money go to trash and to help them GROW. We have only donated to a bunch of evil doers. We have the power to stop these lies. If we don't watch it...they will fall.

Keep praying. Let's stick together AS ONE!! We know there was a grave injustice done. There is discrimination, hate crime, attempted murder, government wrongdoing etc...written all over this case.
May God bless you all and may He continue to shed light on the TRUTH!

Posted by: LauraB [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 12:05 PM

I was pleased to read your recent announcement that the fight for justice will go on. You are all angels here on earth. My heart bleeds for Terri and her family and I pray that God will give them the sttrength to get through these hard days. This a gross miscarriage of justice and we can not stand quiet and let it go. In terri's name we must expose the truth in all this, God Bless

Posted by: britnick [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 12:08 PM

The thing that has me most concerned is that there are doctors for hire like Dr Ronald Cransford who seem to be running around the country claiming to not be part of the euthanasia movement while all the time trying to define anyone who can't outrun them an unperson.

There needs to be a "bell the cat" website that pulls together their disembling denials to the media, their pro-euthanasia statements when they are featured speakers at the Hemlock society, as well as the testimony they actually give in court.

There also needs to be a tracking of political contributions and conflicts of interest of judges who make pro-euthanasia rulings.

The "vulture industry" is very rich, very powerful and will fight back. These websites need to expect constant hacking, legal harrassment, lawsuits. It would help if there could be found persons to host these sites who were somehow bankrupt-proof, already so poor harrassing them would be pointless, legal aid arranged in advance for these website owners, etc.

Posted by: Baldwin [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 12:41 PM

'The Lord of the Peeps' and 'Christianity and Middle-Earth' will be proud to help fight the Euthanasia-pushers.

Posted by: Baillie [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 12:43 PM

Gov. Bush's mistake last time was that he sent DCF in with too little support. He will need FDLE SWAT teams (plural) or Guard forces to get Pinnellas to allow access to body or medical records. I hope that he does use Iraq-vet Guard forces to reach the records.

Posted by: Jhn'1 [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 12:52 PM

Unfortunately Jeb only did enuff to posture for us. If you want to do a rescue, you do it, you don't go to the media and beg for an injunction.

We cannot count on occultist 'Bonesmen' to beat back euthanasia. For that matter I wonder how much Suncoast Hospices donated to Jeb bush?

The power elite are not on the side of life in either party. It will be won or lost at the grassroots level.

Posted by: Baldwin [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 12:59 PM

I'm in, too.

Posted by: Silent Raindrops [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 01:05 PM

Well, I do have to find employment to overcome my own financial problem, but you can be sure that I will be a part of this fight. There is also work to be done in Australia if we are going to turn the tide against those who are attempting to do what Hitler failed to achieve.

Posted by: Maggie4life [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 01:14 PM

Count me in!

Posted by: Tom Spence [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 01:17 PM

Hey Baldwin,

How does so poor you're living in your children's garage, with a possible maximum income of $800 sound to you? I KNEW there was some reason God asked us to step out of the rat race. Just thought it was a matter of humility, though. And would I love to do it!!!

Bell the cat...sounds good. And yes, we stand in the shoes of the original apostles and will be persecuted and martyred as they were. This can only be done through the Holy Spirit, as we are prone to sniveling cowardice by ourselves.

Again the media. Yes, it must be among the first to be exposed.

The judiciary--what a smelly kettle of fish. We have an attorney around here somewhere. Sue Bob, are you there??? I hold a paralegal certificate, which I've never really used. But the main thing I learned from my law courses is this: the judicial game is indeed a game, and the best player wins. Hence, I believe Judge Whitemore's decision was compassionate, on the grounds that it would have been too cruel to bring Terri back and then re-kill her. I chose not to become an attorney because I found the whole game thing disgusting. Correct me if I'm wrong, Sue Bob, but the judiciary is only their to interpret and referee the law. Not read into it, add on to it, delete from it and generally circumnavigate it. Heads should roll from the abuse of power in the judiciary.

The Supreme Court must be dealt with somehow, taken off its pedestal and made accountable. I don't have the slightest idea how.

But there's more. Someone needs to start policing all the officials and politicians; city, county, state and federal. Unpaid watch dogs who WILL bark. No official is too small. The BTK killer was a lowly city official who threw his weight around without interference until he thought he could get away with murder. We were once under the disapproval of a planning and zoning official, and he really made our life a living hell. When we left that town we shook the dust off our feet.

The education system is a disaster. Untold numbers of people are desparately trying to escape it, and IT is fighting back quite effectively. In my opinion we have the schools to thank for our gullible, brain dead populace. And they are even more culpable when it comes to the whackos like Felos and Greer. Something is desparately needing to be done about this. As one teacher told my daughter when she asked him if FDR didn't betray his country when he got the states to sign over their rights to the federal government, "That's true, but if I taught that I wouldn't have a job." There are good teachers out there. Find them and take the gag off them. And get the damned courts out of making decisions about who and what can be in schools (i.e. God, the ten commandments, prayer, Darwin, etc.).

Then their is the welfare system, who in this case could have done a world of good, but in far too many cases are destroying families and the children they purport to save. Major, major overhaul here.

Sorry. fellow Catholics, but we must clean up the Church, where too many shepherds are leading the sheep to the slaughter house. I once told my priest that the Church had become polite, politic and permissive. He never forgave me, that I could tell. Wasn't hurt too bad leaving that parish.

It seems to me that the medical community would clean its own house, since they tend to be a fastidious lot. But they seem to have overlooked some rather large dust bunnies. In any event, doctors, nurses, etc., with multiple malpractice problems and/or obvious agendas should be legally banned as witnesses in any case and that law should be rigorously upheld. There also needs to be a law making death by starvation/dehydration murder one.

And Hollywood! Does ANYBODY know how to clean up Hollywood, movie and porn industry both??????

I seem to have run out of rats.

Posted by: mary et. al. [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 01:24 PM

Count me in. We need a proactive group so this won't happen again.

Posted by: good2bhome [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 01:25 PM

Another lesson is that pro-life intervention needs to be early.

Only one judge ever really rules on the facts of the case no matter how many times it gets appealed. The rest of the appeals process only rules on the process, never really rehears the facts of the case or any new information. Each appeal however works against the victim in the public eye because it gives the appearance of fairness without the fairness.

What this means is these euthanasia trail balloons need to be identified early early early. A corrupt judge needs to be outted and forced to recuse himself from the case as soon as possible.

Did you know Michael Schiavo’s girlfriends’ mother worked for years in the Pinellas county Sheriff’s office that refused to investigate Michael for attempted murder and that informed Jeb Bush they would stand up to any rescue attempt? And that the former sheriff hired Michael for the county jail once?

There needs to be an intense grassroots investigation of conflicts of interest like this early so that these investigations can be moved out of the local corrupt cesspool and to some neutral investigative body.

Posted by: Baldwin [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 01:36 PM

Good point, Baldwin, with the possible exception of new evidence. Notice I said "possible".

I count 19 people in--don't know about demonsurfer, britnick, Baldwin and Jhn'1 (Let us love one another?)

Posted by: mary et. al. [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 01:53 PM

Tom Spence,

Clean up Hollywood and porn industry by no longer going to movie theaters, no longer paying for cable, no longer buying magazines with trash in it and no longer buying CDs no longer allowing our families to be exposed to all these lies on the news. Make a clear stand with others around us.

Posted by: LauraB [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 02:08 PM

oops I meant my last post for Mary's question. Sorry.

Posted by: LauraB [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 02:10 PM

A proposal :

I would like to gather all the evidence, documentation and facts about Terri's case coherently in one place, make a document out of it, hyperlink all the associated supporting documents in that document, and put it on a CD, as well as printed copy, and send to ALL of the possible law enforcement agencies that could be persuaded to prosecute.

This could be a powerful tool, as well as enabling them to get a leg up on the facts, it could be given to any representatives, etc. as a way of telling them that we're serious about justice being done here. I would also be a way to record this terrible ordeal, and present it to lawmakers, so this kind of treatment of people can be stopped.

What I'm thinking of is a LOT of work, and I cannot do it myself, but am willing to coordinate efforts, and put in what I can.

Please email me if you are interested in this effort, or if perhaps you would consider taking a piece of it. Many of us working cooperatively could pull this together in short order, and it would be a VERY powerful tool to have at our disposal.

Let me know if you are interested in helping!!
Also, forward this post to others that may want to help.


Posted by: Dave_MN [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 02:12 PM

I'm in, too! Our battle will first be won in the place of prayer and you can bet that I'll be praying against the onslaught of death against this country. I also want to do whatever I can 'in the natural' to reverse this trend. De Tocqueville was right: "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." Sue Bob - your idea about getting involved locally with the probate judiciary is a good one. If it can happen there, it can happen here, too.

For Life!

Posted by: Scotty [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 02:24 PM

I am computer professional (web site developer and computer programmer) among the various hats I wear, live in Canada, and am a U.S. citizen absolutely appalled at what happened to Terri.

