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February 25, 2005

Terri Schiavo's March 18 Death Order By Judge Greer

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As I wrote in my previous post, Terri has been given a 3 week stay.

For the moment, Greer's order can be downloaded in PDF format.

Posted by richard at February 25, 2005 3:53 PM

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So, in three weeks the judge has given Michael the ability to pull the tube. I find this mortifying. His judgement actually stated that the case seems to go on indefinitely....implying that he's tired of it. It appears that he'll kill somebody because he's tired of dealing with them.

I do have some questions though. Will her parents be able to stay with her during these three weeks? Can they try to feed her sauces, jello or pudding? (early in her condition ...say 1993 or so she was able to swallow jello) If the tube is pulled, is anyone obligated to try to feed her so she at least has a chance to make it on her own?

Now to my even more troubling question. If Terri dies, is the statue of limitations still in effect? In 2002 "judge" Greer stated that despite the bone scan data being curious and compelling to pursue, the statute of limitations was up and he was unable to see how it was relevant to Terri's condition at that time. (clueless isn't he that it was relevant to whether Michael was an appropriate guardian). So, it Terri dies, and the data is there, could Michael be tried for murder? (apparently there's a statute of limitations for attempted murder or spousal abuse)

Just wondering while I sit here .....apalled.

Posted by: Ceci at February 25, 2005 3:13 PM

I see this as a good thing. I think Judge Greer is "afraid" of what the public thinks about him. Remember before how he seemed to agree with Michael on every turn save the stay from the parents? Now with the DCF investigating, he is probably having Jeb Bush breathing down his throat (who has been critizized for doing too little but I think he has been doing all he can being handcuffed by the courts). I look forward to finding out more info on the situation...and keep praying for Terri. Selah!

Posted by: Hidden Nook at February 25, 2005 3:45 PM

I think you are correct Hidden Nook...I think he is looking for a way to go slink back to that rock he lives under...

Posted by: Crystal Clear at February 25, 2005 4:06 PM

So Hidden and Crystal, y'all think the judge is just scurrying away from a case he's tired of or can't handle? Hmmmm. Well, 3 weeks is not really different than the few day stays he's issued previously, just this time he says he'll not review anything else. If he doesn't hear any appeal, who will?

I wonder why nothing the Schindler's presented ever seemed to be seriously considered? I mean....if you're not biased, wouldn't at least an occasional bit of evidence warrant consideration?

Posted by: Ceci at February 25, 2005 4:44 PM

Why have organizations like The National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty remained silent on this "Death Sentence"? They will rush to the aid of a Child Molesting Murderer who is on Death Row but now an innocent woman whose only crime is her inability to feed herself lays helpless and they are silent. I am floored that there is more concern in this sick society for how a pound animal is treated in its death. What would happen if we starved unwanted pound animals to their death? Where has moral conviction and compassion gone in this world? Is this just a land filled with people who protect the evil and remain silent for the protection of the innocent. Sadly many of us know the answer to that. Todays ruling by the Judge just sickening.

Posted by: debdeb at February 25, 2005 6:16 PM

Ceci, that is a very good question. If Michael could be brought to think it is in his self interest to accept the Schindlers offer to waive any rights of recourse against him and to let him inherit anything he would inherit now at her death, he might do it.

That is a VERY good question. Now we need a Florida lawyer. Even if the statute of limitations is up for attempted murder or assault, suppose Michael were indicted for another felony? In most states, perjury is a felony, and that felony would have occurred more recently. If Michael committed perjury (stating under oath that Terri had expressed the desire not to be kept alive by "tubes", then the statute of limitations might not have run out?

It is very important that the bloggers keep the pressure and constant stream of information up. We must not let the public pressure drop - I wonder if that wasn't Greer's real reason for the three week delay. The reasoning that it was needed for funeral preparations was completely weak. Does anyone know if the family needs money for further legal action?

Posted by: MaxedOutMama at February 25, 2005 6:43 PM

Hi MaxedOutMama,

After reading the Judges refusal to consider the bone scans in 2002, it crossed my mind that now since he's washed his hands of the case, his refusal to consider the data is no longer valid. He personally refused to deal with it, but an apellate (appeals?) court could still consider it in determining guardianship.....right?

Furthermore, while criminal charges may not be able to be brought due to statue of limitations reasons, those reasons vanish if Terri were to die.

I think Terri's parents had already offered in the past to take care of her and he could have a no-fault divorce. He declined. I just can't help but wonder WHY he wants her dead so badly.

Posted by: Ceci at February 25, 2005 7:37 PM

I think Greer is wanting to move the heat away from himself. I think he is either thinking DFS will take it from here. Perhaps knowing??? there is something abusive or neglectful in keeping an otherwise physically healthy woman who is no more terminal than myself in Hospice care for YEARS??? There must be something DFS can and should have acted upon a long time ago and therefore take Terri into temp custody at least OR the apppelate court will take it out of Greer's hands...It is getting way too hot and uncomfortable for Greer ...And it is only going to get worse ...Nope he put it out there in today's court order the way out for himself of this mess he has helped create...Also public opinion could indeed weigh greatly on Michael as the weeks pass, he may not take out the tube. I still think Michael and Felos ought to be approached with a movie offer IF AND only IF they let her live and allow family to take guardianship...

Posted by: Crystal Clear at February 25, 2005 8:33 PM

So Judge Greer washed his hands of the whole thing - is he re-inacting Pontius Pilate - maybe he should be recused of his position
The wording in the court documents that was posted earlier sent chills thru me - Emergency Stay Of Execution was written in one page of the documents
Continued Prayers and Lighting Speed in Spreading the Truth

God Bless

Posted by: keeka at February 25, 2005 10:28 PM