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March 25, 2005

Bandwidth, Comments and Your Help

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UPDATE: Thank you!!! We made our goal! We'll migrate to a dedicated server tonight and, if all goes well, resume comments tomorrow.

Original post (13:02 est):

During the last two days the significant interest in Terri Schiavo coupled with thousands of comments managed to take down our web host provider’s server (twice).

Having disabled our original comment system, we continue to provide a significant load to the server and have been told that our only recourse is to purchase/rent a dedicated server.

We’d like to this (today) but will need your help. The cost for the first quarter is $500 and if we pay up front I’m told we can migrate this afternoon. I’m giving the first $100 and would appreciate your donations via paypal. [40 people times $10 gets us there]

Please note that these donations are not tax deductible. In addition, funds received beyond our actual costs will be given to the Schindler foundation.

Posted by tim at March 25, 2005 5:32 PM

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