If there is any way that I can help, at no charge, to keep hackers away, to develop web pages, develop server side scripts, whatever, just let me know by emailing me at "senorcarlos123 at yahoo dot ie" and I will help. The ie at the end of my email stands for Ireland but I am in Canada. This is a cause worth fighting for and I will not stand by and let injustice prevail.

If we all do not fight now it will be too late to fight in the future and more Terri Schiavo's will be put to death by starvation and dehydration!

Posted by: Carlos [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 02:26 PM

DaveMN. There are the people who documented Clinton's crimes, Waco and fishy things about 911, etc. There is also Alex Jones in Dallas (I believe) and he makes excellent expository documentary films. Dave, are you in, as I think you are? That makes 20.

Agreed LauraB, but that has been tried so often by so many people that I can't help think it must be just the beginning and that we must take the fight to a higher level.

Posted by: mary et. al. [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 02:27 PM

I support every effort being made to find justice for Terri. THE SYSTEM FAILED HER IN LIFE. WE CANNOT LET IT FAIL HER IN DEATH. I particularly direct this to Mr. Jeb Bush who I e-mailed as directed from this site last week to plead with him to do something. You were not successful in your endeavours this past week, but the evidence is there to put right the injustices that have prevailed in this case. You cannot turn your back on this severe miscarriage of justice.
I am british living here in the States and have followed this young woman's plight through the fight for terri site. I found it incredulous to the extreme that her husband has not been investigated when I read the information and facts available. For Gods sake it is there in black and white you would have to be from another planet not to see that something grossly wrong has occured. I have watched with baited breath the whole situation unfold and developing this week on t.v. going from feelings of euphoria late last sunday night when congress voted in favour of terri to feelings of hopelessness and despair as the week progressed. I can assure you that when I talk to friends and family back in the U.K. they find the situation both disturbing and henious. I am not one to post my views usually and get on my soapbox so to speak but I have been moved to do so. Terri does not have a voice. We cannot fail her or her family and WE HAVE TO BE HER VOICE. I praise everyone that is doing so on this site.

Posted by: britnick [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 02:32 PM

IMPORTANT--I just found this website where you can request an autopsy online from Pinellas County. It's

Posted by: Salena [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 02:33 PM

I'm in!

I think this is a great idea to continue this blog to defend the weak and defenceless who need our help -- and to hold all the politicians and judges accountable.

Mary et. al., you're comments are right on. We must forgive these people, but work double-time that something like this never happens again (and I'm still praying for a miracle for Terri). As you write: because our greatest weapon will be prayer, and hate and anger aren't pleasing to heaven. It's easy to be dedicated and passionate now, we must remain passionate for the rest of our lives.

Dr. Smith, I'll surely send off several e-mails asking for an autopsy. However, I'm not too confident that anything will happen -- Pinallas Park seems to have a pretty corrupt government.

Posted by: Coyote [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 02:35 PM

Mary, et al... YES, I'm in. I am serious about documenting this tragedy ... so that we have a big hammer of truth to swing for now and the future.

I want to get it all in one place, and make it easy to distribute. Like everyone else, my time is limited. Please let me know if you could contribute even a little time to researching this. It's as simple as taking a sub-topic and finding links and sending them to me.

Blessings on all you good-hearted people!!


Posted by: Dave_MN [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 02:59 PM

Some background: from a cross-post ("Terri's breathing has become labored")

When my wife had been in a coma for a month, and the doctors had declared her 'brain-dead', I recalled my favorite gospel passage:

As Jesus entered into Capernaum, a centurion approached him with this request: "Sir, my serving boy is at home in bed paralyzed, suffering painfully." He said to him: "I will come and cure him." "Sir," the centurion said in reply, "I am not worthy to have you under my roof. Just give an order and my boy will get better. I am a man under authority myself and I have troops assigned to me. If I give one man the order, 'Dismissed,' off he goes. If I say to another, 'Come here,' he comes. If I tell my slave, 'Do this,' he does it." Jesus showed amazement on hearing this and remarked to his followers, "I assure you, I have never found this much faith in Israel." (Mt 8: 5-10)

I asked Jesus for the faith of the centurion, then prayed over her asking for complete recovery. The next day, she awoke from coma herself, pulled all her tubes, and began a remarkable, faith-filled recovery that has spanned fourteen years.

Her first words: "Godddd issss greaaaaaaaattt!"

I believe in miracles. I have seen Jesus' love and mercy. All we need do is ask and trust. Trust in His unfathomable mercy and unbounded goodness, and remember that He is in charge!

For the last month, I have shared/offered my Holy Communions with Terri. Truly she is my sister!

Christ is Risen! Alleluia


Count me and my beautiful bride of twenty-three years in! She continues to offer her continuing seizures and pain for Terri. Although I'm not exactly sure what I have to offer aside from utter belief that Jesus loves me - us - infinitely and tenderly, I offer all that I have for Terri - even my life.

Being 24/7 caregiver for the last fouteen years, I can assure you that ANYTHING you ask the Father in Jesus' Name will be give, if it is in accord with His plan and will. This has given me tremendous peace, since I no longer am in charge. He is!

I do web development for free, produce booklets for free, and have had twenty-three years experience in homeschooling. If there is anything I can help with, I'm available! My time is yours.

I live in Canada with a rapidly deteriorating governmental/judicial system that seems intent on destroying Catholics, Christians, and anything that is good. Our prayers give us strength. Our Lord is good!

Posted by: TuGGer [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 03:02 PM

Regarding judges, remember that although Federal judges are unelected, some state judges are elected. We should work to make sure the judges who failed Terri have TRULY PRO-LIFE opponents (sometimes, judges run unopposed) and work to convince people to vote for said opponents.

In cases where the judges run unopposed (IOW, they will retain their seat), we should try to convince people to abstain from voting for them. If nothing else, that will dwindle the number of supporting votes they receive (it won't matter as far as keeping them out of office but it will at least be symbolic). Some people vote based on party line. For example, if one is registered in a given party and sees a judge running unopposed on that party ticket, they may vote for him/her out of party loyalty. Remind people that this is the WRONG thing to do. In the case of judges running unopposed, if they do not have information on where the judges stand on issues, they should simply NOT vote for them.

Posted by: cw [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 03:06 PM

TuGGer- thank you! "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Even when things are the darkest, we can't give up hope or our faith has nothing to be the substance of.

I'm in!

Posted by: Virginia [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 03:13 PM

I think it is vital to stay focus on what BlogsforTerri have initiated. Many with different reasons have been touched by this tragedy, but we should not push our own personal agendas or platforms.

Posted by: Caryn [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 03:29 PM

Here's a great post on Redstate on some ways we can wage war against the judicial tyranny:
War on Judges

Posted by: Coyote [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 03:59 PM

Oh, for some reason the link didn't work. It's this one:

Posted by: Coyote [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 04:01 PM

Yes, let's not let down Terri by not giving enough faith to God to work a miracle to rescue Terri (remember the people of nazareth whose lack of faith stopped Jesus from doing miracles). So now, I am focusing on Terri's life that she will live on earth and her murder will be stopped by a miracle from God.

Let's not give any words for the devil to work with (the devil came to kill and Jesus came to give life John 10:10) and instead let's give total faith and dependency to God to work a miracle for Terri. Fear Not! BELIEVE only and Terri shall be made whole!

Prov 21:1 says the heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord, so ask for an intervention by God in the heart of the Bush brothers and BELIEVE. Let's BELIEVE for the sake of Terri even
if our faith level is not that high, let's increaste it, otherwise we too might be letting Terri down here on earth.

Posted by: sujata [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 04:02 PM

Tugger, God Bless you, great story. Great story. I join in your prayers.

Posted by: sujata [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 04:07 PM

It's simply not true that the only people opposed to euthanasia are conservatives. See the plea from Ralph Nader and Wesley J. Smith to let Terri live at: One aspect of this case that isn't getting much attention is the fact that the hospice hasn't done the right thing and defied this unjust judicial ruling. They've violated their Hippocratic Oath and are starving a patient to death right now. The least the hospice could have done was roled Terri out of the building and let her husband do this awful deed to his wife. If you read Smith's book "Forced Exit," you will learn that during World War II under German occupation Dutch doctors resisted taking part in an killing of their patients. You can't say that about Dutch doctors now, but during World War II they resisted while living under a military occupation. I think any movement against euthanasia needs to get the medical profession behind not legalizing any doctor involvement in the hasting of the death of patients under any cirucmstances.

Posted by: Rick J. G. [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 04:29 PM

We are now 24, if I haven't miscounted. Check the comments under the article about refusing Terri the last rites. SoCalAngel is calling for everyone to spontaneous prayer for Terri at 3 pacific time.


Derry Brownfield would know who the people are that make those documentary and I'm sure they would be glad to lend a hand by way of their experience of what works and what doesn't. Would you like me to contact Derry and ask him?

As for the info to be put in, wouldn't it be possible to get a start with the people who have come forth to speak on Terri's behalf. Alan Keyes is a great guy. Jeb Bush could be checked on for what he did and didn't do and why. Then there's the doctors and federal agents and the list just goes on and on.

Let me know. I've got a daughter in law or two, and a daughter or two who may be joining us, when family business slows a bit.

