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February 18, 2005

Welcome to BlogsForTerri!

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Welcome to the new home for Blogs For Terri!

This blog has just been started today, but since time is precious we decided to open it for public viewing before all the finishing touches are in place. Please bear with us while we get everything together!

Posted by beth at February 18, 2005 12:17 AM

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I am not an American, but reading about Terry's case makes me wonder , Is America resorting to "executing" non criminals? - by starvation!.

Posted by: joechia at February 23, 2005 10:25 AM

Is there still a "marriage" between Theresa (Terri) Marie Schindler-Schiavo and Michael Schiavo?

I answer, "No!" As I become aware of the medical condition of Terri since 1991, I must contend that a marriage between them no longer exists.

Marriage has traditionally been defined by two concepts. One concept is the religious and spiritual covenant between God and human beings and the other concept being the right of the State to regulate laws of legality and illegality of marriage within a society and to prescribe a tax structure to include fees to get married and unmarried and to claim taxes from income based upon a marriage state.

In the Bible in Genesis 2:24, when the creation story of man and woman is told, we read the passage:

"Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother and shall cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flesh."

If this were the only requirement to clarify marriage then by the actions of Mr. Michael Schiavo he has abrogated it since his wife's tragic illness. To cleave means that one would adhere to his wife, firmly, closely, loyally, and unwaveringly as traditional marriage vows cite "in sickness and in health." Today, Terri is not in good health. And, yet, Mr. Schiavo has undertaken to engage in a common law relationship with another woman, not his legal wife, and even to produce children by this relationship. Clearly, Mr. Schiavo is not cleaving unto his wife with the moral duty to do all in his power to nurse his wife back to health.

On this basis, alone, over the period from 1991 - 2005, one can see that Mr. Schiavo's actions are those of a man who has abandoned his wife and is less concerned about being her husband then about entering into a new relationship with another women and even producing a family and heirs to his own name and estate. In effect, Mr. Schiavo acts as though he is divorced from his wife by maintaining a common law relationship and having children outside his marriage and, still, hanging on to the "legality" of his lawful marriage to suit his own purpose and not in the best interests of maintaining Terri's hope of recovery and the survival of her life.

Over the centuries, the people of the world have become more and more civilized as a society. And, in most civilized societies marriages between men and women have developed certain customs and practices.

One such common and accepted practice is that the father of the bride or another male person who represents the bride's father, escorts his daughter to the bridal altar and, in effect, gives her to her husband to be. This signifies that the daughter, once a member of her father's household is given her father's permission to cleave unto her new husband and start a new household. But, when the husband has not taken care of the father's daughter, the father can reclaim his daughter back into his family after the marriage terminates.

And, while the bride usually becomes known by the surname of her husband, still, she, by heredity, is always the child of her mother and father. Thus, Terri Schiavo first and foremost remains, by heredity, Theresa Marie Schindler.

Robert and Mary Schindler gave birth and life to Theresa Marie Schindler and raised her from infant to adulthood. The power of the parents remains paramount when the best interests of their child are being violated.

Terri is a direct heir of Robert and Mary Schindler. Early termination of the life of Terri deprives her from receiving her inheritance from her parents, Robert and Mary Schindler. Even the current legal marriage recognized by the State between Michael Schiavo and Terri does not infringe upon Terri's right to survivorship through her parent's estate. Early termination of Terri's life would in fact deprive her from her lawful inheritance.

I contend that, if Terri, my miracle or through the advances of medical science, or both, were to recover then Terri would still consider that she was just ill and would wish to carry on with her marriage to Michael. That expectation is reasonable and valid. But, Michael, by his actions, has made it difficult, if not next to impossible, for him to resume a marriage with Terri. Terri would awake to discover that Michael was not faithful to her when she was on her sick bed and in fact gave his love and affection to another woman and produced his own heirs by that union.

I contend that upon Terri's recovery it would be reasonable, given a short period of time for her to adjust to the realization of the life that Michael has been leading while Terri was incapacitated, for Terri to conclude that her marriage to Michael is over and that she would seek a divorce from him.

Of course, should Michael exercise the power to bring about the death of Terri, then, Michael would be spared from Terri every knowing what existence Michael has lead during the past fourteen year period.

However, the State, with it many governmental institutions has gone further than the religious and moral issues regarding marriage. The State makes laws governing the entering into and the dissolution thereof of a marriage.

And now, the State must recognize that it, in it's charter to protect citizens' life, has an overriding power to protect and preserve the life of Theresa Marie Schindler-Schiavo which is paramount to the marriage powers Mr. Schiavo is exercising with regard to his insisting that Terri be made to die by starvation.

I contend that by the virtue of the many restrictions the State places upon the validity and maintenance of marriage that it has been clearly shown that it is in the life interest of Theresa Marie Schindler-Schiavo to have the power that her husband maintains over her to be removed by the State and that Theresa Marie Schindler-Schiavo should have her marriage declared null and void by the highest competent State court of jurisdiction within the State of Florida or within the United States Federal Courts on a Constitutional basis to regulate equally and fairly a marriage by all the several States, and to preserve Theresa Marie Schindler-Schiavo's constitutionally protected right to her life, liberty, and her pursuit of happiness.

The Courts of this Nation must reach down from the bench and intervene to preserve the life of Theresa Marie Schindler-Schiavo. They must declare that there is enough evidence and proof to conclude that a true marriage no longer exists between Terri and Michael and that the hereditary interests of her parents Robert and Mary Schindler must be recognized and restored. Terri must be made a legal ward of Robert and Mary Schindler and they must be afforded the opportunity to investigate every chance of medical science in the hope of restoring their daughter to a normal health once again. The duty of the State must be to preserve this life of Terri's and to negate her marriage so that she can be nursed back to health by those willing to care for her and provide her the needed medical attention and rehabilitation.

Respectfully submitted,

Laurence Smith
Rantoul, Illinois

Posted by: Laurence Smith at March 12, 2005 6:43 PM