About BlogsforTerri

BlogsForTerri is committed to serving, defending and supporting individuals as the first and largest organized group of bloggers dedicated to a single issue - the protection and sanctity of life. Our focus is first on Terri Schiavo because she is a person in need, whose life is endangered by the growing acceptance of euthanasia in American society.

The publicity of Terri’s fight has made it a litmus test for the nation and has awakened the world to the prevalence of “mercy killing” of the disabled and elderly.

The goal of BlogsforTerri is to defend the unalienable right of each person to life, endowed by the Creator, regardless of his or her age, disability or health status.

Do you share our ideals? Are you committed to blogging regularly in support of Terri Schiavo and others like her? Then join us in our fight for justice by adding your blog to the BlogsforTerri blogroll. [click here]

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