Posted by: mary et. al. [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 04:36 PM

Okay, count me in. Sounds good. I was thinking of something like that myself.

God bless.

Here's a link to an article by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. There are a few others about Terry on that Website.

Posted by: Huntgoddess [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 04:44 PM

I agree about the hospice, Rick. I've been wondering about that, wondering a lot. It makes no freakin' sense.

Then, again, maybe it does, because I've seen the psychiatric units here do some horrible things, too. (I know Terry's not in a psych unit. It's just that that's all I have experience with.)

I just hope there are a few decent folks there who are helping Terry out without letting anyone know.

Has anyone tried writing or calling their own bishop or governor, asking them to please weigh in and put some pressure on, in support of Terry. I've emailed Jim Doyle.

I'm going to write to Bishop Morlino now. He seems very concerned. He talked about Terry at all the Triduum Masses. Our priest talked about her in today's Mass, as well.

God bless.

Posted by: Huntgoddess [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 04:54 PM

Count me in. It's an answer to prayer. I have been heartsick these past couple of weeks over the travesty that has taken place. I will do whatever I can to fight the pro-euthanasia/right-to-death group.

Posted by: ep4life [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 05:07 PM


I believe the governor is the chief law enforcement officer in a state--is in KS, anyway. So he could have told the police to stand down. BUT, and here's the big one, the sheriff is lord above anyone in his county. The sheriff can kick the feds out any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

I'm pro Bush, but I, too, have wondered if this was (what a wonderful word) "sophistry". I don't know, perhaps Dave could uncover that when he interviews Jeb's people as to what and why.

Sorry, folks, but I have given up on "mankind in shining armour" and place all my hopes and prayers in divine intervention. Above all, I pray that Terri will have her day in court, if only her body. "What was whispered behind closed doors will be shouted from the rooftops. What was done in darkness will be brought into the light." Please, God.

Posted by: mary et. al. [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 05:07 PM

Rick, I saw Ralph Nadar on Crossfire and if I am recalling right he was pushing to have the feeding tube removed.

Judge Greer has ties to people on the hospice board.They allowed Terri to have been diagnosed as having a terminal illness. They some how had her declared indigent so that medicaid pays the bill. MY husband is brain damaged and in order to qualify for medicaid both incomes are considered, and it's very low. We never could qualify so how did Terri?
This is a hospice that allowed Terri's guardian (Michael) to not have a TV, any stimuli, her family visit or allowed her outside for over 5 years! Felos , also a former board member on the hospice board help push a bill
to include feeding tubes as life support in 1999. This is truely a tangle web of corruption that needs to be exposed!

Posted by: Caryn [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 05:14 PM

I will help for sure!. Let me know whatever I can do. I feel so sick to my stomach, emotionally burnt and very depressed.

I literally want to move out of the country. We just learned as citizens that money and corruption can proceed to death without punishment. WHAT A SICK COUNTRY WE LIVE IN!

Posted by: Julie [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 05:25 PM

Let us not forget that Jeb Bush stepped in before when no one else would .

Posted by: Caryn [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 05:34 PM

A word of caution. It is all very well if your interest in this case is political or religious. You will be making a big mistake if you pursue this along those lines. This need not and should have never been a left/right issue.

The spirit of the zeitgeist and the MSM is triangulating a coalition of conservatives who can't see past the fact big government got involved, and extreme democrats so desperate for a win that they were willing to sacrifice an innocent girl so satisfy their petty vidictiveness.

The side of life on the otherhand needs to counter with a coalition of people who do not want to be strapped down and deliberately starved to death. I have to believe there is some support from that from every sort of man, be they democrat, athiest, whatever.

The MSM has muddied this case so bad it isn't really useful because the facts have been so burried and distorted.

Even if Terri is your reason for entry I suggest you learn about other similar but clearer cases for the purposes of making your point.

Study the cases of Robert Wendland case and also Marjorie Nighbert.

Marjorie Nighbert, because she had made the mistake of filling out a living will, was strapped down so she could not pilfer food from other patients and starved to death even tho she was begging for food and water.

People are confused about Terri but I have to think a lot of people of all types would not like to be deliberately starved to death tho they begged for food and water.

Now THAT is a triangulation or coalition that you would think is an easier sell than the pro-death forces are trying to build.

In the Wendland case a man was almost starved to death tho he could operate a joystick operated chair, could play sports in that chair, could do art, could answer yes and no questions...and yet they tried to starve him to death and almost succeeded but for the California supreme court.

These clear-cut horror stories will have more success against the euthanasia loby.

Again anyone making this a partisan or religious issue, before the public especially, is setting the pro-life side up for a loss. It must be and is a simple human rights issue. We all have an inalienable right to life and liberty and those words are strongly believed by people of all sorts.

Posted by: Baldwin [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 05:36 PM

Count me in as well. Terri's fight is our fight, for now and the future. Her struggle must give us unity and strength to follow through with what needs to be done. Here are some tasks that a new website must tackle:

1) Provide a beacon of hope to anyone with a "Terri" in their life. The sooner we discover and publicize the facts, the sooner the movement can help.

2) Develope a database of legal resources friendly to preserving life. The Shindlers are reported to have been of small means when they began the fight for Terri and were "out-gunned" by Michael Schiavo's ill-gotten gains from the lawsuit.

3) Develop and maintain a reporting system for those of us who will "watch" local probate-type judges who may, like Judge Greer, accept campaign funds and other gratuties from attorneys appearing before them. This is a conflict of interest that should never be tolerated. Sunshine is a great disinfectant here.

4) Develop and maintain a "rating" system for politicians (of any party) at the local, state, and national level. Too many politicians prattle on about their concerns for the innocent, but lobby and vote the other way. We need to know who our enemies are.

I have no legal or web talents to offer, but will help with funding to the maximum extent possible and with reporting from my local vantage point (Northern California). I'd scrub floors, wash windows and make coffee if I was there.

In closing, I have the greatest respect for those of you who have fought this battle for so long. I have nothing but contempt for the execrable people who not only seem not to care about Terri, but seem to crave her death. There will be a special place in Hades for them.

Posted by: The Old Coot [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 05:44 PM

O.K. I think I have a roll call--correct me if I'm wrong.

little soldier
Dr. Robert Smith
fd10801 Frank DeSalle
Sue Bob
Lords of the Peep
Christianity and the Middle Earth
Silent Raindrops
Tom Spence
and little old me, mary

Did I miss anyone?

Now who has a handle on what we have accomplished, what we are going to do, who is going to do what, etc., etc.

Dave, I dropped D. Brownfield's secretary a note asking for names, addresses, phone numbers. 'Salright?

Posted by: mary et. al. [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 05:48 PM

Commenting "Yes I am in", just doesn't seem to share all I have in my heart and fingers ready to type...and fingers ready to dial...but for now it is a beginning...

Posted by: Crystal Clear [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 05:58 PM

I am guessing everyone couldn't actually believe someone in government wouldn't step in and do the right thing.

I am amazed there aren't more people in front of that hospice tho. I'm in Illinois and can't get away but if I was closer...

Posted by: Baldwin [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 06:06 PM

There are a lot of lawyers doing pro bono work and reduced wages work. They could no doubt use volunteer paralegal help which some might want to become qualified for.

Posted by: Baldwin [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 06:12 PM

Please count me in!

Posted by: Daily Inklings [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 06:12 PM

I am believing Terri WILL be rescued from murder by the power of the living God.

Count me in for any efforts to save the lives of the disabled and for any investigation on michael schiavo.

Posted by: sujata [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 06:19 PM


"...does anyone else find this offensively one sided??"

I don't believe this is a debating society. Those here are saddened by what is happening to Terri (a court-sanctioned murder in my opinion) and in a larger sense by the erosion of the santity of life everywhere. There are numerous other "blogs" where hard-edged debate about Terri goes on 24/7. If you want some links, I'll post them.

"....Where were you people three years ago when the parents first started this struggle??"

Please get your stuff together. Terri's struggle began approximately 15 years ago. As to where I was, I'm ashamed to admit that I was semi-aware of the problem but left it to "others" to resolve. I was lazy. No more, it is too important.

Now please take your flames somewhere else.

Posted by: The Old Coot [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 06:22 PM

I am so distressed by this! Today I read on another blog people criticizing the parents for taking children to the prayer vigil stating that it was dangerous and that the state should take the children away from parents who expose them to such danger.

What on earth are they talking about? These are parents trying to teach their children to stand up for what is morally right regardless of the consequences. What a sad and sorry commentary on our country when we have whole segments of the population who apparnttly do not believe in basic human rights!

We have a very long and hard battle before us. I pray constantly for Terri and for our poor nation that is in the grips of this terrible Culture of Death where such a thing is even possible. How can this be real and actually happening in the United States of America where euthanasia is illegal? Even in the Netherlands where it is legal, the guidelines state the patient must be both terminal and in pain and the family in agreement.

Yes, we must all pray without ceasing. Our hearts may be breaking but it is nothing compared to the suffering of Terri. And others will soon follow unless we can do something to stop this, and stop it now. I wish she would sit up in that bed and scream for water at the top of her lungs. Heaven help us all if we cannot stop this. This should surely solve that social security problem, right, they will just euthanize enough people to avoid any shortfall.


