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February 25, 2005

Why does the MSM keep lying about Terri Schiavo?

Topics: Press misrepresentations

Man Cleared to Remove Wife's Feeding Tube

Check the title and note, he was NOT cleared, there was another stay issued for 3 more weeks. This point they acknowledge themselves...

A judge gave Terri Schiavo's husband permission to remove the brain-damaged woman's feeding tube in three weeks, handing him a victory in his effort to carry out what he says were his wife's wishes not to be kept alive artificially.

Let me get this straight... Florida and the Schindlers ask for a stay to keep Michael Schiavo from pulling the feeding tube today (Friday 2/25), the court says yes, and the AP says it is a victory for the husband??? I'm not even going to talk about the eating disorder myth... a claim that is not reflected in any single medical record.

But in the end this was a victory (albeit small) for Terri, not Michael because he can't kill her... yet.

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Posted by john at February 25, 2005 10:28 PM

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