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February 24, 2005

Lies, Myths, and Misconceptions about Terri Schiavo

Topics: Press misrepresentations

If you’ve heard about Terri only through the news media, you’ve probably been led to believe that Terri is in a coma… that she’s brain dead… that she’s a vegetable… that she’s on extraordinary life support… or that she wants to die but her parents stubbornly won’t let it happen.

Let me state categorically that nothing could be further from the truth!

Terri is NOT brain dead. She is NOT in a coma. She is NOT in a “persistent vegetative state.” And she is not on ANY life-support system.

She merely receives food and liquid through a gastro feeding tube because her brain injury prevents her from being able to swallow. In other words, Terri depends on food and water to stay alive—just like you and me!

Yes, her brain injury left her disabled. But there are tens of thousands of disabled people who depend on gastro feeding tubes every day, and they live otherwise normal lives.

Terri can breathe for herself. She is not on a ventilator. Her vital organs are working fine, which means she is not hooked up to a machine. Furthermore, she is not dying or being “kept alive” by artificial means. She does not have a terminal disease, and she will be able to feel pain if she is starved to death.

And that could start to happen in the next few days.

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