Posted by: Anna [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 06:32 PM

Let me point out that there is a protester out there with a poster stating they are a non-christian supporter of Terri.

Then there is democrat/clinton insider Lanny Davis who is backing terri.

Whether you like it or not, that protester is doing the euthanasia movement more damage than almost all the rest of those protesters.

Lanny Davis' support is doing Terri more good than a hundred thousand Republicans could do.

Think on that when you alienate the democrat and the non-religious.

Posted by: Baldwin [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 06:35 PM

I typed a lengthy post then it was lost .


Very well put! I am in total agreement that we need to stay focus.

I'm caring for my husband who is brain damaged over 15 yrs. We were in Californis at the time of the Robert Wendland case. It's ironic that Dr. Cranston, who declared Terri as PVS and has been on TV lately spewing his opinion also declared that Robert Wendland was in a PVS state. As you said, Robert could propell his power chair! The CA Supreme Court ruled in Aug 2001 that "clear and convincing" evidence must be present overridding any guardian's hearsay.

In a previous post a suggested that we list the names of all, including newspapers, attorneys etc etc so we can A. keep an eye on their future B. not support them in anyway we can.

Posted by: Caryn [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 06:36 PM

Baldwin: Excellent point about Lanny Davis. Another ally from the left is Senator Tom Harkin. I'm well to the "right" politically, but this isn't about politics, we need all the help we can get.

Posted by: The Old Coot [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 06:43 PM


There are a lot of us who, when we first heard about Terri's case did not know all of the facts. Even now some are only beginning to wake up about the shocking facts of this case.

I do believe that we have to set aside any personal agendas if we are going to be able to work together to ensure that this travesty of justice can never happen again. I do know that there have been some women who have left comments to the effect that they are pro-choice and they are appalled over this case. I would welcome hearing them also agree to come on board so that we can all pool our resources and ideas to get out the best possible media releases that will expose the corrupt elements within this case.

The lobby who has been working on bringing in euthanasia by stealth are very powerful, and we have no idea of the resources that they have to protect them. That does not mean that we cannot run a campaign based upon information surrounding such things as malpractice, on in the case of Dr. Cranford the conflict of interest involved in his diagnosis on Terri Schindler, when it is known that he is a member of the Hemlock Society.

We have to be able to agree on when it is appropriate to cease what really is futile treatment and weigh it against a situation where an alleged quality of life decision has been made due to hearsay evidence.

One important area that needs to be rectified is that of the use of hearsay evidence. It should be noted that there was a clear conflict of interest in the hearsay evidence provided in the Schindler vs. Schiavo case. The statues of every state in the United States and possibly at the Federal level need to be reviewed so that in future this form of evidence will not be allowable.

There are other areas that will need your urgent attention, including guardianship laws. The guardianship laws give Michael Schiavo a lot of power. It is that power that has been so detrimental to the elderly, and for those who have unfortunately been declared incompetent. You could work with the elderly group that has been formed to get the word out about the corruption of the guardians, especially in Pinellas County.

You need to work one step at a time, there is a lot of work to be done, and we need people from all walks of life, political persuasion, religious backgrounds etc. to come together and thrash out exactly what is needed to ensure that Greer's Law never becomes the rule of thumb.

Just remember this, Greer has set up a dangerous precedent with this case. It is dangerous because every single disabled person in the United States of America is now at risk of being euthanaised against their own will.

Even if there are some who believe in the right to assisted suicide on this team, we need you to examine carefully all of the issues, and think about the safeguards that need to be in place so that people are not being used for a political purpose. I will cite here the case of Nancy Crick in Australia. She was used to be a face for assisted suicide, and she did not have cancer. In cases such as Nancy Crick there is a need to offer psychiatric care.

At the same time, I think that you need to look at what Hospice is meant to be. Is it meant to be a death chamber, such as at Woodside Hospice? This it seems is the aim that George Felos, Dr. Death Cranford and co. have for the Hospice industry.

They scheduled Terri for death and then said she was dying to get her into the Hospice facility. You need to have a safeguard against such an abuse in the future.

Posted by: Maggie4life [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 06:49 PM

Be careful in how we describe Cransford at this point. I am sure he is a spokesman for the euthanasia movement and has made outrageous statements supporting the euthanasia of alzheimer's patients. I would have to go back and review my notes to say whther he is a 'member' per se of the Hemlock Society. Prolly is, I am quite sure I read he's given speeches before euthanasia organizations. But let's get the specifics out there. The National review is a good source about Cransford. Cransford of course denies he's even heard the word euthanasia when the media tries to pin him down on it tho [hyperbole] and he is denying the NR article.

Posted by: Baldwin [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 06:57 PM

Cransford is a speaker at the very least before the Hemlock society.

Posted by: Baldwin [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 07:00 PM

To our small minded troublemaker,

I have been dealing with these issues over 15 yrs. and I want to tell you a little something about brain injury. Not all who suffer a brain injury are slow to recover like Terri and my husband, on the contrary the brain will "reboot" faster in most. Without someone who cares enough for them to get rehab and be there for them, they are left to fend for themselves. People should be saying " if a trauma happens to me I hope someone loves me enough to care".

Posted by: Caryn [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 07:02 PM

And the troll wasn't even bright enough to address his vile flame to the proper person. It must be lonely under the bridge on Easter.

Posted by: The Old Coot [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 07:03 PM

Posted by: Baldwin [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 07:05 PM

BTW there is a list as long as your arm of guardianship rules and law that Greer ignored/violated. His feet need to be held to the fire for these crimes. I dream of congress doing it as they promised to subpoena those involved in this case, but he is way connected, so I'll be amazed if it happens. He is also on the committee that oversees this type of violation! He also was recently elected so he can't be thrown out soon by election. He raised a record campaign warchest which is no surprise given how friendly he is with the vultures.

Posted by: Baldwin [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 07:15 PM

I will jump in with a few things...

First, (some of you already know) I am a liberal democrat in strong support of Terri's right to not only have and keep her life but to forever be protected from this barbaric killing. We are losing that battle. So, it would be my hope that we keep fighting, that we keep our voices strong, articulate and truthful (no one listens to maniacal ranting) and we resist the temptation to make this a rep / dem fight. That will only thwart our efforts to hold the real culprits accountable.

To the poster who chastises those not involved for 15 years. What purpose does this serve? Even the most effective advocates of any given cause at SOME point gets actively involved. It's only human nature that there is eventually a trigger that pushes someone to act and speak out. We need only be thankful that another voice joined the cause, not beat them up for when and what their trigger was.

I have been doing some more in-depth research on the entire case. I have been familiar with it for some time, but I find I need to wrap my mind fully around all the details (especially the seemingly small ones). I will use a word here that I don't use lightly and have taken some heat over. Conspiracy. Odd, that as soon as anyone says that they are dismissed as a nut case, looking for conspiracies lurking around every corner. As conspiracies go, this one seems to leap out at you--and is far too close to succeeding.

Posted by: Lesbiencestmoi [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 07:22 PM


Sorry, but we're busy at the moment and can't play head games. When you are ready to share your real problem with us, we will do all we can for you. But please hold off until you are ready to address your real issues honestly. Thank you.

Old coot,

I've seen other comments you've made and I'm glad to hear from you on this. Salena and other old friends, as well. Some of the disabled actively participated in the show of support for Terri. They must have their own networks which they can hook up with ours to get the word out that they aren't in this alone.

Sunshine best remedy. "What is done in darkness shall be brought into the light." THAT is my goal and I hope everyone's goal, as well.

I am a very rusty paralegal, but I daresay, I could pick it up again. Services pro bono. Hear that Sue Bob????


Boycotting the media is hopeless. We must expose them and destroy the credibility they so surprisingly have and so richly don't deserve.


You're so right. Our facts must be rock solid, lest we expose ourselves to incredibility.


Are you in? The opposition is great at destroying anything good or Godly. Their attack on the parents of the children is one of their tentacles (and other b.s. issues) which we need to chop off.

I need to study Old Coot's list more. It makes a very good spring board. My vision of all of this is that we will be fighting a hydra, and will have to take the offensive on many different fronts. I won't have any part in a defensive strategy, because that is failure from the start.

What say you?

Posted by: mary et. al. [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 07:29 PM

Conspiracy? Perhaps. An incestuous relationship between the judge, the "pro-death" attorneys and the Hospice. A judge who accepts campaign contributions from the pro-death attorneys. Congress issues a subpoena to all parties purportedly to preserve Terri's life; when the judge ignores the subpoena, congress does not follow up with federal protection. Two men that I used to respect, both named Bush, fail to find the courage to rescue Terri. There is a thread there.

Posted by: The Old Coot [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 07:35 PM

If you want your head to spin, read the articles at World Net and The Empire Journal. If the information that they have on those sites is accurate the corruption invovled in this situation is absolutely amazing and terrifying.

If what they say is true and several people have spoken to Jeb and have offered legal assistance, supplied mountains of evidence, demanded action and found legal avenues to save Terri and he continues to state he can't do anything, what can a person believe about his character? The only thing Jeb has to do is act on the information he has in his hands and quit sitting on them!

