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February 19, 2005

"BlogsForTerri" Attack Plan - Updated

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We are in daily contact with those closest to the effort to save Terri, and they believe what we have outlined here is the most effective way that 150 organized and motivated bloggers, and their readers, can help save Terri Schiavo by getting the truth about Terri out to the public.

Although a hard legal battle is being waged, our job is to work on the political and public opinion side of the equation which is extremely important, and is the only thing that can save Terri should the legal fight fail. Much of the problem is related to political issues in Pinellas County and at the State Capital. We are aware of what they are and are working to have the BlogsForTerri plan help to address them while the experts do what they do best. Now is not the time to further divide two opposing camps, we need both sides. That is the approach that "BlogsForTerri" is committed to take. We will take the high road and not get involved in vitriol. That doesn't mean though that we aren't going to attack, because we are - without quarter.

Rough outline of the "BlogsForTerri" attack plan:

1. "BlogsForTerri" (in behalf of all 150+ blogs) will place an ad in the Sunday edition of the St Petersburg Times(largest paid circulation in Florida - 450,000+). The ad will be an open letter to the residents of Florida from BlogsForTerri and their readers. BlogsforTerri's URL will be in the ad along with sponsors that wish to be included. All of Terri's bloggers will be clearly listed with links and posts at the site, as will an aggregator of posts for Terri.

The ad will address the following principle issues.

1. Terri is not a unconscious, brain-dead or in a PVS (videos at site).
2. Terri has been treated with negligence and denied her own legal counsel.
3. A proper evaluation of awareness in the presence of profound and complex neurological disabilities such as Terri's requires the skills of a multidisciplinary team experienced in long term management and tests. Terri has never had this opportunity.

The St Petersburg Times has done more damage to Terri than any other paper by what it has said and what it has failed to say - although mostly by someone who is no longer with the paper. We have spoken with the Times and it appears that they would be willing to run the ad subject to their approval.

Between all the blogs, blog readers and sponsors (one medical center has already pledged $300 and we haven't even started asking), we need to raise $10,000. We are in contact with a 501(c)3 that could be willing to accept the funds in a Bank lockbox arrangement so that the donations would be tax deductable. No overhead charges are expected.

2. BlogsForTerri will conduct large email and telephone campaigns to target Florida residents and at the national level - both directed to Legislative members, the Governor, and President Bush. Our goal is one million emails to the Florida legislature, and the participation of resident of Florida that we can convince that Terri deserves to be evaluated by a multi-disciplinary team of rehabilitaion therapy experts. Terri has until now, been denied all forms of rehabilitation, even all forms of stimulation.

3. BlogsForTerri will conduct massive 24/7 blogging of the actual facts - Terri is not in a PVS, etc. We'd like to divide up the workload so that some blogs are researching and writing about Michael, some on Judge Greer and the hospice/Felos connection, and some on Terri's actual condition and right to live.

Together, as a highly organized group of bloggers working as a team, and along with our readers, we are indeed a powerful force.

We will be asking bloggers to commit to several posts a day on the facts about Terri.

This plan is still developing, and has required a lot of preparation. We ask your patience for just a few more days, and ask that those of you with specific expertise in massive emails and getting people to make telephone calls, please email us at BlogsForTerri, ProLifeBlogs, or Hyscience.

In a few days all of the emails will be directed to BlogsForTerri.

Posted by richard at February 19, 2005 9:59 AM

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I wish you the best with your efforts. But there is NO WAY that Judge Greer will ever change his mind even if TERRI walked into his court room and asked him herself to be allowed food. His mind is blocked by his determination. The only hope is to get rid of Judge Greer, he is NOT interested in hearing anything he just wants Terri dead no matter what the law is.

Posted by: Ellen Prouty at March 11, 2005 11:50 PM

For God sakes, we have to save this woman!!!
This is absolutely outrageous! Isn't there anything we can do?!!

Posted by: Phyllis at March 19, 2005 8:26 AM


Posted by: NANCY at March 21, 2005 6:56 AM

I don't understand why people can't see that Terry has been judged tried and convicted on false pretense that she is a vegatable and on life support. It seems very apparent to me that this is a clear case of abuse of a handicapped woman by Michael Schiavo. GOD bless Terry! I feel terrible about what is happening; I just can't believe it.

Posted by: Michael Fraser at March 23, 2005 3:39 AM