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February 19, 2005

Blogs For Terri Attack Plan - Reminder

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This is a reminder to all BlogsForTerri bloggers. The BlogsForTerri action plan has been posted below.

Please help to see that it is distributed to all of the members of the BlogsForTerri blogroll. The plan has been prepared by those of us that have direct contact with the Schindlers and that are closest to what is going on. We encourage Terri's bloggers to help us address the items in the plan and not lose focus or waste precious time by doing something that could be completely counter-productive to Terri's survival.

Money for Michael Schiavo is not the issue.

The issues that we can address pertain to the Legislature and public opinion. All three of these are addressed in the plan. Let the attorneys and the Schindlers deal with the financial matter. Things are going on behind the scenes that many are not aware of.

Stay the course, work together as a team, spend your talents and energies on the things that will do the most good. We need everyone's help, but we need everyone working together.

Posted by richard at February 19, 2005 4:19 PM

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