The coruption goes right back to the Shindler's lawyer Pamela Campbell, who according to these news sources came onto the case for the Shindler's at the request of Mr. Woodworth, Michael Schiavo's malpractice attorney. The list is long and ugly!

"The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing!" Edward Burke

Posted by: imdll [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 07:51 PM

What is the matter with Yahoo news? For the past two days they have been saying that Terri supporters have been asked to go home - is this Yahoo's effort to reduce the no. of supporters in front of the hospice or is this real news?

Posted by: sujata [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 07:51 PM

mary et. al: Thank you. My list is woefully inadequate. It failed to include the need for a media "watchdog" to alert us when a specific media outlet is giving a one-sided view of the entire issue of euthanasia or of a specific case such as Terri's. We must take action when a source like the New York Times tells us that death by thirst/starvation is "painless". Conversely, we need to compliment and support any member of the media who has the courage to tell the truth.

Posted by: The Old Coot [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 07:51 PM

Please count me in, too! I will help in whatever way possible. - Julie Pence

Posted by: juleni [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 07:54 PM

A few more things I thought of and then I'll leave you in peace for a few minutes and go "do dinner" with my husband.

We could do "friend of the court" briefs.

We should sic the dogs on all of the actors in this case, schiavo, felos, greer, etc.

I'm not in favor of making more laws if we can help it. They seem to backfire. But we must outlaw starvation/deydration (duh, novel concept).

Be back.

Posted by: mary et. al. [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 07:56 PM

When I first moved to Florida , the Orlando Sentinel gave their opinion in favor of Michael. They would never publish anything to the contrary . I called and wrote many times and was ignored. So I cancelled my daily paper over a year ago, citing their opinion of the case was the reason. Yes, maybe not a big deal but it was the only way I could protest their total bias.

Posted by: Caryn [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 08:01 PM

According to this link provided by Cheryl Ford, Jeb could start a criminal investigation against michael and seize Terri. Why is this not being done?

Posted by: sujata [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 08:02 PM

Does anyone know what is happening to the subpeonas for tomorrow?

It is my understanding that Terri's father told the protesters to go home and be with their families for Easter.

Posted by: Caryn [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 08:07 PM

I am very interested in signing up for this project - in any way I can. I am the mom of three special needs children, and I cannot fathom anyone not valuing life. Just because my children are disabled does not make them expendeable.
I have some knowledge of HTML and run a website for parents of special needs children. My site is being updated, but I will be proud to link to and otherwise support in any way possible this endeavor. Links, proofing, writing copy, whatever I can help with. Please sign me up.
Thanks, Moody-Mom

Posted by: Moody-Mom [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 08:08 PM

That is a very good question! If you read the articles at The Empire Journal and World Net you will find yourself asking that question all the more. There has to be a way to pressure Jeb into doing what is right. He says he doesn't have the power, yet if you look back into history court orders have been ignored by govenors before and the republic has survived just fine and the world did not stop rotating and political careers were not destroyed. The more I learn about this case the more I find Jeb Bush's excuses flimsy and weak!

Posted by: imdll [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 08:10 PM

Does anyone know who we could contact at this point to pressure Jeb Bush to start a criminal investigation?

Posted by: sujata [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 08:16 PM

With regard to Michael, I am reminded of an old Sicilian proverb "revenge is a dish best served cold". It seems manifest that he lacks a moral compass and his process of self-destruction is moving along nicely.

With regard to the judge and Michael's attorneys, we do need to expose them for what they are. There is a Pulitzer Prize waiting for the reporter that can ferret out the truth. Where to start? Remember the adage from Watergate....follow the money.

Posted by: The Old Coot [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 08:17 PM

These are the two site addresses for the news articles that I have mentioned. It makes me heart sick that there are people with the power to stop the corruption and they are just sitting around wringing their hands.

I'm sorry but after much studying there is no excuse for what has happened and if nobody steps up in this case and makes those responsible accountable then we can expect more of the same in the future!

Posted by: imdll [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 08:18 PM

A word of caution, Jeb Bush did step in months back when no one else would. He did get more time for Terri and her family to fight . It was Judge Greer who repeatly denied all motions and appeals the Shindler's sought. Let's really put the blame where it belongs.

Posted by: Caryn [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 08:20 PM

I for one deeply hope that something will change that will prevent another tragedy like this again from happening, but I also strongly think a lot of you need to get past the notion that this is somehow about the legally justified killing of a disabled person.

Argueing that point is not going to win anyone over and only skews the underlying problem. I also don't think Terri should be laying there right now, dieing, but only because I can't reconsile the widely disagreeing opinions of medical 'experts' and come to a conclusion on whether she is merily disable and can benifit from treatment or in a permanent PVS state and beyond help.

I honestly think you are alienating a lot of people from the opposite side by making this about ideologies on euthanasia, religion or politics.
If you're against euthanasia, such is your right, the same way it's someone else right to see merit in it. However, bringing that into is isn't going to accomplish anything.
By aiming lower and finding a common ground that both sides can connect to, you might actually get something done.

To me personally, "err on the side of life" isn't about the ideology of pro-life vs pro-choice, it's about that if it can be shown that there is a serious question about exactly which condition a person is in then a 'right to die' should be suspended until everyone can come to some kind of agreement.
This is a very defendable position that both sides can get behind on.

Regardless of whether I believe Congress should or shouldn't have become involved, I hold respect for those on both sides who voted according to their convictions, and feel only utter disdain for those who voted because they thought it would benifit them politically.
But since none of us will ever know who voted on conviction and voted for personal gain, I don't think anyone should get targetted over their vote.

Boycotting anyone at the next election is not really going to do any good, except maybe satisfy an urge to do vengance on those who hold differening beliefs.
Finding some way to offer both sides a chance to vote on something that would prevent anything like this from ever happening again on the other hand, might not be as satisfying, but it will do a whole lot more to prevent future tragedies.

I've been going back and forth on whether or not to add this last bit but in the end decided to add it anyway. If you're appalled by the notion how anyone could defend euthanasia, then please read the following article about parents who are urging for their son's right to have a dignified death:,10117,12664138-29277,00.html .
This is why a stand on euthansia can and should not be a part of anything you try to accomplish.
I will happily and fully support anything where someone's life does not end when there is reasonable doubt about their medical condition and I'm sure there are plenty more on my side who feel the same way. But I can not fall in line with something that argues that people should not have a right to decide, for themselves, whether they want their pain and suffering to end.

Posted by: Vanessa [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 08:28 PM

Caryn, I am not looking for someone to blame, but someone that could help based on the suggestion by the lawyer here

Posted by: sujata [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 08:29 PM

Great news; we are now 33 and a lot of good ideas floating around.

Old Coot,

Great idea, support the good media and help them help us expose the bad media. Kind of build on someone else's foundation. Yes, follow the money, and political expediency.


No, Bob S. didn't tell them to go home. The priest told them to go make their Easter duties. The media spun it, as usual. And guess what, Caryn. Now you can do a lot more to protest that newspaper.

Let's hold off on the Bushes until someone gets their side of it and then we can judge correctly if they were just posturing or had good reason. Ordinarily, we would have no way to learn the truth about all of these things, but with this group we have a shot at it, for once in the last miserable century.

The history books are chock full of just such conspiracies. Boss Tweed comes to mind. Again, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

My idea of watch dogs is to have one person per official or politician, whose mission it is to stay watching over their charge's shoulder ever ready to blow the whistle. The watchdogs would have to be in it for moral reasons, not money, power or fame.

Posted by: mary et. al. [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 08:46 PM

Up until and before this killing began, the legal anomalies were many and will need to be answered for. But one of the more current ones that has not gotten a lot of attention is this: Even if they argue that as a "right to die" case, they can deny food and water via feeding tube (what they call artificial means), Michael Schiavo brought a motion and Judge Greer subsequently ordered that Terri MAY NOT receive nourishment or fluids by mouth. Judge Greer ORDERED that this woman may not eat and drink via NATURAL method. WHERE is the legal foundation for denying Terri the right to be sustained in the same manner he would sustain himself? In any other court, any other victim, this would constitute first degree murder.

Posted by: Lesbiencestmoi [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 08:47 PM

sujata: Thanks for posting that link. It helps us to understand that the executive powers of a governor or president are great.
President Clinton took such actions on at least two occasions, the slaughter at Waco and the kidnapping of Elian Gonzales by federal agents. Mr. Clinton suffered little for those adventures either by the media or in polls. Surely, the rescue of Terri by either Governor Bush or President Bush would have cost no more. Unfortunately, time has likely run out for that option.

Posted by: The Old Coot [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 08:48 PM

Does anyone have any info about the subpeona or invitations to appear tomorrow? My cousin called and said if those served do not come they will be in contempt.

Posted by: Caryn [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 08:59 PM

A few months ago, I came across a challenging article on 'eugenics' (history and deveopment) that might give a better understanding of its advance and 'application' in the USA. Since it deals with abortion, population control, euthanasia, and other sensitive 'politically-incorrect' topics, this may offend some readers. However, its conclusions point to what has happened with Terri.

