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February 20, 2005

Tsk Tsk...Maya Bell & Orlando Sentinel

Topics: Press misrepresentations

- A re-post from Crystal Clear

From Courts Expected to Settle Schiavo's Fate This Week by Maya Bell @ 305-810-5003 (with a bit of commentary, italics and emphasis added by myself):

Fifteen years after Terri Schiavo collapsed and suffered severe brain damage, her fate could be settled this week in two courts that have repeatedly ruled she should be allowed to die.

(Actually try to think of it as her husband will be allowed to remove her feeding tube-and then she will die a painful death via starvation and dehydration...)

...end her parents' seven-year legal battle to keep their daughter alive, paving the way for her husband to carry out what he says were her wishes and remove the feeding tube that sustains her unconscious state.

(Actually try to think of it as part of her parents' legal battle to just simply take her home and care for her with genuine love and compassion as opposed to paving the way for her husband, who is living with the family he has gone on to start, to carry out his plan for Terri's state sanctioned murder by allowing her to starve to death by removing the feeding tube that gives her sustenance since he won't allow a swallow test or physical therapy to see if she might be capable herself.)


...But, assisted by right-to-life activists, they promise another public-relations campaign and, given the history of this protracted and gut-wrenching right-to-die case, nobody can say with certainty when -- or how -- it will end.

Frustrating to see Maya is either lumping all on the 110+ and growing blogroll into the right-to-life activists group or completely underestimating the power and strength of the blogosphere in getting facts out to the public as part of a campaign to save an innocent life from murder.

Oh and by the way, I personally find the on-going misinformation and exploitation of Terri's lengthy history of continual abuse and neglect by her husband and Florida Social Services to be used as a poster child for right-to-die cases disgusting and deplorable. Terri Schiavo and this situation could be over with and end as quickly and as easily as Michael Schiavo allowing Terri's family to take her home to care for her or the legal system replacing Michael with Terri's family as guardians.

Posted by richard at February 20, 2005 5:46 PM

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Glad and proud to be of assistance!

Posted by: Crystal Clear at February 20, 2005 6:13 PM

I spoke with Maya Bell during the labor day weekend of 2003 after contacting the Orlando Sentinel a week before and talking to a Chief Editor. Maya Bell called me up but was too busy to talk to me over that critial period of time in Terri's life. She was too busy buying groceries at Publix. And for the record Maya Bell I am myself without any labels thank you but I am a very concerned Florida resident and United States Citizen who thinks the media so far has deplorably failed in regards to responsible or even investigative journalism. So much for your slant pieces. You go Crystal Clear!!!

Posted by: Juan Schoch at February 20, 2005 11:23 PM