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February 18, 2005

People to contact

Topics: Contacts


Full list at terrisfight.org

Governor Jeb Bush (R)
Office of The Governor
Florida Capitol Building, PL-05
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001
(850) 488-7146
(850) 488-4441

Attorney General Charlie Crist
Office of Attorney General
State of Florida
The Capitol
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1050
(850) 414-3990
Fax: (850) 487-2564

State Attorney Bernie McCabe
14250 49th Street North
Clearwater, FL 33762
(727) 464-6221


Mr. Bill Levesque, The St. Pete Times -- levesque@sptimes.com
The St. Pete Times -- letters@sptimes.com
The Tampa Tribune -- tribletters@tampatrib.com
970 WLFA AM Radio -- news@970wfla.com

If you want to mail your letter through the Postal Service, here are the addresses:

Tampa Tribune
Letters to the Editor
P.O. Box 191
Tampa, FL 33601-4405

St. Pete Times
Letters to the Editor
P.O. Box 1121
St. Pete, FL 33731


Fox News -- full list of email addresses

Mr. Sean Hannity - hannity@foxnews.com

Mr. Bill O'Reilly, Fox News -- Oreilly@foxnews.com

Mr. John Gibson, Fox News -- Myword@foxnews.com

Ms. Greta Van Susteren, Fox News -- Ontherecord@foxnews.com

World Net Daily -- news@worldnetdaily.com

More contacts will be listed in a following post.

Posted by beth at February 18, 2005 12:26 AM

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Starvation to induce death would not be permitted by our ACLU in a situation where a person worked a job, raised a family etc. However, because some "man" has guardianship of his "wife" and it is apparent that he considers Terri to be a burden; and the the fact that he refuses to reliquish to her family guardianship for her care, etc. it is obvious he wants rid of her for selfish cause. Sadly he has now successfully convinced a Judge, not to take her off of a mechanical device which sustains life, just take the very thing that would kill any human being in any functioning state of mind, withdrawal of the human basic necessities for any human - food and water. Where is the ACLU now? Somewhat answer me that question, please. If it does not advance their pathetic agenda, they turn a blind eye....real justice ACLU -you and her "husband" are one in the same my in opinion.

Posted by: Rhonda Cisco at March 15, 2005 8:05 PM