"The Inherent Racism of Population Control"

Defintely worth a read, even though it is a long document.

One thing that absolutely stuns me: when did this practice of "dehyradtion/starvation" come into vogue? It's so inhumane and barbaric - yet, from a doctor friend has told me, it seems to be the norm to 'aid in a dignified death' in many nursing homes (read: cost-effective). I agree with mary et. al. that it should be totally banned, and I would add, under ALL circumstances. We treat animals better than our neighbor.

There are a few Catholic resources that might be useful. 'World Over Live' with Raymond Arroyo at EWTN did a few special shows on Terri's plight. The viewing audience is massive and Catholic. Father Frank Pavone, an outstanding spokesman for all life issues, and in particular, for Terri, has tremendous outreach as well.

As I am new to this, please bear with any inappropriate suggestions.


Posted by: TuGGer [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 09:01 PM


Thanks for coming over to this comment site and joining us. Suggestions are suggestions and are needed. I don't think they are inappropriate at all. Raymond Arroyo and Fr. Frank may well have a few cards we could use. Thanks very much or the site. Sr Rebecca said they are very active on this (priests for life).


Found your question on another comment site and decided to give my opinion here. Is your question: Is there a law making starvation/dehydration legal? Yes, there is--Greer just wrote it. If I were to research this, though, I would venture to guess that I would find plenty of legislative and case law against it. 99.9% sure. None for it, prior to Greer.


I'm digesting your comment and trying to find the merit in it, but knee jerk is that it is a have the cake and eat it, too.

Posted by: mary et. al. [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 09:20 PM

Posted by: asdflkjh [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 09:20 PM

I am all for this effort and will help on the backend to the degree that I can in terms of web site and server issues which I am able to help with.

But I think it is important to realize that we all are partly to blame for what has happened by our relative inaction and complacency in the face of wrong doing in times past. I say that not to condemn anyone but rather to help us find strong motive to do whatever it takes this time around to prevent worse injustices in the future to those who cannot speak for themselves.

What has happened with Terri is the end result of what we as a people have allowed to happen.

The devaluing of human life is not new. It has been going on for many years under the name of abortion. And such has deadened the collective concience enough to allow what happened to Terri to happen.

Like most American's I have, in times past, grown so accustomed to hearing the word "abortion" connected with a woman's right to choose and other nice sounding and justifying phrases that my conscious awareness of what happens during an abortion and the utterly abhorrent and inhuman nature of it has been severely compromised in me.

My delusion has been a result of a choice to let other things in life take precedence with the terrible result that something like what happened to Terri could have ended up happening at all.

If we are to look at what happened to Terri with enlightened eyes so as to understand why it happened we must all take some responsibility for allowing that which made it much easier to do to Terri what was done. Namely the devaluing of human life that has become all but acceptable in our society. First and foremost through abortion on demand and for the convenience of those not wanting a baby to interfere with their lives.

If you doubt the role that the devauling of human life as exhibited in abortion has played look at the pages in these links. Look at these pages and ask yourself how it is that we could have stood by and allowed to happen what happens every day. Day in and day out to as yet unborn babies.

Calm and resting in the warmth of a mother's womb one minute and being torn to pieces the next.


What happens to a human being under a doctor's scalpel inserted into the womb of a woman during an abortion is NO less gruesome, NO less barbaric, NO less inhuman than what happened under the inhuman monsters of Nazi Germany!

The only difference between butchering people by pulling them apart piece by piece while they are conscious and alive and that which happens to a baby during an abortion is a few inches between the baby and the outside world. In some cases even that difference is inconsequential since under partial birth abortions almost the entire body of a baby is outside the womb when a doctor inserts an instrument into the back of a babies head to suck out it's brains and kill it. Discarding the left overs as one would discard a distasteful piece of meat in the garbage.

We condemn the Nazi's and rightly so but in condeming them we condemn ourselves as a society for we who condemn the inhuman monsters of the Holocaust do the same thing as a society to our unborn!

If we do not come to grips with the devaluing of human life in abortion how can we possibly come to grips with the devaluing of human life as evidenced in the case of Terri? For the latter stems from and began when we as a society allowed the devaluing of human life in the form of abortions on demand.

I will not make a similar horror and revulsion at abortion a pre-requisite of my involvement in Terri's cause and will volunteer regardless. But if we do not recognize and fight against all devaluing of human life, even in abortions, we will only be putting a bandage on a problem that goes much deeper than Terri.


Posted by: Carlos [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 09:30 PM

The second link above was wrong. It should have been...

Posted by: Carlos [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 09:32 PM

I appologize if some are offended about my comments about Jeb Bush. I would never have thought that I would feel angry towards him over this case. However upon discovering all that has been available to him by reading many very detailed articles on those two sites I mention above I have been a lot less impressed with the actions by Jeb Bush that I once thought were so admirable.

He was told back in 2003 to begin a criminal investigation based on the information available at that time and there is much more available now and the same person has told him again to order a criminal investigation. Yet there he is saying sorry I have done all I can. The fact is that is simply not true as you would discover upon gathering some more facts on this case.

Posted by: imdll [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 09:33 PM

I was not offended, imdll. I've questioned it myself. I think most if not all of us have. But I am hoping to get to the bottom of it, and I really hope it isn't a Pontius Pilate thing. Something is just telling me to check this out. There's something here we don't know about. Like I didn't know Bush had been urged to investigate MS before. But I'm most definitely not offended.


I see the connection between death for one equals death for two equals death for three, ad infinitum, ad extinction. But not everyone has, and I respect that because I have been slow awakening to a lot of things. However, the truth remains the truth, a rose is still as sweet, etc., even if we can't see it. I would say accomodate but don't betray, if you know what I mean. As for the guilt of this happening being ours, for my own part, I have known that for some time. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!

And that's also why I see Terri's life and present sacrifice as such a profound and tremendous gift from God and Terri and the Schindlers. If not for that would we have woke up to our exculpatory neglect? That's why I really wish and pray that God would give her back to us. I want to personally tell her thank you. I want her to testify to all this. But I realize that I don't deserve such a gift, and Terri does deserve heaven. And God deserves more friends and servants like Terri.

Posted by: mary et. al. [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 10:02 PM

I'd like to be involved in some capacity also.

Thank you Dr. Smith for the sample letter. I sent one to the US DOJ also. I keep getting my emails to the Florida AG returned.

I would like to do a thank you letter for those in Congress etc who stepped up (Dave Weldon springs to mind) for their efforts, and a you-ought-to-be ashamed type letter for those who didn't. Nothing histrionic, just simple and factual so they can't disregard it as fanatacism.

I am also going to keep praying that we keep to a God-centered purpose and carry out His will. Terri's death will not have been God's will, but man's. I pray for peace for her and her family.
I am also really bothered his family is going to keep her ashes in a plot in PA. Do they have to take EVERYTHING away from the Schindlers?

Posted by: I hope [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 10:03 PM


Felos engineered a law that actually designated food and water medical treatment that could be withdrawn. There is corruption behind that law's passage that needs to be well documented. There is judicial activism aplenty in this case but Michael did wait to file to officially murder Terri until Felos had a law in place.

Re:the 'request to go home'.

The catholic religious spokesman the Schindlers are using mispoke and did ask everyone to go home last night. During the night someone in the operation, not sure it was Schindler himself, did offer a correction pointing out they were not asking for the protest to disperse Sunday, merely asking that people not miss celebrating the religious holiday over this. I don't have time to look up the wording atm but naturally the MSM made sure not to mention the correction. Even Fox fell short in this department.

Posted by: Baldwin [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 10:13 PM

Two images haunt me.

The first - the upper left image of Terri - she looks so familiar, but I can't seem to place where I've seen her before.

The second - thirty-one years ago, as a young man, I owned a small chain of toy stores. One afternoon, a brave young woman approached me asking if I would purchase buttons supporting life. I took all the buttons, literature, and posters she had. One poster had a quotation of Albert Sweitzer, 'If you don't respect all life, you respect none.' It was a silhouette of an old man walking hand-in-hand with a child. Terri is that child. I'm the old man.

Carlos is right. All life is precious - Terri's - my seven day old grandson - and all those who hate and despise what I stand for. Today, of all days, is the day that Love showed what we are to do - love one another as He did.

Any action I do - we do - that is not based in love and respect for the dignity of all - including Judge Greer and Michael, will be doomed simply because it is not from light, but from the darkness that is attempting to destroy all of us.

I look at two comtemporaries that have achieved 'results': Ghandi and Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Ghandi, tried passive resistance with limited results (conflicts Pakistan and India). Mother Teresa loved all she met, with an unreserved love, and was not afraid of powerful men, simply because she loved them too. She spoke eloquently for life, yet warned of the consequences of hate - war and destruction of all life.

Our leaders need our prayers - they are charged with an awesome responsibility. What many pro-life sites have done is to compile a list of those who voted against life (ex: Coalition for Life in Canada, Priests For Lfe in USA, etc). Very effective. Perhaps discussing this idea with them (they have had experience with these things) might be a good road to follow??

But whatever is done, the dignity of each person must never be compromised, no matter how vile or repugnant their actions may be to us. If we do this, the Lord will help us. Otherwise . . .

