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February 19, 2005

Court filings during the past week for Terri Schiavo

Topics: Legal affairs

The family of Terri Schiavo has filed a number of items this week to the courts.

Schindler's Motion for Rehearing for relief from void judgment
(Guardianship case - February 18, 2005)

Schindlers' file Motion to Stay Mandate with 2nd DCA.
(Papal Appeal - February 15, 2005)

Schindlers' file new Motion for Stay with Judge Greer.
(Guardianship - February 15, 2005)

Schindlers submit Notice of Deposition of Michael Schiavo
in regards to their petition to remove him as Guardian.
(Guardianship - February 15, 2005)

Schindlers file Subpoena for the Deposition of Jodi Centozone. (Guardianship - February 15, 2005).

Michael Schiavo lives with Jodi Centozone, with whom he has had two children. In a monumental conflict of interest that should disqualify him from deciding Terri's fate, her death would facilitate his marriage to Jodi while Terri's existence only complicates their lives.

The above documents can be found on terri's fight under 'court documents'.

Hat tip - Fight4Terri

Posted by richard at February 19, 2005 5:02 PM

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Hey! I don't know if this will make your comment section, but I will email you as well! I posted about this on my site, but found it originally at "The Empire Journal" (http://www.theempirejournal.com/0219056_gov.htm) which is talking about how Judge Greer never fulfilled his oath (some technicallity) that may make it possible for his removal as judge (and at least buy more time for Terri). Found it via a google search. Check it out...it may help Terri out. Selah!

Posted by: Hidden Nook at February 19, 2005 11:14 PM

If the feeding tube is pulled out the judge should order her husband to stay with her until she dies. It is not a pretty sight to see a person starve to death. I watched my mother and husband starve to death due to living wills that they had. Both had terminal illnesses. I was with them both the entire time it took them to die. Something I'll never forget. Pulling a plug is one thing, but disconnecting a feeding tube is something else. I say let him stay the entire time with her and see if he can take it.

Posted by: Judy Preston at February 23, 2005 1:56 PM