Posted by: TuGGer [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 10:16 PM

850 - 488 - 4441

Coroners investigator

Chief Medical Examiner
Jon R. Thogmartin,M.D

This is the address I used for Chief Medical Examiner.It has not been returned to me as undeliverable.
Found it here :

Terri is Alive

Posted by: lynaqua [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 10:18 PM

Who can find us the contact list of the 9 republicans in Florida who voted against Terri? I ran across it and have since lost it. Every last one of them had received so many calls that they have turned off their message services and denied e-mails. They can't turn it off forever and I hope they never hear the end of it.

Posted by: Baldwin [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 10:18 PM

Sorry, I hope, but it is truly Michael's will be done. He has played god so long and so successfully now over the Schindlers and Terri that I wonder what new and dizzying heights his hubris will inspire him to.

Great news, though. The all merciful michael allowed Terri communion.

Praise be to the All Merciful God.

Posted by: mary et. al. [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 10:20 PM

Tom DeLay is holding Judge Greer in comtempt of congress for disregarding their subpeona to produce Terri for a hearing.


Washington DC Office
242 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Ph. (202) 225-5951
Fax (202) 225-5241

Posted by: Julie [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 10:21 PM

Posted by: sujata [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 10:21 PM

What's the difference? She did not have the misfortune of marrying michael "psycho" schiavo.

Posted by: sujata [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 10:25 PM

There are anti-euthanasia groups that have been fighting the fight for a long time. Someone find and list them and lets see what they suggest and what resources they already have in place.

We need to find court transcripts of every precedent setting euthanasia case and all the way up the appeal chain.

We need to document these 'euthanasia legal advocates for hire' doctors and every filthy word they have said in court. I have tried and these transcripts are harder to find than you might think. Findlaw is good but you may only find the case as it was heard at the state supreme court and you won't get the all important original trial transcript. Further unless you register as a lawyer it won't let you use it for some things.

We need to be bold in contacting authors who have written about these cases. They have contact information, transcripts perhaps and further information they did not have room to include, details of conversations with the lawyers in these cases.

Re: Bush and The Schindlers lawyer Cambell. The circumstances of her hire sounds suspicious but I am not of a mind to automatically demonize people who have raised suspicions. You just make a note, things that make you go hmmm...and you don't put weight on shakey crutches. We don't gain much by demonizing Bush or Cambell. Who really knows all the conflicting pressures they were under or exactly how sincere they were?

Posted by: Baldwin [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 10:35 PM

I think what you are about to embark on is highly commendable. As a pro-life religious conservative I will always support such honorable undertakings. I also think you are correct in classifying this as a bi-partisan effort. Respect for life knows no political bounds as I know many pro-life Democrats and feel outraged at the behavior of some pro-choice Republicans. However, pro-life Democrats are a dying breed as over the past 50 years their party has been hijacked by the irrational liberal mind set. Now, I’m not saying every liberal is a pro-death idealog, but I must take issue with those who try to mischaracterize liberalism as an equal player in the pro-life movement. The reason our modern culture is so complacent with the idea of death for convenience sake in the first place, is because of the laissez-faire liberal approach to acceptable social behavior. It has become comparable to the disregard of a cancerous tumor which has been deemed benign through medical analysis then left to go unchecked throughout the passing of many years. Eventually it comes back to haunt you when it metastasizes and eventually becomes inoperable. Abortion rights are a traditional liberal stance, homosexual acceptance is a traditional liberal stance, feminism is a traditional liberal stance, cloning is a traditional liberal stance, euthanasia is a traditional liberal stance and every single one of these positions, championed by the liberal movement, is a direct contributor to the present day culture of death. IMO, any liberal who says they are “pro-life” needs to reevaluate their political leanings and begin to assert themselves as progressive independents.

Posted by: MoFiZiX Gr4FiX [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 10:40 PM

My hope, as that is all it can be at this point, is that there is an autopsy done. My hope is that after Terri dies that Judge Greer is not correct in his statement that her death would make "an investigation moot". I am terribly concerned that after all of the sensational coverage is over, that people will forget all too easily about what has happened.

It concerns me that while there are a number of people who have figured out that this story was not just about one woman and her right to live or die but questionable laws and legal tactics and people in high places being willing to turn a blind eye.

As far as giving these people the benifit of the doubt. There is far too much you scratch my back I'll scratch yours going on in this situation. Way too many people connected with one another.

Before doing more reading I thought it so strange how everything that could go wrong did. Now I understand better that the cards were stacked against this family from the begining and that they were at a serious disadvantage while those who knew and understood the law twisted it and used it to thier own advantage.

The thing that makes me the sadest is that the media who should love a great conspiracy story have allowed themselves to be snowed and consequently helped to keep the public uninformed. Thus helping to sway public opinion through misdirection.

A great number of people do not understand real dangers and issues that have arisen through this case and how it can and will affect them and their lives in the future. They have just seen it as a sad case that has no "happy ending".

Posted by: imdll [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 10:51 PM

Thanx for nothing mofizix. That is exactly the kind of thing we don't need. If anyone wants to make this a religious fight or a fight against liberalism at large there are other places for you.

Posted by: Baldwin [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 10:52 PM

Terri is still alive and can still be rescued. I am believing God for that.

Posted by: sujata [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 11:09 PM

Sorry mary et al, I wasn't specific enough,

I meant the Schiavo camp when referring to 'man'. It is more than just her (gag)husband, it was the attorney, his brothers, and all who voted against the bills written to save people in her situation, and most of all, Judge Greer. Not being judgmental; I will turn all thoughts about that over to God.

But I am tired of hearing it be said it was God's will for her to die. Although I don't claim to in any way KNOW God's will, with a fair amount of certainty I believe He will not have been the CAUSE of her death.

And, I hope the communion she was given, gives her new strength. I pray. And I hope.

And I will keep fighting for her.

Posted by: I hope [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 11:10 PM

Just a quick note before I head for bed tonight. I am in, absolutely and 100%, for the rest of my life. Definitely you can all count me on the roll call. My e-mail address, by the way, is

Posted by: Salena [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 11:26 PM

You are so correct. I was once active in the anti-abortion movement, but let myself get busy with other things in life. I have watched through the years as life has become less and less valuable, but have felt helpless to do anything.

Terri's plight has awoken a passion in me again to fight for life, on both ends of the spectrum.

I will be happy to do any research I can, mail outs, phone calls, etc. to help in this cause.

Posted by: ep4life [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 11:33 PM

Received in a message:

For Wide Distribution,

With this cover note, please distribute to the world. Understand,
there is little here, and THAT is the crime. It's NOT about Michael
Schiavo. This is about the DIRECT INVOLVEMENT of Pinellas Pasco State
Attorney Bernie McCabe in making certain NO INVESTIGATIONS would
occur; this is about his using his official office and influence to
block the Schindler Family and ultimately their daughter Terri from
accessing the police services of the Pinellas County Sheriff's office,
St. Petersburg City Police, Pinellas Park Police, the Florida
Department of Law Enforcement, Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist
(whose home county and political associations are in Pinellas County
Florida) -- AND -- that is important to understand given the COMMON
KNOWLEDGE that McCabe has a long political association with George W.
Greer who, some allege, is an office he is not legally qualified to
hold; I don't know if that is true. This is a very complex web of
personal, professional, political associations -- Greer, McCabe, Rice,
Michael Schiavo shown favor of a job (nothing wrong with that) in the
Sheriffs jail by Rice, hospice officials and board members and George
Felos with influence over that organization being chairman of the
board up to the moment Terri was warehoused in a darkened room with
not even the joy of a toothbrush -- among others. A person directly
involved in this just said to me, "McCabe has a HAMMER on this." And,
a lawyer in California with lawyers on the ground in Florida said this
GOING TO BE HIT WITH HEAVY SANCTIONS." The judiciary wants this
murder really bad. BUT -- AT THIS PRECISE MOMENT, focus attention on
Greer-McCabe. There are serious people interested in developing a
case for capital murder if Terri dies. This family, THIS WOMAN has
been denied due process, PERIOD. It is a BLOT on America's CRIMINAL
and CIVIL injustice system, a system not of law, but men who so
despise law that they would murder this helpless aware of self
disabled woman.

Oh. It should be noted, there is just a bit more to go with this
FDLE report, but is not ready yet for distribution. It is one
critical evidence element links McCabe to the FDLE shutting down the
case file attached.

John Sipos
St. Petersburg Florida
727 563-9245

From: "David C. Gibbs III"
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2005 12:32:21 -0500
Subject: Fw: FDLE Report Attachment

----- Original Message -----
From: "David M. Batza"
To: "David C. Gibbs III"
Sent: Tuesday, March 22, 2005 3:27 PM
Subject: FDLE Report Attachment

Attached is approved for distribution.

Posted by: I hope [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 11:36 PM

Baldwin - First of all I have not written off the entire liberal movement as pro-death and I’m not here to claim ownership of the pro-life movement. However, I think you need to undergo a reality check with respect to established historical fact. Ya know, it might be a just be good idea for you to thank GOD there isn’t a push for euthanasia of the blind as well. …at least not yet. BTW, have yourself a joyous Easter and may GOD’S many blessings shine down upon you and your family as well:)

Posted by: MoFiZiX Gr4FiX [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 11:39 PM

I have sent Dave and Mary lists of links to evidence, that I have collected over the past week. Anyone else who wishes those lists, please email me at juleni at wowway dot com, and I will send them your way.

Have you all seen this?! - the Attorney Geroge Felos 'End of Life Issues' Continuing Education Course / *Caribbean Cruise* on a Holland America boat that happened in Jan. 2004?!? What a way to lure people into the death camp. :(

Posted by: juleni [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 11:41 PM

I really wish I could find a "Remember Terri" or "Terri is alive" bumper sticker to promote the cause - any sources?

Posted by: darjeelingirl [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 11:47 PM

My first step in creating a document that covers all the facts in Terri's case : Create an outline.

I would welcome any and all lists of subjects / topics and sub-topics you can think of.

Please send your ideas to :

I will integrate them all together into a coherent master list/outline.

Once a framework is in place, and I have places to put all the info and links, then filling it in starts.

I need help in this!! Thanks in advance for all your efforts... it WON'T be in vain.


Posted by: Dave_MN [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 11:50 PM


I am doing the same thing and would be happy to forward or share info and help in any way I can.


Posted by: Lesbiencestmoi [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 11:54 PM


If you need help organizing them at all feel free to email things to me or mail them and I will help you and mail them all back to you.

Contact me by email if you need help like that.

Julie Pence

Posted by: juleni [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 27, 2005 11:59 PM

Outstanding find ‘I hope‘. Just outstanding.

A related story:

Criminal probes launched by two Florida agencies looking into allegations the incapacitated woman was abused, neglected and exploited were shut down, despite investigators' concerns.

One investigation took place at the Department of Children and Families, or DCF, in late 2001. The other was conducted by agents with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, or FDLE, in August 2003.

Both agencies are mandated by Florida Statute 415 to detect and correct the abuse, neglect, and exploitation of disabled or vulnerable adults.

The individual whose 700-page anonymous complaint prompted the DCF to conduct a 60-day investigation into numerous alleged violations of state statutes protecting disabled and incapacitated people tells WND the DCF investigator gave him the impression he thought the allegations were credible and he was sorry the probe got aborted by his superiors.

The complainant, who wishes to remain unnamed, tells WND he spent numerous hours over a period of several weeks working with the DCF adult protective services investigator after filing his complaint in November 2001.

"It was clear to me that he found credibility in most, if not all, the charges," the complainant said of the investigator.

But when the investigator turned his report in to his superiors, he reportedly hit a brick wall.

"It went up the ladder. It crashed. The report findings were marked 'Unfounded but With Recommendations,'" the complainant recalls the investigator telling him.

When the complainant expressed disbelief at the outcome and asked what "with recommendations" meant, he says the investigator became tight-lipped.

"I've said too much. All I can say is keep up the fight," the investigator said.

At the time, DCF attorney Frank Nagatani publicly declared: "DCF is not going to get involved [in the Terri Schiavo case] until this is out of the court."

The "With Recommendation" is the golden clue. Find out who made that recommendation and you've got one of your ring-wraiths.


Shades of Achille Lauro/Leon Klinghoffer/Abbu Abbas, huh? Wow!

Posted by: Baldwin [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 28, 2005 12:15 AM

Sorry guys,

I wrote a note to all of you individually but then the server said I wasn't signed in (I WAS TOO) and it got lost. You guys are on a really great roll and I really wish I didn't have to go to bed and miss it. So many plums!!!

Love you all, bless you all and hope to talk to you tomorrow. If you don't hear from me I got lost so please contact me at And if this message gets lost I shall curse the server or something.

Hey Mo FiZ, lighten up, these people are teaching this old dog a lot! They are full of surprises. Wait and see.

Posted by: mary et. al. [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 28, 2005 12:58 AM

[HEH. The Troll Slayer is BACK. --Beth / The Management™]

Posted by: RPP [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 28, 2005 01:04 AM

RPP, please take your venom and hatred elsewhere, it's more than a little out of place here.

The people on this blog are some of the most caring, compassionate, truth seeking individuals I have found anywhere, and I am more than pleased to be counted among their number.

Have a good evening,


Posted by: Dave_MN [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 28, 2005 01:16 AM


I completely agree with your analysis. The problem is it is very counter-productive to bring it up here.

Posted by: Baldwin [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 28, 2005 01:26 AM


Can you moderate? Edit out? I'm not sure what tools your blog format allows you.

I can't think of any reason you need to allow spammers and flamers to interupt things. Stopping euthanasia is nonnegotiable. It's not up for debate in this thread I would think.

Just IMHO.

Posted by: Baldwin [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 28, 2005 01:32 AM

I guess I do disagree with this point tho..."euthanasia is a traditional liberal stance." If that is true I really wasn't aware of it. I think we are in danger of pushing them into believing it is a default position or plank of their party when it never was. It's like watching some strange alchemy before our eyes.

That would be a tragic outcome.

Posted by: Baldwin [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 28, 2005 01:42 AM

Can Terri Schiavo be taken into custody (arrested) for failure to appear on her subpoena? That way the U.S. Marshal would have to provide medical care while she is in custody.

Posted by: spd818 [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 28, 2005 04:29 AM

"I like how you implement your censorship."

[Blah, blah, blah...nothing worth reading, as usual, just obnoxious "the polls don't support you" troll droppings. So why are you even here? Schadenfreude? Gloating "death wins"? How pathetic. I'll keep deleting your negative comments. Call it censorship if that's what makes your life more meaningful, but no one owes you a forum for nastiness. GET LOST, PUNK.
--Beth / The Management™]

Posted by: TimeToDie [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 28, 2005 04:36 AM

Baldwin - Well enough. If folks here are on the side of life, then we have common ground. Let's get this show on the road!

Posted by: MoFiZiX Gr4FiX [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 28, 2005 07:25 AM

Beth, troll catcher,

Would you e-mail me at Thanks so much.

Posted by: mary et. al. [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 28, 2005 08:40 AM

Can Terri be arrested for failure to appear for her subpoena?


There isn't any reason I can think of that any number of agencies couldn't have put Terri in protective custody. No one has stepped up to do the right thing in 19 years so I will be amazed if they do now but it is an option congress deliberately left open it seems to me by issuing her one.

Posted by: Baldwin [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 28, 2005 10:55 AM

Sign me up.

In the words of Todd Beamer, "Let's roll!"

Posted by: J. [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 28, 2005 12:10 PM

I've said it before and I'll say it again, that this is a battle against the euthanasia movement gaining a legal precedent and a public relations boost towards euthanasia.

This site...

...tries to make what they feel is an important distinction. This case is pure and simple murder. Ok yeah but euthanasia is also murder so in my book it's a distinction without a difference.

Posted by: Baldwin [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 28, 2005 05:10 PM

This really takes the cake. Felos is trying to look saintly and concerned for Terri describing the delightful scene with Terri being surrounded with music and flowers.

That after having denied Terri sunlight, music, any contact with nature for years.

He is evil personified.

Posted by: Baldwin [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 28, 2005 05:32 PM


I second that.

Posted by: Sirena [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 28, 2005 06:35 PM

I just posted this on my blog, but I wanted to spread my thoughts asap.

The scenario--a healthy 27-year-old woman has collapsed on her bedroom floor, facedown on the carpet. Her husband claims she has had a massive heart attack due to a potassium deficiency. No heart attack is ever, however, documented. The woman is without oxygen to her brain for 5 full minutes, causing severe brain damage. Cause is unknown, since, as I said, no heart attack was ever actually documented.

Fast forward 15 years. For the past 10 years this same woman has been deprived of every possible medical and nonmedical treatment. Nobody is even allowed to brush her teeth. She has one infection after another, every one of them untreated, and yet she recovers each and every time. She cannot feed herself, but she can breathe on her own and is not hooked to any other form of tube other than a feeding tube, despite the known fact that she can swallow her own saliva and such foods as jello. The feeding tube is removed by order of her husband.

Fast forward 10 days. Only 10 days. This now-41-year-old otherwise healthy woman has been without nourishment or hydration for 10 days. This woman whose husband claimed that she had a massive heart attack 15 years prior is fighting grimly for her life.

10 days. That's my question, and it's a serious one. Can someone who had a massive heart attack at 27, was deprived of oxygen for 5 minutes and suffered brain damage, survive for 10 days without food and water 15 years after the alleged heart attack? I really would like to hear from anyone who might have anything to say about this...

Posted by: Salena [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 28, 2005 10:47 PM

I was trying to contact the Schindler family through the Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation at via the contact page, but I am getting an error instead. If anyone here happens to know the Schindlers, could you kindly let them know about this page: I created this page with an image and poem and would like the Schindlers to be able to view it. I know it's not much, but Terri was such a beautiful spirit and I wanted to try to honor her. I'd appreciate if someone/anyone could pass along this link. Best Regards...

Posted by: webmaster421 [TypeKey Profile Page] at April 1, 2005 02:22 PM

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